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ZL - Chapter 1150- City Shaking Dance

Destiny Card's use was simple, select a target to draw a card. If it was red then I would kill him and if it was green then I shall let someone else kill. Anyways it didn't affect my damage. Moreover, a healer's purify could reset this effect which meant that if my luck was good, I could use Destiny Card to kill the Boss. Moreover, I could keep maintaining the red card effect.



A close ranged cannon strike blew a God Skeleton's body into pieces.

After three hours of intense fighting, the time was close to 7am. Everyone had stayed up for a long time and this 8th wave should also be the final wave of Azure's revenge. Although it gave us a huge surprise but we still managed to defend Moon City.

There shouldn't be more God Skeletons in the distance.

Moreover, we saw disappointment on the faces of the Indians, in the end, they failed to take Moon City from the hands of the Chinese. In the distance, after 3 hours, Xue Rou only brought less than 1000 people back. This situation was so intense, luckily our points were really high and we could earn back the levels we had lost.


I jumped off the wall and glided in front of Xue Rou and the Furnace God Cavalries. I looked at their exhausted faces and blood covered bodies and my heart hurt slightly, "It has been tough for all of you!"

Mocha jumped off and smiled, "Scoff, remember to buy 10 LV bags for me!"

"Okay, ten then, can I buy replicas?"

"What do you think?"

"Seems like a no.."

Lin Wan Er burst out laughing, "I got the news that Clear Black Eyes have given up on Moon City. Their attacks lack strength and they aren't on the level of the first and second country wars."

I nodded, "Right, that time the Lightning Trampling Cavalry and Fire Elephant Cavalry caused us so many problems..."

Mocha, "..."


"Go, enter the city and wait for the system to decide the result."


The inner walls of Moon City were covered in cannon holes. Although we won this battle but Moon City was about to turn into ruins. Luckily this was the game and the system would easily repair it. Moon City might even increase in size and it was the same every single time.

I returned to the walls and sent Heaven Barrier Army out to scout. I understood Clear Black Eyes, maybe she would try to make us collapse from within?

But I guessed wrongly. Clear Black Eyes was really defeated and the Indian players went into the distance. From the pictures that the War Hawk Knights sent back, they went towards Dragon Ridge. Clear Black Eyes and Sky Rose definitely worked together if not Sky Rose wouldn't allow her to lead an army from the north of the city into Dragon Ridge.

But it was easy to explain. The enemy of the enemy was a friend. I was Clear Black Eyes and Sky Rose's common enemy so it was understandable that they were working together.

Clear Black Eyes retreated and it didn't represent that she gave up. At least after this attack, she might get a city called Seven Shine City from the Hybrid Demon Territory that would provide a place for the Indian players to rest and chase up in terms of levels and equipment. Then they might have a chance to fight us but that would take a very long time.


Flaming Cloud City's battle slowly calmed down. Although there wasn't a strong guild there to defend but only a small Hybrid Demon army attacked them. In the end, the 500 thousand NPC elites there settled them.

Tian Ling City was the worse but the battle slowly reached the end. The scenes were quite tragic and some God Skeletons had arrived at the palace. Although Lochlan didn't bring people out but he still led the Guards Army at the inner courtyard. But he was disappointed as Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword led people to wipe out these bunch.

Thus, the defence of the three cities had officially finished.

But... I still felt like this movement from Azure was just a show of strength, he didn't plan on using this to wipe out the seven countries if not he definitely would have sent a lord. Next time, how would he attack the seven kingdoms? No one knew...


