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MCAB - Chapter 152

The next day, Jun Zishu and Yu Fanshu went their separate ways.

Before parting, Yu Fanshu waved her phone at Jun Zishu, indicating that they should keep in touch.

"Did Big Sis Ming call you, Chenzi?"

"Not yet."

"Let's go back first, then."

Besides Jun Zishu, Zhao Chenming had three other talents under her management, so she had a very busy schedule.

After leaving the filming site, Yu Fanshu got into the nanny van and met with Coco.

"I selected a few scripts for you. I think all of them are high-quality. I'll print them out for you once we get back."

"Are they all good?"

"Of course."

"Do they all have such good timing?"

"Some of them have been specifically waiting for you. They'd rather wait than settle for someone less skilled."

Many factors played into the production of a good movie. A few examples would be a good director, a good screenwriter, a group of good actors, and ample funding. Of course, while it was true that some production companies were specifically holding their blockbuster films for Yu Fanshu because they valued her acting skills, a larger part of the reason was because of the entertainment company behind Yu Fanshu.

Yu Fanshu never chose scripts based on the production company's size. Even if a movie's production company was dirt poor, so long as Yu Fanshu was willing to act in the movie, Brilliance Entertainment would invest as much money as needed to complete the movie.

Yu Fanshu was both a symbol of talent and a money tree. Hence, any production company that could afford to wait would wait for Yu Fanshu.

"I'll take a look at them afterward."

After saying so, Yu Fanshu pulled out her phone and dialed a number.

"Big Brother."

"Hm? What's up?"

"I have something to talk to you about once I get home."

"I'll wait for you at home, then. How was the variety show? Were you able to adapt to it?"


Yu Fanshu's elder brother was named Yu Jianshu, and he was the current president of Brilliance Entertainment.

When Coco overheard Yu Fanshu's conversation, she could easily imagine what kind of expression her siscon president was making right now.

"Don't arrange any other activities for me during this period," Yu Fanshu said to Coco after hanging up the call.

"Not even interviews?"



"I'm going to prepare some things for Jun Ling. I'll have her come under your wing in the future. I can also find someone else to take her if you're not willing."

"I'm willing, of course I'm willing to take her in. But are you really going to poach her and bring her up?"


"My little ancestor… Don't tell me Jun Ling is a relative of yours?"


"Why are you doing so much for her, then?"

Coco was confused. Before returning to the country, Yu Fanshu had behaved indifferently to Jun Zishu's existence. Yet, after meeting and interacting with Jun Zishu for a few days, Yu Fanshu had behaved as if she were Jun Zishu's mother.

"She is a really good girl. You'll know what I mean once you interact with her," Yu Fanshu said, behaving as if she was Jun Zishu's hardcore fan.

"Yes, yes, yes. She's very good."

On the other side, Jun Zishu still wasn't aware that Yu Fanshu was strongly advertising her to her manager. After leaving the filming site, she promptly returned to the hospital.

"How are you feeling, Mom?"

"Much better. How was filming? Did it go well?"

Dong Yuan was a very up-to-date person, so she often browsed the internet for the latest news on various subjects. Since her daughter had become a celebrity, she naturally started paying attention to matters relating to the entertainment circle. Hence, she knew all the bad things netizens said about her precious daughter. She had even tried to reason with those haters. Unfortunately, she couldn't outargue those people, and all she could do was secretly weep at her inability.

"Everything went smoothly. I even met a very good person."

"Who is it?"

"Yu Fanshu?"

"She's back? She didn't scold you, did she?"

Dong Yuan sat up from her bed when she heard Yu Fanshu's name being mentioned. She hadn't touched her phone for the past few days. Her head was still bandaged, and she would still get headaches from time to time, so she didn't want to strain her mind too much.

Meanwhile, Dong Yuan's feelings toward Yu Fanshu were mixed.

Initially, Dong Yuan had quite liked Yu Fanshu. After all, the other party was both talented and beautiful. However, when she saw her precious daughter getting bombarded with harsh criticisms afterward, she couldn't help but start to have negative feelings toward Yu Fanshu. Even if she knew that her daughter was in the wrong for taking advantage of Yu Fanshu's fame, the comments made by netizens still upset her a lot.

"No, she is a very kind person. Honestly, unlike what most people say, we don't really look alike. Our personalities also feel completely different. Here, I'll show you a photo of her," Jun Zishu said before unlocking her phone and showing her mother the photo she took yesterday.

The person in the photo seemingly noticed that someone was secretly photographing her, so she turned around and revealed a smile. The person's face looked gentle under the illumination of sunlight. Paired with the glowing background, the person in the photo gave off a warm sensation.

"She looks pretty."

"She says she wants to recruit me. She says that my current company isn't very good, so she wants me to go to her company. I think so as well. I don't feel comfortable working with this company at all. She also says that she is going to teach me acting."

"But why is she so kind to you, Lingling?" Dong Yuan asked. Hearing about Yu Fanshu's kindness made her feel uneasy. After all, she had read her daughter's employment contract before, so she knew that it would cost a significant sum of money for her daughter to switch companies before her contract period was over.

"Maybe it's because we are friends? We hit it off well from the beginning, and she gives me a good vibe. She also gives me kind of a naive feeling."


