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ZL - Chapter 1148- Level Nine Hybrid Demon

"Quick, use stones to block the hole!"

In the distance, the attacks from the Indian players slowed down. Clear Black Eyes ordered them to stop, they just slowly pushed the Darkness Dragon Crystal Cannons over. It seemed like Clear Black Eyes wanted a breather and that gave us some time to rest too. During the break, Long Xing ordered the workers to build a second wall.


The city walls outside were now a broken pillar that was destroyed by the Spirit Flower Bugs and cannons. The bricks wouldn't do much so if we lost the defence outside, we could only rely on the inner wall. The inner wall was far weaker than the outer wall and the Spirit Flower Bugs also blew many holes in it so we had to repair it.

"Pa ta..."

I sat on the inner wall and placed Gan Jiang by my leg. I wiped the blood that was about to solidify while looking into the sky. I hoped that there would be rain to wipe off all the dirt on me.

Lin Wan Er rode the silver dragon over. She was now the top scout. In truth, her dragon flew faster than War Hawk Knights and even higher so even if she faced enemies in the air she wouldn't be at a disadvantage. It was best if she scouted the area around the main city. Moreover, in Moon City, many flame hawks were resting. They were Flame Hawk Archers from Fan Shu City. The Cliff Dragon Cavalries had also joined into the defence which helped to strengthen Moon City.

Li Mu and Wang Jian rode their horses and after getting close he jumped off and sat next to me. Li Mu grumbled, "I thought that the Indians would scatter after losing Waterfront City. They actually gathered so many people, what a headache. It is as if they can't be killed at all, damn, so annoying!"

I smiled, "Calm down, we just need to defend the city and defend them once more. Sooner or later their confidence would be gone and they wouldn't dare to do anything to us."

Wang Jian nodded, "Brother Xiao Yao is right, we have to beat them up bit by bit until they give up."

"En." I looked at the dense crowd outside of the city, "Drunk Maple has been killed and only Clear Black Eyes is left. But Clear Black Eyes's reputation is also as effective. As long as they don't take Moon City down, more people will give up. At that time, it would be impossible for Clear Black Eyes to try to pull them together again."


Another two horses dashed over and it was Li Meng Yao and Xue Rou. When they got off, Li Meng Yao smiled next to me and hugged my hand, "brother, you are top of the leaderboards!"

I laughed and wiped off the dirt on her face, "Rankings are just fake, don't focus too much..."

"Scoff scoff..."

Xue Rou laughed, "I got news from Nine Heavens City that the inner wall has been broken. Demon Mountain failed so when the emperor was fighting personally, a bunch of Spirit Umbrella Bugs and Spirit Flower Bugs blew his body into pieces."

"Ah?" I was shocked, "So tragic... Then Nine Heavens City has no ruler? Then... Nine Heavens City is going to fall to the Hybrid Demons? So Clear Black Eyes might become the ruler of Nine Heavens City..."

"How will it be so easy." Xue Rou laughed, "Think about it boss, Nine Heavens City is the region of Germany and their allies, they definitely won't give it up.

Moreover, before the emperor died, he entrusted... His 7 year old son to Demon Mountain for him to put him to the throne and to protect the power of Nine Heavens City."

I was shocked, "Impossible? Nine Heavens City has no more NPCs? I remember... Their Marshal was Philly, why didn't the emperor entrust him to Philly?"

Xue Rou said, "There was a five star god general in the 6th wave. The Spirit Flower Bugs caused Philly to be badly injured and then the five star general sliced his head off. Now the 270 thousand troops of Summer Fire Army are in Demon Mountain's hands and he is the most powerful person. Let's put it this way, he is the second person to become the highest ranked in the army."

She smiled, "But your The Executor is the leader of Tian Ling City, Flaming Cloud City and Moon City so your power is higher than that Demon Mountain."

I rested on the edge of the wall and smiled, "Let's hope Demon Mountain can hold on and not get taken down. If not our next country war would be tough."

"En, he will."


