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EIF - Book 04 Chapter 183: Dissension Begins

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked at the gray-clad old man in that flying ship. Now, he held only twenty percent doubt; eighty percent was now belief. After all, he had believed that it would be impossible for the Qian Heavenly Emperor to come.

When Long Aotian recovered in the blink of an eye, he felt strangely excited.

“Hahaha! This little brat Xi Yu is dead for sure. Eminent Grandfather is here. You cannot hurt me. Try it again! Again! You sneak-attacked me earlier. Now, I will no longer give you any more opportunities. Humph! Jiangchen, come with me to kill this Xi Yu brat!” Long Aotian arrogantly called out.

“Don’t be impudent!” Long Shenwu said.

Long Aotian paused. Then, he turned his head to look at the gray-robed old man. Impudent?

His Holy Eminence had not said anything yet. Did I go too far?

“Alright. Stand to the side,” Long Shenwu said.

Seeing that the Qian Heavenly Emperor did not object, Long Aotian moved slowly to the side, dejected. However, he did not forget to whine about it. “If I’m standing aside, who will deal with that vile Xi Yu? Is His Holy Eminence going to take personal action?”

While Long Aotian felt dejected, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu showed uncertainty. Then, he saw the gray-clad old man slowly take out an ax and handed it to Venerable Liu Nian in the palace hall.

Venerable Liu Nian carried the ax to the palace hall entrance.

“Hall Master Gu!”

Venerable Liu Nian handed the ax to Gu Hai and gave him some instructions in a low voice.

Gu Hai frowned slightly before glancing at the gray-clad old man in the palace hall. Then, he nodded and carefully accepted the Heaven Splitting Ax.

“The Heaven Splitting Ax? To Gu Hai? Eminent Grandfather, this grandchild can do it too. If this grandchild has the Heaven Splitting Ax, I can even cut down the entire Major Metropolitan City!” Long Aotian cried out, feeling depressed.

“Aotian, shut up!” Long Shenwu glared.

Long Aotian showed a sullen expression. As he looked at Gu Hai, his gaze turned increasingly more hostile.

Gu Hai held the Heaven Splitting Ax and walked with measured steps to the bow. Then, he looked at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu coldly.

“Gu Hai? Humph! The Heaven Splitting Ax again?” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked back at Gu Hai coldly.

“Indeed. The Heaven Splitting Ax again. Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, our Han Nation is newly established and does not have much accumulations. We had no thoughts of forming grudges with any factions. Unfortunately, some people think that our Han Nation is easy to bully, coming to humiliate us time and time again. Even though you promised not to harass our Han Nation for ten years, you kept sending people to attack the Han Nation, causing more than ten million of our Han Nation citizens to die. Even after that, you kept attacking. Hah! Is our Han Nation truly that easy to bully?” Gu Hai shouted coldly.

This time, Gu Hai amplified his voice. Those with stronger cultivations in the distant Major Metropolitan City heard him and repeated what he said to the ordinary citizens.

The many citizens showed complicated expressions.

All the Major Metropolitan City citizens felt enmity for the Qian Nation’s army. However, their feelings for the Han Nation’s army were complicated, as there was nothing they could pick on about the Han Nation’s army.

When the Han Nation’s army moved into the Yuan Nation, it never sent out a single soldier or even swung a weapon. Its capture of Vacant City was not due to military force but the Vacant City citizens’ willing surrender. That resulted from their disappointment in the Yuan Nation, a testament to Gu Hai’s charm, charisma, and character.

It was not just Vacant City. This was the same for Major Metropolitan City. When Gu Hai previously came to Major Metropolitan City, he first used two poems to gain the respect of the citizens. Later, he used Zhang Sanfeng to block the souls of the Divine Blood Army when the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty reappeared and wanted to slaughter all living things in the city. Gu Hai had saved countless citizens then. After that, the Great Light Sovereign Deity attacked when the Slaughter Nation’s palace opened, fighting an intense battle with the Yuan Nation’s emperor. The shock waves from that battle spread out, harming the citizens. Gu Hai used the ritual array that manifested Dongfang Bubai to protect the citizens.

The countless citizens all felt gratitude towards Gu Hai.

Now, Gu Hai was here to take revenge for ten million of his citizens. No one could bring themselves to hate him, as he had not killed any innocents. He only sought the emperor for revenge.

One was their emperor, and the other was their benefactor, Gu Hai. The citizens felt conflicted.

“We give our thanks to the Qian Nation for lending us the Heaven Splitting Ax so that we can settle our grudge and get justice for our citizens!” Gu Hai said coldly.

As Gu Hai spoke, he flew up while holding the Heaven Splitting Ax. Then, he looked at the distant Imperial Emperor Xi Yu with a cold expression.

“Humph! Get justice? Hahaha! To think that you want justice? Then, what about our justice? The Bat Ancestor, Chang Sheng, Xi Kang, my five million zombies, and Qin Yun. All of them died because of you. We are the one who wants justice!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said coldly.

“They died because of us? Had you not gone back on your promise, would they have died? Humph! Previously, they killed ten million of our citizens in Chaoge City. To think that you have the cheek to ask us for justice? Humph! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, cut the crap. The Heaven Splitting Ax is here. Treasure, please…” Gu Hai started activating the Heaven Splitting Ax.


The Heaven Splitting Ax immediately gave off a boundless grayish-white light. The moment this light appeared, it dyed the world gray.

The Heaven Splitting Ax emanated a terrifying aura.