"Her family is very rich, so there is nothing she can want from others. All she wants is to act. Others are also throwing resources at her, and the company she works for is one of her family's businesses. She previously stopped acting because of her poor health, and she kept falling sick intermittently. If you see her, you can immediately tell that the aura she gives off is different, Mom. It feels like she is an otherworldly immortal."

"Do you like her so much?"

Dong Yuan originally thought that Yu Fanshu would more or less become a source of trauma for her daughter. However, when she looked at her daughter's bright smile, it looked like she was very happy to have met Yu Fanshu.


A Week in Love's Weibo account announced the third ship on the third day.

A Week in Love: Oh my, the last ship is here, and it's P.G.-Lemon & White Deer-Jiu Xi! That's all three ships revealed! The first episode will air next Friday on Jin Xing TV! Make sure not to miss it!

Mamamia: Fuck, fuck, fuck! Are all the invited guests gods? Lemon and Jiu Xi? Won't they start a fight if they attend the show together?

Riding a Small Donkey: The TV crew is filled with ambitious people…

Jiu Xi and Lemon were both lead singers of their respective bands, and their abilities were on par with each other. The two of them were rivals, and their fans shared a tense relationship with each other because of that. Now that the two of them were attending a dating show as a couple, the publicity they generated was not at all inferior to the publicity Jun Zishu and Yu Fanshu generated.

Little Fairy Lulu: Does anyone know how complicated my feelings are right now? I am a fan of both Fanshu and Jiu Xi. I used to criticize Jun Ling when I was in the Little Stars camp and P.G. when I was in the White Deer camp. What's worse is that I am also one of Tongtong's girlfriend fans. What kind of stupid show is this? I suffered a triple heartbreak because of it! This is too much!

Unbridled: @Little Fairy Lulu, you're not alone! The feeling of having the people you like and the people you hate attend a dating show together is really unbearable! I never expected those four to attend the show together. The TV crew is awesome!

Cloud: This program really is amazing. It has three couples with three different sexual orientations. It has everything you can possibly want.

Whether one was a fan of BG, BL, or GL, the show had everything prepared.

After A Week in Love's crew announced all three ships, even laymen could tell that the show was going to be a huge success.

At night, Zhao Chenming called Jun Zishu asking how the recording had gone.

"It went well. No problems occurred," Jun Zishu said.

"Okay. I'm guessing that many people are already thinking of extending an olive branch to you right now. However, they are still on the fence since the program hasn't started airing yet. So, just stay at home these next few days and focus on preparing yourself for this program. I'll contact you again if any job offers arrive."


After Jun Zishu hung up the call, she received a message from Yu Fanshu.

[Yu Fanshu]: Have you had dinner yet?

[Jun Zishu]: I already ate. [Flower]

[Yu Fanshu]: I already made the necessary arrangements for you, and your contract is getting drafted as we speak. I'll send it to you once it's done.

[Jun Zishu]: That quickly?

[Yu Fanshu]: Of course. It's best if we get it dealt with as soon as possible.

[Jun Zishu]: Okay.

[Yu Fanshu]: You'll be under the same manager as me, by the way.

We are Hosted Nov3l, find us on g00gle.

[Jun Zishu]: ???

[Yu Fanshu]: What's wrong?

A series of question marks had also appeared in Yu Fanshu's head when she saw the question marks on the screen. Did this mean that Jun Zishu was unwilling to be under the same manager as her?

Every manager had limited resources on their hands. Was Jun Zishu worried that she might not receive enough resources if they were under the same manager?

[Jun Zishu]: Big Sis Coco will be managing me?

[Yu Fanshu]: Mhm. You don't have to worry about resources. You might be under her management, but I still hold the right to make decisions. I'll give you the best resources that are suitable for you.

[Jun Zishu]: Teacher… I really don't know how to thank you if you treat me like this.

Jun Zishu had an urge to worship Yu Fanshu when she read the other party's messages.

Meanwhile, Yu Fanshu's mouth curled up slightly as she typed her next message.

[Yu Fanshu]: You're my girlfriend now, anyway.

In reality, Yu Fanshu was a little worried when she sent this message. It was especially true when she waited for a reply.

Half a minute later… Nothing.

Still nothing after a minute had gone by.

Yu Fanshu started wondering if she had gone a little too far with her joke.

[Yu Fanshu]: I'm joking, so don't take it seriously. I simply admire you.

[Yu Fanshu]: You are my student, after all.

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"What's the matter, Fanshu? Why are you smiling one moment and frowning the next moment?"

Yu Jianshu couldn't help but be surprised and confused when seeing his little sister's reactions. His little sister's expression had gone from happy to worry in the span of a minute. His little sister rarely showed such emotional fluctuations, which was a strange sight, so he couldn't help but wonder who the person on the other end of the phone was. What kind of person were they to be able to cause her little sister to show such reactions?

"It's nothing." Yu Fanshu put her phone away and shook her head. "I'm going out to eat later. Yan Jue invited me."


Yu Jianshu couldn't help but fall into thought as he looked at Yu Fanshu's back.

Could Yan Jue be the person on the other end of the phone?

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