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MCAB - Chapter 145

After thinking it through, Jun Zishu felt that Yu Fanshu might be behaving as such because they shared similar faces. Even if they weren't the same person, having others curse at a face so similar to her own would still be an unpleasant experience.

However, regardless of her reasons, it was a fact that Yu Fanshu was a very kind and good-tempered person.

"In that case, I should call you 'teacher' from now on, right? Your student will study hard, Teacher."

Jun Zishu's original plan was to gradually improve her acting skills instead of abruptly appearing on screen with top-tier acting skills. She needed to show the public her transformation and adaptation processes. Otherwise, people would grow suspicious of her sudden transformation.

However, now that Jun Zishu had Yu Fanshu to use as an excuse, she didn't have to go through such a tedious process anymore. With the famous Film Empress serving as her instructor, it wouldn't be strange even if she showed huge improvements over a short period.


Yu Fanshu's lips curled up slightly when she looked at the girl sitting across the table.

After today, their names would be mentioned together for a long, long time. Yu Fanshu hoped that one day, the girl sitting across from her could get rid of the shadow surrounding her(FS) name, or rather the glory attached to it, and radiate a light of her own.

In reality, while Jun Zishu wondered why Yu Fanshu was such an amicable person, Yu Fanshu was also wondering about Jun Zishu's attitude.

The average person would've long since lost their mind if they were constantly being told that they looked like someone and that this someone was better than them in every aspect. In such a situation, any amount of fondness one had for the other party would get converted into hatred.

Yet, Yu Fanshu had failed to sense such hostility and malice from Jun Zishu. Instead, Jun Zishu radiated a calm and slightly apologetic aura.

Simply put, the other party was a pleasant young lady to be around.

"Let's exchange contact information. I've been away for a few years already, so I've already lost contact with many people in the industry."

"Sure, but I'm not really well-connected, either, since everyone looks down on me. Of course, there are still many good seniors in the industry," Jun Zishu said. Then, she took out her phone and exchanged phone numbers and WeChat information with Yu Fanshu.

"May we have a happy partnership," Yu Fanshu said.

"Happy partnership."

After finishing her coffee and bidding goodbye to Yu Fanshu and Coco, Jun Zishu returned to the van with Zhao Chenming and Chenzi.

"How did it go? Did the Film Empress agree to attend the show with you?"

"She did."

"That's wonderful! I knew I didn't misjudge you! Now, all that's left to do is wait for the program's side to finish the preparations. I can already imagine the advertisement offers that will be flooding our office!"

Jun Zishu smiled cooperatively but chose to keep quiet.

"Are you planning to go back to the hospital later?"


"Go ahead, then."

Unlike the seemingly happy and harmonious scene happening on Jun Zishu's side, Coco was anything but happy when she finally got to be alone with Yu Fanshu.

"Are you really going to take part in that variety show, Fanshu?"

"Jun Ling isn't a bad person. I have a pretty good feeling about her."

Coco had a headache when she heard Yu Fanshu's words. She very much wanted to ask Yu Fanshu whether her intelligence had regressed along with her health these past few years. After all, the other party evidently didn't have any good intentions in mind. Yet, Yu Fanshu took the initiative to offer benefits to the other party.

"Jun Ling's manager really is something. You have no idea how many times she has tried to curry favor and ask for resources from me during our short conversation. She even tried to advertise the other talents under her management and showed them off to me," Coco said, rolling her eyes. "She might have somewhat of a good eye for talent, but there is definitely something wrong with her head. I really worry what Jun Ling would become under her management."

"There is indeed a lot to be desired from Jun Ling's company. Actually, Jun Ling herself already has thoughts of leaving. She is only lacking the means to do so right now," Yu Fanshu said, frowning as she swiped her finger across her phone.

"What is that expression of yours, my little ancestor? Don't tell me you're planning on helping her?"

"Can you poach her to Brilliance?"

"So long as you wish for it, the president will definitely get it done for you. But why do you want to help her? I don't remember you being such a kind person, Fanshu. Is it because of her face?" Coco asked with a frown.

Yu Fanshu shook her head. She had a feeling that her image in Coco's mind had already turned into that of a holy mother right now.

"Why, then? Or are you really helping her simply because you have a good feeling about her?"

"You can put it that way."

Coco covered her face with her hands, Yu Fanshu's words rendering her speechless.

Yu Fanshu remained quiet as she watched her manager slowly lose her mind. Honestly, she had no idea how she should express the emotions in her heart. All she knew was that the moment she laid eyes on Jun Zishu, she had deemed the other party as a special existence. At the very least, the other party was special to her.

When they talked and drank coffee before, just looking at the other party talking and smiling soothed her heart. It was a wonderful feeling that she had never experienced throughout her life, and she couldn't help but have the urge to stay close to the other party.

"Whatever. So long as you're happy, you can help her as much as you want. However, even though I know you are careful, I will still keep an eye out on her for you. If she shows any bad intentions or gets ahead of herself, I won't stand aside and do nothing."

Coco knew that there was nothing she could say to dissuade Yu Fanshu right now. She didn't have the qualifications to direct Yu Fanshu's actions, either. While she might be Yu Fanshu's manager, she dared not put on airs around Yu Fanshu at all. After all, she still wanted to continue working in the entertainment industry. Hence, rather than a manager, she treated Yu Fanshu more like a friend instead.