No one expected that this event would be totally different from previous ones which gave players points and experience. This was like a revenge, they were using the power of the demons to trample on a city. When the time comes, the seven kingdoms might end up with six.

Humans were weak and that wasn't good for us. Let's hope Demon Mountain could defend Nine Heavens City so the other cities won't end up being isolated.

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"There shouldn't be an 8th wave?" Fox raised his spear and asked.

Xue Rou looked at Clear Black Eyes's army, "We can be sure that there is definitely an 8th wave, if not what is Clear Black Eyes waiting for?"

I stood up and sighed, "Prepare for battle, the monsters will definitely appear soon."



Not long later, many figures appeared from the north and many of them flew in the air. This is?

Everyone looked in shock. In the sky were more and more people.

Among them was a guy wrapped in flames. On the ground were one holding a blade and riding a horse and wind blades appeared all around his body. In the distance was a guy carrying an axe and frost energy wrapped around it. There was also a guy holding a hammer and nine light rings stacked beneath his feet. Those were judgement light rings and I saw them on the official website before.

"What is going on?" Misty Clouds squinted her eyes, "Who are these people? There aren't many of them..."

Ye Lai held his axe, "The fewer of them means the tougher, moreover... There are many..."


On the walls, the player camp pulled out their weapons nervously. They pointed their bows forwards, the swords pulled out of their sheaths as we waited for this 8th wave.

I carefully buffed myself with Wall of Douqi and Frost Armor while flying close. Very quickly, that monster with a fiery spear and body in flames entered my eyes. As expected it was a Hybrid Demon but this wasn't a level 8 one but a level 9 Hybrid Demon--

God Skeleton Fire God Fragment (Level 9 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 213

Attack: 32000-45000

Defence: 30000

Health: 200000000

Skill: Hellblade, Flame Plains, Fire God Roar

Introduction: God Skeletons, these skeletons came from the Heavenly World. Mortals can't live forever and even the gods have lifespans. When they are about to die, their bones fall all over the Heavenly World. Azure used his demon god body to enter the Heavenly World and obtained many pieces of their bones. he started to refine them and revive them, allowing them to have a portion of their master's power. However, they are under Azure's control and have no more pity and kindness. But, if you can kill them, there is a small chance to obtain the Ancient God skills.


"Damn..." Mu Xuan held her staff and said, "How is this even a level 9 Hybrid Demon, we are literally fighting against God Tier Boss. They have 200 million health, damn..."

I glanced and many skeletons appeared from the ground and the sky. On count, there were at least ten thousand. Clear Black Eyes's Indian Region players started to move. Good, Moon City was about to face a catastrophic blow.

On the ground, the people holding ice axes were called God Skeleton Ice God Fragment and the one stepping on the nine rings was God Skeleton Judgement God Fragment. The one riding the horse was God Skeleton Wind God Fragment. These were the fragments of really strong gods. This was like ten thousand four star God Tier Bosses attacking us at once?

But if we killed these level 9 Hybrid Demons there was a small chance to gain Ancient God techniques. This was a huge temptation, everyone wanted that! One God Killing Cannon helped Fox fly to the skies, the other god skills were the same.

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"Prepare to fight!"

Ye Lai held his axe and said, "Fight in teams, 1000 to one level 9 Hybrid Demon!"

A Judgement team leader smiled, "Guild Leader you are overestimating them? One level 9 Hybrid Demon needs 1000 people?'

Ye Lai smiled, "Once you die then tell me that."

As expected the Fire God Skeleton dashed towards Judgement before slashing them with his spear. This was Hellblade and it forced that team leader's shield aside while dealing 220 thousand damage. He thrust his spear forwards into his chest and a scorching effect burned the crowd on the wall. That was Extreme Plains which scorched targets within 30 yards. That team leader died just like that and he was in a bad state.


Ye Lai led the bunch of people up like he was dealing with a God Tier Boss.


"They are coming!"

Zhan Long's camp welcomed at least 20 of them. I charged and used Great Realm of Desolation+Blade Spin to attract 3 of their aggro.

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