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ITDO - Chapter 163 - I am the World’s Glitch

When it blows it is winter, and when it calls out it is summer. It neither drinks, nor eats, nor breathes. If this god does breathe, there are gales.

Before the Torch Dragon disappeared, it breathed out towards the south.

Following the breath, the winds suddenly blew just like what was written in the 《The Classic of Mountains and Seas》.

The wind wasn’t strong. It was no hurricane, and it simply floated above the city of Tokyo like any other insignificant atmospheric displacement. Those on the ground simply felt a slight breeze.

But seeing this scene, no one knew that the butterfly effect had been set in motion. Soon a hurricane would appear in South America, and it wouldn't be a normal one.

With its task completed, the Torch Dragon faded out of existence. The sun which it had summoned also disappeared, and night fell on the city once again, as though all that had happened was merely a dream.

Only the things recorded in their cameras told them that this was real, that it wasn’t some kind of mental illness. It had truly happened. A person had truly called forth a God!

Many people in Tokyo were currently kneeling on the ground and praying in silence. Regardless of whether they believed in Gods or believed in a different God, reverence and veneration would come out from the depth of their hearts after witnessing the descent of a God.

Even if their faith was temporary, it would be etched onto their hearts.

Humans feared returning to primitive times. This was because people of that era treated weather changes as messages of the Gods. But because of modern scientific developments, their faith in the Gods had lessened. Even those who had faith in the Gods were just trying to find spiritual comfort. It was rare to find those who were truly devout.

Because people could already use science to explain God’s power, people understood how the rain fell and the winds blew. They could even understand the composition of the sun.

They would try to know everything that was unknown. As a result, people’s faith and fear in God would have one day collapsed. The reason why religion wanted to suppress science was to prevent this.

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But now, a God had truly descended. Something that science could not explain had appeared and it wasn’t an alien invasion. If that was the case, people could still explain things. When the Torch Dragon opened its eyes to bring forth daylight, who knows how many scientists had their principles collapse and turned into fear and faith.

The bonfire in front of Louie extinguished itself. He silently stood on the spot and breathed violently.

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No one dared go near as everyone only looked at each other in dismay. They guessed that the mysterious old man was exhausted and injured after summoning the torch dragon.

In truth, Louie was just closing his eyes to feel the faith.

But he was quickly disappointed as he could not feel anything at all. He couldn’t even find a single trace of it.

It must be known that even if he wasn’t a real God, he could still perceive faith thanks to the godhood. Even when he was in Dragon City, he could use slight faith to connect to his divine authority.

But he couldn't feel anything at the moment. It was as he had expected. Earth was barren of the mysterious.

Louie did not think that the faith the people poured onto the Torch Dragon was unrelated to him. It must be known that in the historical records of San Soliel, the Goddess of Night Shae had killed Gods during the Era of Disaster. Then she had pretended to be that God and continued to obtain that God’s faith, which was confirmed to have been received by the Goddess.

On the other hand, Louie had just pretended to be the Torch Dragon, and he had seen many people kneel down in prayer. Even if the faith was weak, it should be impossible to sense nothing.

‘As expected, faith cannot appear on Earth, else with people’s long time faith in Jesus, Buddha, and other Gods would have resulted in the creation of a fake God, but there was no such existence.

‘This can only mean that Earth, or probably even the universe, is bound by rules that prevent faith from becoming a power. On Earth, the power of spirits could not affect the material plane. This is truly a materialistic world…’

‘But I shouldn’t be discouraged. Since faith could not be changed into power on Earth, I might be able to lead faith to pass through the Crystal Wall System once I return to San Soliel. Maybe I could turn it into power over there.’

Louie burned with passion and wished he could return to San Soliel already. This was the reason why he did everything he did. If he only wanted material objects, he could completely obtain them in secret, but he couldn’t be able to obtain faith. Only by showing a miracle could he take the place of a God. By making people believe that Gods were real, he could receive their faith.

This was his cross-dimensional faith experiment. It was an experiment that no other God could do.

Because of the rules of the Crystal Wall System, any God that left it would have its connections to San Soliel broken. In other words, they would lose everything they had obtained in that world including divinity, godhood, divine authority, faith, and many others. Although the Gods were powerful, they were confined to one system!

Under normal circumstances, if Louie also turned into a true God, he would have also been restricted by the rules and unable to leave the Crystal Wall System, but there was one thing different about Louie’s method in crossing dimensions, what he used wasn’t magic but science!

He used the technology of the Terran Civilization to create a wormhole. This was the same as opening a hole in the firewall of the Crystal Wall System. From there, he could come and go between the world. He was simply like a virus or a glitch in the Crystal Wall System.

Thus, Louie believed that he could use this glitch to perform things that the Gods of San Soliel or the Terran Civilization could not do.

‘There’s one more thing to do. After I finish, I should go back to Dragon City. it’s time to establish my religion.’

Thinking like this, Louie closed his eyes.

At the same time, some people hurriedly came over and whispered something to the ears of the representatives of various countries. When everyone heard the news, they were endlessly frightened.

“What did you say? The American Military Base in Okinawa is destroyed? It happened when the Torch Dragon let out a breath?”

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