When Jun Zishu returned to the hospital, she found her mother awake. Immediately, she perked up her spirits and tried her best not to expose any imperfections in her act.

Jun Ling's mother was called Dong Yuan, and she was a soft-spoken woman.

"You're awake, Mom? How are you feeling? Are you feeling better?" Jun Zishu asked with a surprised and aggrieved expression as she sat by Dong Yuan's side.

"I feel much better now," Dong Yuan replied as she stroked Jun Zishu's hair, a light smile on her face.

"You have no idea how scared I was when you suddenly collapsed. Thankfully, it was only a benign tumor. If you feel uncomfortable anywhere in the future, you must be sure to tell me and go get yourself checked at a hospital."

"Mhm, Mommy knows. I'm sorry for making you worry," Dong Yuan said, smiling. Then, she put on a worried look as she continued, "This hospital…should be expensive, right? My surgery fees as well… Lingling, Mommy has become a burden to you down."

"No, you're not a burden. Don't worry, Mom, you just focus on getting better. I can take care of all of these things. I am a celebrity right now, after all. I will only become more and more popular from now on, and I will earn more and more money so that you can enjoy yourself."

In reality, Jun Zishu wasn't very good at playing the role of filial characters. However, nothing could go wrong if she behaved according to the original owner's memories.

Dong Yuan was a very mild woman, and Jun Zishu could sense the love and care radiating from the older woman. She was a stark contrast from Jun Zishu's real mother.

Jun Zishu's real mother was a strong woman with a dignified persona. She looked and behaved like someone ready to attend a banquet for aristocrats at any time. The only flaw with the woman was that she was cold and detached. The word "affection" also didn't exist in her dictionary.

"Don't work too hard. You can talk to Mommy if you come into any trouble."


Jun Zishu nodded and smiled radiantly, exposing her two dainty fangs.

Out of everyone involved in the variety show, the television crew was undoubtedly the happiest to learn about Yu Fanshu's and Jun Zishu's participation.

The Film Empress's return, her variety show debut, and the Twins pairing… Every one of these points was more than enough to cause an uproar on the internet. Now that all three of these points had come together in their variety show, it was almost certain that the program would become a big hit.

Meanwhile, after finalizing the two other pairings, the television crew invited the three pairings to visit the studio to take some promotional photos.

"Here is the TV crew's arrangement," Zhao Chenming said as she showed Jun Zishu the timetable displayed on her phone. "Although the program is called A Week in Love, the broadcast will extend for seven episodes, so shooting doesn't have to be done within a week. Once a week is enough."

Jun Zishu nodded, expressing her understanding.

"Everything is ad-lib for this show. You've been on variety shows before, so make sure to act smartly."


At this point, Jun Zishu was trying to speak as little as possible. She felt that her intelligence would get dragged down if she talked with people with problematic worldviews. There wouldn't be a problem if she behaved this way, either. On the contrary, her manager would be delighted to see her behaving so obediently.

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When Jun Zishu arrived at the shooting venue, two of the six guests had already arrived.

"Hi, how are you?" a girl in a floral dress greeted Jun Zishu.

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"Hello," the boy standing beside the girl also greeted Jun Zishu.

Jun Zishu greeted both of them politely in response. At the same time, she couldn't help but notice the stark difference in height between the two.

Jun Zishu knew both of these people. Or, more specifically, she had heard of them before.

The girl was called Millie, and she was a relatively famous singer. She had a relatively short stature, her height measuring under 160 centimeters. She also had a petite body, which gave her a cute appearance when paired with her height. For this reason, she was known by many for her cuteness, and her fans labeled her as a "Little Cutie who grew up by eating cuteness."

The boy was called Tang Tongtong, and he was a new generation actor. He was a pretty-faced long-legged oppa. Unlike Millie, he was very tall, measuring up to 180 centimeters.

Despite the stark difference in height, when these two stood together, they radiated the feeling of being a couple.

After looking at the two, Jun Zishu knew that they would be going the image of a sweet couple. Their promotional slogan would probably be something along the lines of "the biggest height difference makes the sweetest couple."

"Hey, I heard that Empress Yu will be coming. Is that true?" Millie asked. Then, she quickly added, "Though, I think it's most likely true after seeing you here."

"Yes, Miss Yu will be coming."

"I can't believe I'm going to get to meet my goddess soon! I'm getting a little excited!" Millie said while covering her heart, her round face looking exceptionally cute.

As soon as Millie finished speaking, Yu Fanshu coincidentally walked into the studio.

Yu Fanshu wore a short red dress today, the dress revealing her rounded shoulders and exquisite legs. She also looked like she was glowing under the studio lights.

"Hello, Miss Yu!"

Upon spotting Yu Fanshu, Millie promptly ran up to her and made a 90-degree bow, her actions stunning Yu Fanshu. Then, Yu Fanshu subconsciously turned to look at Jun Zishu, her eyes seemingly asking, "What's going on?"

In response, Jun Zishu winked at Yu Fanshu, her eyes saying, "She's your fangirl."

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