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ZL - Chapter 1147- Gap in strength

"Only the ranged and healers remain on the walls to deal with the Spirit Flower Bugs, heavy armored head down and prepare to fight with them on the plains. Don't be afraid of the Spirit Flower Bugs, if they kill us then just revive us. We must keep Moon City!"

 Drunken Spear ordered, this kid was right. This wasn't the time for the heavy armored players to be on the city walls. They had to use a blood price to cut off the Indian region army outside. If not once Moon City's outer wall was broken, the inner wall wouldn't hold on for long.

 "We will go too!"

 I jumped off the walls and ordered in the guild channel, "Heavy armored all head down the walls, gather up and then head out. It is time to fight them head on!'


 Li Mu and Wang Jian all charged down the walls. Li Meng Yao and Xue Rou jumped off the city walls and used a health potion to heal up for the fall damage. They protected beside me on my left and right like they were afraid that I would be insta killed. Actually, they didn't need to worry. I had died once so my stats had increased by 30% and it wouldn't be so easy even if I wanted to die. Moreover, dying was not a bad thing. Overlord Rebirth could strengthen my stats by 30% and I would be even stronger.

 Of course, my level was so high so it was better if I died less, after all, it wasn't easy to level up.


 Very quickly, over 30 thousand Furnace God Cavalry, Red Flame Cavalry and Fire Dragon Cavalries appeared behind me. Judgement, Enemies at the Gate, Appearance Alliance, Blood Contract etc guilds all sent their heavy cavalries out. We could revive in the city after death while the Indians had to revive back at the Hybrid Demon Territory. It would be too late when they arrived. As long as we dared to go all out, we would definitely be able to hold on.

 In the distance, dust billowed and the Indian cavalries started to charge.

 Xue Rou rode a Furnace God War Horse and was on my right, "Boss, the ships on Sea of No Return are limited, where do you think they came from?"

 I said, "I looked at the map and it is basically impossible for them to come from Tian Ling City. They are too far away and Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword won't allow them. There is only one possibility which is that they came from Dragon Ridge that is opposite Iron Skull City."

 "Dragon Ridge?" Li Meng Yao was stunned.

 I nodded, "Right it is Dragon Ridge, a Sea of No Return mountain range, it is the only path if not they could only go through the ocean. The Indians even brought so many Dragon Crystal Cannons which meant that they came from the sea. Ships definitely couldn't transport so many cannons."



 Right ahead, cannon fire descended and the few God Dragon Cannon on the walls fired, exploding like nuclear bombs in the Indian player crowd. Although they were far away, but I could see the fear and shock on their faces. Right, anyone would be shocked by cannons that were so fierce. But the Indians had no choice and they continued to charge forwards. They stepped over the corpses of their allies. They had to get one main city back as their foundation to fight back or else they would only struggle to breathe with the Hybrid Demons.


 They were nearly here and I caressed the fur of the god dragon horse. I waved my sword and rode him forwards. Horse hooves rumbled behind us and Zhan Long's cavalry team started to charge!


 The setting sun shone on our tender faces and it made me pumped up.

Many years in the future, I would probably look back and feel honored for having so many brothers?

 We killed without holding anything back. The battle entered the intense stages but Zhan Long had too many skills. Blade Spin was used to kill from afar. our level, mounts and equipment were much better than the opponent and once we came into contact we gained decent results. I used Dragon Totem in the crowd and the dragon swept the enemy. Instantly an empty area was opened up and the corpses of the players that were killed were all swallowed by the dragon. All that remained was equipment and potions.

 In the sky, a dragon roared as Lin Wan Er's silver dragon flew at a low altitude. A frost breath spat out along the flying trajectory and formed an icicle land that was at least hundreds of meters long. Half of the Indian players that were charging were frozen and killed and it was very tragic.

 Li Mu used Thousand Man Enemy and charged forwards. He swept, thrust, blocked but no one could stop him. Sword energy caused blood to splatter. Along with Xue Rou, One Second Hero and Old K charging forwards, Zhan Long's cavalries were like a sharp blade that ripped their teams apart. This was the difference in strength and it had nothing to do with strategy.