“It is indeed the Heaven Splitting Ax?” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s face sank.

Nearby, Long Shenwu watched without blinking. Sima Changkong also watched in anticipation. Only Long Aotian felt upset.

The Heaven Splitting Ax? Why not let me do it? I have not even touched it.

When the Heaven Splitting Ax released that vast aura, it gave off a suppressive feeling. The Major Metropolitan City citizens immediately felt suffocated. That was a destructive pressure as if the Heaven Splitting Ax was right above their heads. All of them showed horror on their faces.

Right now, Gu Hai was the sharpest ax. No one dared to approach.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu showed a sullen expression.

Given Gu Hai’s cultivation, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu had more than ten thousand ways to destroy him instantly. However, Gu Hai had the Heaven Splitting Ax, so Imperial Emperor Xi Yu had to avoid this attack.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu had experienced the Heaven Splitting Ax’s attack before. Back then, he could not overcome it, even with Blood Prison. What more this time? Should I charge forward? No, the Heaven Splitting Ax is still being activated, and there is still no clear target yet. If an attack comes, it will automatically counterattack. At that time, Gu Hai would get a good shot at me.

Right now, I just need to avoid this attack. After Gu Hai swings the ax, I can strike a fatal blow and kill him in that instant.

Slowly, Gu Hai flew closer to Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

Now, the two emperors were right across each other, the gap between them narrowing.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s face sank as he was forced to move back.

Gu Hai followed, flying forward slowly, but he did not swing the ax.

The citizens felt anxious. However, the scene in the sky seemed quite strange. It was like Imperial Emperor Xi Yu feared Gu Hai, retreating bit by bit despite himself.

Is Imperial Emperor Xi Yu afraid of Gu Hai?

No. That’s impossible! countless citizens uncomfortably told themselves.

When Imperial Emperor Xi Yu retreated to Major Metropolitan City, Gu Hai suddenly shouted, “Split!”


The Heaven Splitting Ax’s aura instantly increased by more than tenfold as Gu Hai activated the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s energy stored in the Heaven Splitting Ax. Then, the Heaven Splitting Ax flew out, appearing to rip space and open black holes.

A threat of death hung over the entire Major Metropolitan City.

“No!” the citizens of the city immediately exclaimed.

“Is Mister Gu going to kill us?”

“No, no, no! Don’t kill me!”


Countless citizens shouted.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s expression changed. He did not expect Gu Hai to dare attack with the Heaven Splitting Ax in Major Metropolitan City. Is he going to slaughter the city? If this ax strike lands, how many citizens will die?

“How dare you?!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s expression changed as his figure flashed, poised to charge at Gu Hai.

However, the Heaven Splitting Ax had already left Gu Hai’s hands. Even if Imperial Emperor Xi Yu killed Gu Hai, it would be useless.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu appeared anxious.

Just at this moment, Gu Hai suddenly shouted, “Stop!”

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The Heaven Splitting Ax suddenly trembled in midair and created an extremely large energy shield. It seemed like a barrier encasing Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, the city, and all the citizens.


Imperial Emperor Xi Yu wanted to kill Gu Hai, but the barrier blocked him.

“What?” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s expression changed.

Gu Hai stood in the sky, and the Heaven Splitting Ax hovered above Major Metropolitan City, forming a gargantuan barrier around the entire Major Metropolitan City.

“It did not chop down?”

“I’m alive?”

“I’m still alive? It did not chop down?”

Countless citizens felt pleasantly surprised as they looked at the Heaven Splitting Ax hovering over the barrier.

The Heaven Splitting Ax still gave off a suffocating aura as it faced Imperial Emperor Xi Yu. Gu Hai stood behind the ax, looking at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu coldly.

Far away, Sima Changkong frowned slightly, thinking to himself, Mister Gu, you have only ten days.

Long Shenwu also paid attention to Gu Hai, wondering what Gu Hai wanted to do.


Imperial Emperor Xi Yu heavily punched the barrier, but it did not budge at all.

“Imperial Emperor Xi Yu? It was initially just us fighting earlier. You could have just received the ax strike outside the city. However, you kept retreating—all the way to Major Metropolitan City. Are you trying to hold the citizens hostage against this ax strike? Hah, you win!” Gu Hai said with a ferocious expression.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu won? What does he mean by ‘win’?

The citizens looked at Gu Hai in confusion. However, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s face sank. It is he who purposely forced me back to Major Metropolitan City, yet he is claiming that I retreated to Major Metropolitan City? I won? Suddenly, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s expression changed.

“You win. Hah! You could wantonly massacre our citizens in Chaoge City, but we cannot do the same. We cannot wantonly massacre the Major Metropolitan City citizens in your Major Metropolitan City. Unlike you, we cannot kill the innocent. In a contest of cruelty, you win. Hahaha! You used your citizens as your hostages? How laughable! How shameless!” Gu Hai roared.

Gu Hai’s words caused a commotion among the citizens. Then, they fell silent. Some looked at Gu Hai with doubt, but the earlier scene was as Gu Hai had said. Imperial Emperor Xi Yu had used the citizens as a threat against Gu Hai. The Heaven Splitting Ax was about to chop down, but Gu Hai stopped it.

Is that really the case? The countless citizens looked at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

On Long Shenwu’s flying ship:

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Long Shenwu narrowed his eyes. Then he asked softly, “Is Mister Gu sowing dissension in the hearts of the Yuan Nation citizens?”

“That should be the case. However, it seems insufficient,” Sima Changkong replied softly.

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