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ZL - Chapter 1146- Spirit Flower Bug

It was obvious that they weren't simple dandelions. How would the Hybrid Demons even play such a trick?


 When these got closer and closer, I flew over and read its stats. Level 8 Hybrid Demon, moreover they were special Hybrid Demons!

 Spirit Flower Bug (Level 8 Hybrid Demon)

 Level: 212

 Attack: 0-0

 Defence: 30000

 Health: 1000000

 Skill: Shield Gather, Explosion

 Introduction: Spirit Flower Bug is an evil flower that can fly and it has a decent defence. The power of evil has given them sentience and they evolved into the Spirit Flower Bugs. Azure gathered many of them to serve him and he controls their consciousness. The only thing they know is to obey him.



 Ye Lai held his axe and he was shocked, "0-0 Attack and 1 million health, what is going on, are they playing with us?"

 Mu Xuan's gaze turned cold, "Don't be careless!"

 Drunken Spear held his spear and led the Flying Dragon cavalries to defend against the Hellfire Skeletons and Spirit Umbrella Bugs, "They can explode so be careful."

 I flew over and tried to attack them. My sword slashed past a football-sized Spirit Flower Bug and it was as if I was hitting cotton candy. However, I still dealt over 310 thousand damage. Gan Jiang used Double Hit and this Spirit Flower Bug died. Butterfly pierced through it to remove its last bit of health!

 "Ang ang!"

 The Spirit Flower Bug cried out before it died and it sounded like an alien bug. This dandelion suddenly shook and gave off a black glow before exploding!


 The area 3 meters around became an explosion range and the Spirit Flower Bug formed a gravity hole that sucked everything in. I was affected and intense pain spread through my body. A huge damage number appeared above my head--




 I retreated and then shouted, "Kill them from afar if not we will be in danger. Ranged players attack immediately, don't let them get close, quick!"

 Everyone was shocked and no one expected them to be so explosive to remove 170 thousand of my health at once. Normal cavalries had only 300 thousand health and even Furnace God Cavalry might not be able to handle these explosions. Fire Dragon Cavalry and Red Flame Cavalry would get insta killed!

 I raised my hand and tossed Gan Jiang out with Blade Spin, causing one Spirit Flower Bug to explode on the spot. I then used Great Realm of Desolation to kill another but that wasn't much. The terrifying thing was that they were on the floors too. They were smart, they floated behind the Spirit Umbrella Bugs and the Spirit Umbrella Bugs covered them and sent them to the city walls.


 My heart felt cold,

"They want to blow the city walls with such a brute method. Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, shoot the cannons at the ground!"

 "Yes, General!"

 Royal Army sent out the cannon attacks but after all the range was limited and couldn't cover everything.

 More explosions occurred at the edge of the city. Spirit Umbrella Bugs exploded under the attacks from the ranged Zhan Long players but there were too many of them. They were like jellyfish bombs and we couldn't kill them all. Finally, there was an explosion 50 meters away from me and dozens of Archers were ripped to pieces along with two Red Flame Cavarlies who were insta killed. Only a Furnace God Cavalry managed to retreat and he was down to low health. His face was purple, "How... How is there such a strong Attack?"

 Not only that, the terrifying thing was that the explosion blew open a semi-circular breach and even the walls covered in white iron couldn't stop the explosion!

 "Peng peng..."

 There were two more explosions on the left and Judgement's defence region was broken. Dozens of players died to the Spirit Flower Bug's explosion and Ye Lai was down to low health. He retreated and his face was ashen white, "How are we supposed to play now?"

 He tossed Berserker God Axe out and killed one Spirit Flower Bug from afar, "Be careful, when they get close they will explode even if they still have health. Lock onto the Spirit Flower Bugs in your small teams and try to kill them from afar or we are done!"

 The city wall was in chaos as many Spirit Flower Bugs exploded. Some were far away and some were close, it was like a holiday fireworks!


 I flew down and used Wind Carrying Slash to kill three, two of their explosions affected me. But I wouldn't die. What was worse was that one Spirit Umbrella Bug guided one Spirit Flower Bug and they were near the wall. "Peng" and a huge hole appeared at the north wall of Moon City!

 The Spirit Umbrella Bug was half dead but it was still really excited and it charged into the city. The Royal Army troops waited for it. They blocked with their shields and thrust their spears to kill this Spirit Umbrella Bug.

 But this wouldn't be able to last for long. Be it players or NPC army, they died too quickly. More Spirit Flower Bugs floated over from the sky. Who knew how many more of them would use this suicidal attack.


 Thinking about it, I flew over at the densest part of them. I noticed that if only one person got close, it wouldn't trigger an explosion. They would only explode when there were enough. I brushed past them and just attracted their aggro.

 I flew in a Z pattern and attracted them all. In a blink of an eye, I attracted at least 5000 of them. To imagine what it was like, it was if a person fell into an ocean of 5000 translucent balls. But the aggro couldn't be held for long and I started to lose them. I raised my swords and used Wind Carrying Slash!


 Golden light flew into the sky. When I killed dozens of them, they exploded and caused those around to explode too!

 "Peng peng peng..."

 The entire sky was really devilish from the dark light and the Zhan Long players in the management chat were shocked--

 Li Mu, "Damn, Xiao Yao is dead..."

 Lin Wan Er, "That fool, he really pisses me off! He actually suicided like that!"

 Xue Rou, "We are finished, boss is gone..."

 Li Meng Yao, "Brother..."


 As they exclaimed in shock, a golden figure flew out. I used Invincible Body and flew out. Scoff, I was a person with invincibility so even if their explosions were strong there was nothing they could do to me!

 "Ah? Brother isn't dead, that's great!" Li Meng Yao cheered.

 I stood in the air and looked at the Spirit Flower Bugs floating towards me. My golden shield scattered. Invincible Body saved my life!


 There was suddenly a cannon shot and my back was hit. My Overlord Cape flew up and I lost 120 thousand health. That was the strength of Dragon Crystal Cannons. Which NPC army on Moon City dared to shoot me?

 It obviously wasn't them. When I turned around, I saw a flag waving and it was the Hybrid Demon's blood colored flag. Among them was a player-created Indian server flag, finally... The Indians launched their attack at our weakest moment. Clear Black Eyes didn't disappoint!

 The dense NPC and players formed a square formation and appeared outside of the forest. Many black Darkness Dragon Crystal Cannons were pushed out. Players and Hybrid Demons worked together to create such a weird looking cannon but they weren't as strong as God Dragon Cannon. They were just comparable to Dragon Crystal Cannons.


 "Brother, come back quick!" Li Meng Yao held Nuwa Stone and she wanted to jump off the wall to save me but she didn't know how to fly so she could only shout loudly.

 I retreated. To fight head on with the Indians now didn't make sense.

 "Peng peng peng..."

 Cannons fired as the Darkness Dragon Crystal Cannons landed on our walls and it caused the entire north wall to shake. One even blew up a Dark Moon Elf arrow turret. 20 Dark Moon Elves turned into a pile of meat and fell from the sky. Instantly, all of us were enraged.

 "Quickly clear out the Spirit Flower Bugs!" I said loudly.


 The Indians came at such a great time. When we were busy dealing with the Spirit Flower Bugs they were here. The Dragon Crystal Cannons helped to shatter pieces of the wall and then the ground was covered in cavalries. There were tens of millions of Indian players and this time they were planning to use their numbers to obtain a city.

 Although this wasn't a country war, but if Moon City was destroyed, we might lose it. Hybrid Demons could occupy cities and now the Indians were on their side.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.