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MCAB - Chapter 143

Anyone would grow unhappy to learn that someone was leeching off their fame during their hiatus.

When Coco, Yu Fanshu's manager, found out that Yu Fanshu had regained consciousness and planned to return to the entertainment industry, she promptly booked the earliest flight to meet her..

"Are you really planning on returning so soon?" Coco asked as she looked at the woman wearing a white gauze dress before her.

Frankly speaking, managing Yu Fanshu had been Coco's most prided yet unfulfilling achievement thus far. This was because Yu Fanshu was incredibly talented, and there was nothing about Yu Fanshu that Coco needed to be concerned about.

If Yu Fanshu chose to return to the entertainment industry now, she would surely have a bunch of scripts sent to her doorsteps. She would have so many work offers that she would be overwhelmed by them. However, rather than what Yu Fanshu could accomplish after returning to show biz, Coco was more worried about Yu Fanshu's health.

"No rush. My mom told me not to take any acting jobs for at least a month."

"Yes, let's take it slowly. How is your body feeling? Has it fully healed already?"

"Not bad. I feel much better than two years ago."

"That's good," Coco said as she straightened her somewhat messy hair. "I took another talent under my wing these past two years since I couldn't just sit around and do nothing. I'll get the transfer paperwork done once I return so that I can focus on managing only you."

"You don't have to do that. It'll make you look bad."

"Don't worry. I'm not doing it solely for your sake. There's long since been friction between that kid and me. He thinks he's a full-fledged actor now, so he's not listening to any of my advice. I hate disobedient talents the most, so I might as well give him his wish and let him go. It'll be much easier on me," Coco said, clicking her tongue. Then, she put down her bag and sat near Yu Fanshu.

"Sounds like you have a lot of resentment."

"Comparisons are odious. Ever since I managed you, I can't bring myself to look at anyone else," Coco said jokingly before letting out a rueful sigh.

Yu Fanshu chuckled but did not continue this topic. Instead, she switched to a different topic and asked, "What's the situation with that Jun Ling?"

"I think she's okay as a talent, but her production company's method of advertising her is… They're doing everything they can to leech off of you. So long as Jun Ling is involved, they will definitely get your name involved. We tried communicating with them before but to no avail." Coco said while fiddling with her delicate nails, her words carrying hints of mockery.

Then, Coco added, "Honestly, this girl doesn't have it easy. Because her looks resemble you, everyone has high expectations for her. Unfortunately, her acting skills can't even compare to the average actor. Although she tried to follow your path initially, probably because of the harsh criticisms she received and her lack of job offers, her manner of operation ended up becoming different from yours."

Nobody could compete with Yu Fanshu when it came to receiving job offers. After all, Yu Fanshu's family background was extraordinary. If they went by seniority, even Coco would have to address Yu Fanshu as "Third Young Miss" respectfully.

The Yu family was a huge conglomerate, and Guanghua Entertainment was only one of their many properties.

Meanwhile, thanks to her family's influence, Yu Fanshu got to play a leading role in a famous director's film for her debut work, which, in turn, led to her fame skyrocketing overnight. During her second year in the film industry, Yu Fanshu even participated in two blockbuster films, thoroughly solidifying her fame at the entertainment industry's top.

Unfortunately, Yu Fanshu had a heart complication, and she was forced with no choice but to retire from the entertainment industry during her heyday.

"Does she really look a lot like me? She just looks okay to me."

Yu Fanshu had searched for Jun Zishu's images online. Looking from certain angles, the two of them indeed looked somewhat similar. However, if one compared their photos side-by-side for some time, one would quickly notice that they have quite different appearances in reality.

"At first glance, yes. The resemblance grows even greater when she puts on makeup. However, people will quickly notice the difference if they see you two in person. Jun Ling is still a young sapling, after all."

"Are you trying to say that I'm old?"

"How can that be? You will forever be a young and beautiful fairy," Coco said.

Yu Fanshu was only 25 years old, two years older than Jun Zishu. So, it was impossible to tell their age difference from appearance alone. Not to mention, if Yu Fanshu put on makeup, she, too, could look like a young girl.

"What about that variety show?"

"You mean A Week in Love?"


"I don't know how the ship between you and Jun Ling came about, but many people seem to be supporting it. Why? Are you interested in the show?" Coco asked. Then, after flipping through the documents she brought with her, she frowned and continued, "If you plan on returning, you don't have to choose this variety show. You have many other options available for you. Setting aside whether you can adapt to that kind of variety show, the other party is Jun Ling we are talking about. Do you want to let her leech off of you even more?"

"Don't get so excited. I never said I would attend. I'm just a little interested in the program, that's all. I'm also quite interested in Jun Ling."

"What's so interesting about her?"

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"If someone is leeching off of you to such an extent, won't you have an urge to meet them?"

"I still don't suggest you attend this show. After all, you have no experience participating in variety shows. It's not suitable for you to use such a complicated program as your debut."

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"We'll see how it goes after I return."


While Yu Fanshu and Coco discussed their plans, Little Fairy had also informed Jun Zishu of Yu Fanshu's awakening. This situation confused Jun Zishu, and she couldn't help but get a feeling of déjà vu.

How is she awake already? Shouldn't it be two more years before she wakes up?

