Chapter 144
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In the original storyline, Yan Jue had helped dissolve the original owner's talent contract after she became his mistress. Then, after the original owner gained her acting teacher's recognition, she signed up with a much better production company.

Jun Zishu felt that the current company had a narrow vision and a bizarre thought process. If she didn't know better, she would think that the company was actively trying to ruin its talents. After all, for the sake of attracting publicity, there was nothing too shameless the company wasn't willing to do.

Moreover, the company was no different than a blood-sucking vampire, squeezing their talents for everything they got while paying them as little as possible. The idiocy of the company's management was beyond belief.

The current situation was another example of the company's brain-dead management. They would be meeting Yu Fanshu in a moment, yet Big Sis Ming, or Zhao Chenming, insisted that Jun Zishu make herself look like Yu Fanshu as much as possible. Did the woman think that Yu Fanshu would get a sense of familiarity from seeing a nearly identical face and feel happy about it?

Jun Zishu bet that her manager really thought as such.

Was this person really alright in the head?

Who would feel happy about seeing an imitation of their own face? Not to mention, this imitation had a terrible reputation online.

It might be fine if their natural faces looked similar, but going as far as to put on similar makeup was simply excessive.

"Are you saying that I'm hurting you?"

Zhao Chenming's face sank, and the makeup artist stopped her actions.

Jun Zishu didn't talk back and simply stared at her manager in silence.

"Continue the makeup."

"Please remove it for me."

"Are you trying to go against me, Jun Ling?"

"I just think you're making the wrong decision."

"Are you the manager, or am I the manager?"

"But this is my future."

There wasn't just one makeup artist in the room, but three instead. There was also a costume assistant and Chenzi.

Zhao Chenming originally wanted to explode in a

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