Chapter 143
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Anyone would grow unhappy to learn that someone was leeching off their fame during their hiatus.

When Coco, Yu Fanshu's manager, found out that Yu Fanshu had regained consciousness and planned to return to the entertainment industry, she promptly booked the earliest flight to meet her..

"Are you really planning on returning so soon?" Coco asked as she looked at the woman wearing a white gauze dress before her.

Frankly speaking, managing Yu Fanshu had been Coco's most prided yet unfulfilling achievement thus far. This was because Yu Fanshu was incredibly talented, and there was nothing about Yu Fanshu that Coco needed to be concerned about.

If Yu Fanshu chose to return to the entertainment industry now, she would surely have a bunch of scripts sent to her doorsteps. She would have so many work offers that she would be overwhelmed by them. However, rather than what Yu Fanshu could accomplish after returning to show biz, Coco was more worried about Yu Fanshu's health.

"No rush. My mom told me not to take any acting jobs for at least a month."

"Yes, let's take it slowly. How is your body feeling? Has it fully healed already?"

"Not bad. I feel much better than two years ago."

"That's good," Coco said as she straightened her somewhat messy hair. "I took another talent under my wing these past two years since I couldn't just sit around and do nothing. I'll get the transfer paperwork done once I return so that I can focus on managing only you."

"You don't have to do that. It'll make you look bad."

"Don't worry. I'm not doing it solely for your sake. There's long since been friction between that kid and me. He thinks he's a full-fledged actor now, so he's not listening to any of my advice. I hate disobedient talents the most, so I might as well give him his wish and let him go. It'll be much easier on me," Coco said, clicking her tongue. Then, she put down her bag and sat near Yu Fanshu.

"Sounds like you have a lot of resentment."

"Comparisons are odious. Ever since I managed you, I can't bring myself to look at anyone else

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