Finally, after two more hours, a loud bell rang in my ears. The rewards were finally given out and as expected, I was the MVP. Charging about around the city wasn't for nothing--


System Notification: Congratulations to all light faction players, Azure's Revenge has finally ended and all players will obtain great rewards. Apart from that, in this event, player Xiao Yao Zi Zai (China) is the MVP with the most achievement points, obtained rewards: Level +4, Charm +180, obtained rewards Glory of Dragonheart (Epic Tier), the 2-10 ranked players obtained rewards too-- Player Fang Ge Que obtained Thunderforged Boots (5 star god artifact), player Sky Rose (America) obtained Starfire Sword (5 star god artifact), player Cang Yue (China) obtained: Green Shade Bracers (4 star god artifact), player Brown Eyes (Russia) obtained: Heavenfallen Bracers(5 star god artifact), player Cang Tong (China) obtained: City Shaking Dance (God Tier skillbook), player Seven Feather (America) obtained: Luohan Cape (4 star god artifact), player Demon Mountain (Germany) obtained: Skull Hammer (3 star god artifact), player Mu Xuan (China) obtained: Light Wind Dance (Deity Tier skill), player For Love (Portugal) obtained: Giant Spirit Slash (Three Star god artifact)!


Golden light surged all about and Zhan Long members leveled by 2-5 times. The players had died many times obtained more rewards but the biggest winner was probably me? But... What was Glory of Dragonheart?

I opened my bag and noticed the golden scales at the corner shining. I took a look and was delighted. I was closer and closer to my dreams of becoming a dragonrider!

Glory of Dragonheart (Epic Tier tool): A medium to sign a contract with a Giant God Dragon and obtain the ability to awaken a sleeping dragon


No one knew what it meant exactly but if I took this to find Frost and Zhishu, it would be of some use? At least, I could sense that I was getting close to my mount.

On the side, the few beauties were really happy and they all got amazing things.

"Wan Er, what is City Shaking Dance?" I asked.

Lin Wan Er smiled and she shared the skill that she learned to everyone--

City Shaking Dance Lv-1 (God Tier Skill): Dance and use brilliant dance skills to cause heaven and earth to invert, the sun and moon to switch, stunning targets within 100 yards and they would be unable to attack, defend and move. Last for 7 seconds, the cooldown of 60 seconds.


"This skill..." Li Mu licked her lips and said, "Such an arrogant control skill!"

Old K laughed, "Can only control but not kill, it seems useless?"

I smiled and tapped his shoulder, "Old K think about it, Wan Er has a Crescent Moon Storm skill. The starting channel is obvious and a crescent moon will be imprinted into the ground, it would be tough for top experts to dodge, but... If Wan Er used Crescent Moon Storm after City Shaking Dance was used? Who could dodge Crescent Moon Storm?"

Old K was stunned, "Damn..."

Xue Rou smiled, "I am more and more like a top expert, our deductive skills are so strong."

I asked, "Mocha, what about your Giant Spirit Slash?"

"Scoff, a broadsword, three star god artifact, it is basically useless, I am planning to sell it."

"En, that's good."

I looked into the distance and asked, "Queen Mu Xuan, what about your Light Wind Dance, what skill is that?"

Mu Xuan smiled teasingly, "Little Zai, you finally think about caring about me?"

I felt awkward, "I just want to learn about the skill..."

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"Okay then..." She said, "Light Wind Dance also covers 100 yards but it isn't a control skill but a 100 yard killing skill. Light Wind Dance and City Shaking Dance is a good combo."

Lin Wan Er smiled, "There will be country wars so we will definitely have the chance."



Time wasn't early anymore so we went offline. After Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng went offline, I walked around before planning to leave. But Mocha sent me a message, "Boss, I was joking about the 10 LV bags, just buy me one. I want the 2017 rice colored one, the 20 thousand dollar one, it won't be too expensive."

"Ahaha, Mocha finally knows to save money for me?"

"Right, it isn't easy for me to survive."

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"En, I will try to get it quick."

"Okay, I will wait for you!"


After going offline, I searched Hangzhou's LV shop and there was indeed such a bag so I bought it. Anyways I didn't have much to gift Mocha. She was a core Zhan Long Studio member and she went all out in fights. Actually, I should buy more gifts for her, after all, girls loved to receive gifts.

I laid down and fell asleep. The event didn't last really long but it had been really intense. It was just too exhausting.

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