[Maybe your arrival to this world caused some changes to the original timeline. It's fine, though. Her early awakening won't affect our mission.]

Little Fairy spouted nonsense with a straight face. This was because she could sense a familiar power coming from Yu Fanshu.

Honestly, Little Fairy was at a loss for words. Out of the many worlds Jun Zishu had visited thus far, Lord had followed her to every one of them. At this point, it'd be hard for her not to understand Lord's intentions.

Initially, Little Fairy had still been rather afraid of Lord. After all, Lord was the Department of Transmigration's energy source, so Lord could beat her up easily if she wanted to. However, after looking at the interactions between Lord and Jun Zishu, Little Fairy felt that Lord was terribly in love with Jun Zishu, and she couldn't help but pity Lord a little.

Meanwhile, although Jun Zishu found this situation a little bizarre, she didn't put too much thought into it since Little Fairy said it wouldn't affect her mission.

However, unexpected situations would always occur in life. When Jun Zishu received a call from her manager, she couldn't help but be a little taken aback.

"You mean A Week in Love?" Jun Zishu asked in disbelief.

"That's right. You didn't expect it, right? Well, me neither. Who would've thought that such a huge pie would fall from the sky and land on your face."

"To-Together with Yu Fanshu?"

"That's right! I have a feeling that your popularity is going to explode! You have to take proper advantage of this opportunity, Ling'er! You must do your best to whitewash yourself! Make yourself look cute and curry favor from Yu Fanshu!"

"No, how can this be? Why would Yu Fanshu agree to do the show with me?" Jun Zishu asked, still feeling shocked that Yu Fanshu had agreed to attend the variety show with her. Are you sure she's not trying to end me using this dating show?

"How would I know? Anyway, it's a good thing that she agreed to it. I'll be picking you up to meet with her afterward. If Yu Fanshu is seriously returning, the entertainment industry will be ushering in her era next. So, make sure to act smart, understand?"

Jun Zishu couldn't help but massage her ears when her manager's penetrating voice entered her ears.

"I understand."

When Chenzi learned that Yu Fanshu had agreed to do the dating show with Jun Zishu, she went insane from joy and started pacing around excitedly in front of Jun Zishu.

"Heavens! I can't believe this is true! You're going to become famous, Big Sis Jun!"

"Calm down, calm down."

"Ahhh, I can't calm down! Even though it's none of my business, I don't know why I am so excited!"

Chenzi felt that her Big Sis Jun had really grown up a lot. Despite learning of such big news, her Big Sis Jun had remained calm the entire time. The only time she lost her composure a little was when she first learned of the news.

"That's Yu Fanshu we're talking about! Yu Fanshu! I can already hear the faces of Yu Fanshu's fans getting slapped!" Chenzi exclaimed.

Exasperated by Chenzi's excited reaction, Jun Zishu gestured for the girl to quiet down a little. After all, her mother had just gotten out of surgery and was sleeping in the ward beside them. The doctor also said that it would be another two hours before her mother would wake up.

Seeing this, Chenzi promptly zipped her mouth shut.

Nobody understood why Yu Fanshu had agreed to do the dating show. It was especially true for Coco. Unfortunately, nothing Coco said managed to change Yu Fanshu's mind."

"Why exactly are you trying to get involved with her, Fanshu? Are you trying to show the girl the difference between you two?" Coco asked. She felt that Yu Fanshu was degrading herself by playing with Jun Zishu.

However, Yu Fanshu simply smiled and did not answer, her reaction leaving Coco with no choice but to make the necessary arrangements with a dejected look.

In reality, even Yu Fanshu herself did not know why she was doing this. However, a voice in her heart urged her to agree to the show. The voice told her that she must agree to it no matter what.

Strangely enough, she didn't feel anything when she looked at that person's pictures shared online. When she watched clips of that person's acting, she found it amateurish and awkward, and she didn't like it one little bit.

Yet, the voice in her heart destroyed any sense of rationality she had and compelled her to participate in the dating show.

After much deliberation, Yu Fanshu decided to meet with that person. If she found that she didn't like that person, she would cancel on the dating show. After all, synergy was important in such programs. Moreover, she hadn't signed any binding contracts yet. If she found the other party uncomfortable, she would leave without hesitation.

If the situation allowed it, she would also politely ask the other party to stop leeching off her. After all, it felt very uncomfortable to have someone generating publicity using her name.

The meeting venue was set at a secluded cafe. Since Yu Fanshu had proposed a meet-up before the actual show, Jun Zishu's manager naturally agreed to the suggestion readily.

Before Jun Zishu managed to see her mother waking up, her manager had taken her away to put on makeup.

"Big Sis… Is there a need to put on so much perfume? Hasn't Miss Yu only recovered recently? It'll be inappropriate to meet her with such a strong smell," Jun Zishu voiced her opinion.

"You're right. Let's go with a more humble and refreshing approach, then."

Halfway through the makeup process, Jun Zishu had another objection, saying, "There's no need to deliberately make me look like her, right? Just ordinary makeup is fine."

"You seem to have a lot of opinions today, Ling'er."

"This is my chance to make a turnaround, after all," Jun Zishu said, her head aching a little as she looked at Big Sis Ming. She felt that whether it was her manager or her production company, both were idiots when it came to generating publicity.

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