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ZL - Chapter 1151- 6th ranked beauty of the university

I woke up and it was around 5pm.

 My stomach was rumbling and the most important thing now was to have a full meal.

 I woke up and brushed up. When I walked out, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Tang Qi were waiting in the hall but there were no sounds from the kitchen. This surprised me. What were they waiting for, did they want to starve me?


 I glanced at the kitchen and I asked in shock, "Why aren't they cooking?"

 "Are you hungry?" Lin Wan Er hugged my arm.

 "En, the game really consumes too much stamina. Tang Qi should agree too."

 "yes." Tang Qi nodded, "The mental strain is more than running dozens of kilograms outside."

 I said, "So I am super hungry, let's go eat something good!"

 Dong Cheng Yue smiled, "Calm down, we naturally have a good meal waiting for us at 6:30."

 "En, someone is treating?"

 "En." Lin Wan Er smiled, "Do you remember who is the 6th ranked beauty on the rankings?"

 "Who, it keeps changing."

 Tang Qi said, "Zheng Fei Er if I am not wrong."

 "Right." Lin Wan Er said excitedly, "She is a year 1 student and today is her birthday so she booked the 3rd restaurant in school. She invited all first-year students and we are also included. I know her and she is quite nice."

 "To book 3rd Restaurant, that must cost a lot right?" I looked at Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue's dress. No wonder they dressed so well, they were heading to a feast.

 Dong Cheng Yue laughed, "Who here doesn't have money? Don't worry, she can afford it. There is also a party after. Anyways we haven't played in a long time, we can use this chance to rest. My bones are about to loosen from being in game all day!"



 A few minutes later, we set off to the 3rd Restaurant. This restaurant was actually an emperor tier place in the university and often only served external guests. This was why I felt that the cost of booking the place would be really high.

 The four of us walked along the school path and we could see people holding books and self-studying. Naturally, I didn't know the concept of self-studying since I didn't go to class in a long time. Although Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue helped me with school, but... Exams were still a headache. Luckily Tian Jin Corporation helped me with a few cheating devices which were why I didn't fail the final exams.

 Ahead of the restaurant, there were many students around. Their faces were filled with excitement. Since the flower of the school was treating a meal, maybe someone would benefit from it?

 At the entrance were many tables and a few students were recording names. Lin Wan Er pulled me over and smiled sweetly, "Please give me a pen."

 The student in charge was stunned. When he saw Lin Wan Er's beautiful face he couldn't look away. I coughed, "Please give us a pen?"

 He came back to his senses and nodded awkwardly, "It is Wan Er and Li Xiao Yao,

here. Just sign your names."

 Lin Wan Er took it and wrote her name. Her handwriting was really nice. I took it and wrote Li Xiao Yao too. Actually, mine wasn't too bad. I learned from my old man and calligraphy was something I had to learn. When I wrote my name, Dong Cheng Yue was shocked and she exclaimed, "Wow, this fellow's handwriting is so nice..."

 Finished, this person was dropping deeper and deeper in, this wasn't good.

 Tang Qi scoffed and wrote his own name. The sad thing was that Dong Cheng Yue didn't care at all. Tang Qi was so disappointed. Next time when I signed I would use my left hand, one shouldn't be too good or others would kill him.


 After entering the hall, the area inside was packed.

 Lin Wan Er was happy when she saw so many people and pulled my hands forward excitedly. Dong Cheng Yue pulled my other sleeves and followed me. She looked like she wanted to pull down my entire right arm. Tang Qi followed helplessly. The four of us looked quite interesting.

 At the front of the hall was Zheng Fei Er. She was dressed in white princess dress that was low cut. Her clothing couldn't cover her big rabbits and they looked like they were about to leap out. Her face was really exquisite and beautiful but the reason why she was top 10 was due to her body and how daring she was?

 "Ah, Wan Er is here!"

 Zheng Fei Er smiled and pulled Lin Wan Er's hand. She pointed to the right, "That is the main table, you are sitting there. Yi..."

 She tilted her head and smiled at me, "Isn't that Wan Er's bodyguard Brother Xiao Yao?"

 I was a little awkward, it seemed like my name in the university was really famous and even people like Zheng Fei Er knew me. No wonder, Destiny's influence was huge and I was second on CBN battlenet, only lower than Fang Ge Que. Probably not many people in the entire country didn't know me.

 Lin Wan Er didn't want me to be awkward so she just hugged my hand, "He isn't just a bodyguard. So what, can he sit with me?"

 "Of course." She giggled, "Also Dong Cheng Yue and Tang Qi, you can sit at the main table. it is huge and can seat 18 people. I don't have many friends in school anyways."

 "En en."

 Actually, for someone to invite all the year 1 students, how could she not have friends? Zheng Fei Er was probably one of the most popular people around.


 Students entered and not long later the hall was filled up. I heard that the few floors above also had tables. Dong Cheng Yue looked at the menu and whispered into my ears, "How much do you think a table is?"

 "Over 2000?" I said.

 Dong Cheng Yue smiled, "Zhao Fei Er is the daughter of TJ City, you are looking down on them? Let me tell you, each table today is above 20 thousand."

 "Wa..." I was shocked, "Then we need to eat more. I need to eat at least 5000!"

 Lin Wan Er was listening to her solemnly and when she heard what I said she laughed and glared at me. She probably wanted to scold me for disrupting the solemn and serious atmosphere.

 A while later, another few students sat at the main table. Most of them were beauties and there were 8 of the top 10 beauties here. Many students around really wanted to toss Tang Qi and me off the building. These girls were the goddesses in their hearts. If they couldn't get them then you couldn't too. School flowers were only to look at and not played with, if not their value would drop.

 But Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er didn't care at all, they were willing to spend the whole day with me. Thinking about that made me touched. After all, every girl hoped to have backups by their sides but they didn't care. Especially Dong Cheng Yue, she liked me too much that she didn't even want a boy.

 But things weren't to be.


 6:30 was about to arrive and the table was filled with various delicious food. There were many dishes whose names I had no idea what they were. When were we allowed to eat, we came not to see girls but to have a full meal!

 "What are we waiting for?"

 At the table, a third year senior asked.

 Another girl in a dark green dress smiled, "The most important person!"

 My heart sank, "Who?"

 Seeing through my doubts, Lin Wan Er smiled, "Her boyfriend!"

 "Oh, so she has a boyfriend!"

 "Scoff." Dong Cheng Yue said, "Do you think everyone is like me and they don't have a boyfriend!"

 She was quite sour and even I was affected. I looked at her and said, "Good luck finding one!"



 Zheng Fei Er was taking a call and then she smiled towards us, "Five minutes, he will be here in five, he went to fetch a friend and he is at the square."

 "En." Lin Wan Er nodded, "No rush, we aren't hungry."

 The moment she finished, my stomach rumbled and I was so awkward that I wanted to hide in the ground. Lin Wan Er looked at me helplessly, "Why not... You eat first?"

 I knew that wasn't good so I shook my head, "No, after all, I am a polite person."

 Dong Cheng Yue smiled and Tang Qi looked over in despair. Young people nowadays were so rude, an Energy Controlling Realm expert was so rude to a Blazing Sun Realm expert...


 A few minutes later, he was finally here. Two guys in a tuxedo came, one of them was quite handsome and he should be Zheng Fei Er's boyfriend. The other shocked Tang Qi and I, it was--- Wang Zecheng? !

 Why was Wang Zecheng here?

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.