 Clear Black Eyes probably didn't expect the difference in strength to be so high. Zhan Long galloped all the way and the losses were definitely below 1:20. At least with our strategy of swapping the frontlines, it was tough for them to kill any one of us. Xue Rou, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K etc top players had such a high attack.


 "Be careful of the cannon." In the sky, Lin Wan Er reminded me.

 Before her words were finished, a dark dragon crystal cannonball landed among us. A shockwave spread out. Luckily our equipment was decent and only a low health Red Flame Cavarly was killed. The Furnace God Cavalry was down to 50% health and it was impossible for them to get killed, unless... Their cannons were so accurate for them to land 2-3 at the exact same spot.

 It was obvious that they couldn't do so as the technology wasn't achievable in the game, they weren't using guiding missiles.

 In the distance, 2 million Chinese players charged out and clashed with the Indians outside. Although we could see them trying to surround us but we weren't fazed. Li Mu led ten thousand men and easily solved that. There were too many people so we couldn't tell where Clear Black Eyes was. She probably didn't want me to find her. She knew that once I saw her I would fly over to kill her. She was afraid that she couldn't command anymore.


 This battle lasted for 2 hours and both my sword and body were covered in blood. The number of players outside of the city was maintained at 2 million while over 5 million of the enemies were now corpses. We returned after dying so that was the advantage that they didn't have.

 Behind us, Zhan Long members were exactly the same as me, it was as if they were scooped out of blood. Li Mu was already ugly but now he looked like a killing machine.

 I looked at the points, as expected, China occupied most of the spots--

 1. Xiao Yao Zi Zai (China) points: 894230

 2. Fang Ge Que (China) points: 842110

 3. Sky Rose (America) points: 821120

 4. Cang Yue (China) points: 774290

 5. Brown Eyes (Russia) points: 760020

 6. Cang Tong (China) points: 742230

 7. Seven Feather (America) points: 721290

 8. Demon Mountain (Germany) points: 702200

 9. Mu Xuan (China) points: 672990

 10. For Love (Portugal) points: 653220


 We occupied 5 of the top 10, along with Mocha who still had a foreign nationality, we had 6 of them. This was not surprising. We had three cities. Tian Ling City, Moon City, Flaming Cloud City were attacked together so naturally, we had more chances to kill monsters. Moreover, the reason why Zhan Long had a high ranked was because we defended Sea of No Return in the first 5 waves. Naturally, we gained more points than other players who went back to the walls. How many monsters would head over to the walls to sacrifice themselves to you?

 It seemed like my position on the top wasn't stable and I had to kill more monsters. Anyways, I had to get MVP this time to be worthy of my five star twin swords and my five star Overlord Set.

 Just when I was thinking about it, under the explosions of the Spirit Flower Bugs, a part of the north wall collapsed. Numerous Dark Moon Elves screamed as the wall was broken...


 Although not many Spirit Flower Bugs were left but they had achieved their goal. Moon City's outer war was left so the Indians would fight back even stronger now right?

 We started to feel uneasy. I tried to raise the morale by saying, "We are still here, no need to be afraid. Send someone to protect the teleportation formation. We still have allies from Tian Ling City that can assist us!"

 Everyone nodded and started to face the aggressive enemies with our newfound courage.


 Actually, I knew that things won't be any better at Tian Ling City. Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han brought their men into the city to help defend but three of the four walls were blown up and it was dangerous. Whether or not they could assist Moon City was also a problem.

 Tian Ling City was not the worse, that belonged to Flaming Cloud City that had Spirit Umbrella Bugs at the entrance of the palace.

 I heard that Nine Heavens City wasn't good too, Demon Mountain died four times but the Spirit Umbrella Bug and Spirit Flower Bug combination still pushed troops into the city. Iron Skull City and Swirling Abyss City were in a bad state too and players didn't expect the level 8 Hybrid Demon to be so insane. They weren't able to react at all.

 Now it seemed like Moon City was in the best state.

 I just hoped that Azure didn't send any more troops after the 7th wave if not Moon City might be lost too.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.