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EIF - Book 04 Chapter 171: Spiritual Progenitor Deity King and the Life Killer Saber

While Gu Hai was in closed-door cultivation, the Mending Heaven Energy in his body spewed out.


A large amount of Mending Heaven Energy flooded Blood Prison, fixing every part of it.

The discrete Blood Prison fragments quickly stuck together in an extremely strange manner. One fragment, two fragments, ten fragments…more fragments stuck together as time went by. The shattered Blood Prison became whole after a while. However, there were still many cracks in it.

Cracks? The Mending Heaven Energy continued mending Blood Prison, slowly fixing the deep cracks.

Joy flashed in Gu Hai’s eyes.

The killing sin śarīra in the Karmic Energy Pool in his dantian spun slowly. The sins were quickly being refined into Mending Heaven Energy. Of course, the Mending Heaven Energy would be sufficient to repair Blood Prison.


The killing sin śarīra suddenly exploded. All the sins and negative Karmic Energy and vengeful ghosts burst out simultaneously. An alarming number of these things appeared and immediately rushed all over Gu Hai’s body.

A surging, baleful aura burst out as countless vengeful ghosts howled in Gu Hai’s body.


“I’ll eat you!”

“I’ll drink your blood!”

“I can leave now! Hehehehe! I’ll eat ten thousand people!”

The vengeful ghosts roared ferociously.

“Oh no!” Gu Hai’s expression changed.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor had killed too many people. The number of vengeful ghosts was overwhelming. The Karmic Energy pool could not refine all of them at once, allowing some of the vengeful ghosts to rush around Gu Hai’s body. They wanted to eat Gu Hai’s blood and flesh. Some even wanted to leave his body.


The Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal in Gu Hai’s forehead space trembled, immediately suppressing the countless vengeful ghosts in his body and preventing them from escaping. The vengeful ghosts could not eat his flesh or blood, but their movement in his body inflicted great pain.

Gu Hai endured the pain and quickly drove the Worldly Sorrowful Endowment, rapidly refining the vengeful ghosts, sins, and negative Karmic Energy into Mending Heaven Energy.

The Mending Heaven Energy poured out wildly, but the Blood Prison could not absorb the Mending Heaven Energy as quickly. However, the Mending Heaven Energy pool was already full. The large amount of Mending Heaven Energy spilling out would be wasted.

“Life Ender Saber!”

Gu Hai stabbed his hand into his chest and pulled out the Life Ender Saber.

The Life Ender Saber was also riddled with cracks. Now, the excess Mending Heaven Energy poured into the Life Ender Saber.

Both the Life Ender Saber and Blood Prison mended simultaneously.

Unfortunately, there were too many vengeful spirits, putting Gu Hai in incredible pain. The refining of the surging Mending Heaven Energy surpassed what the Life Ender Saber and Blood Prison could absorb.

There’s still so much Mending Heaven Energy? There’s more? What should I do? The Mending Heaven Energy pool is already full. What else is there for me to mend?

Gu Hai grimaced amid his pain. Previously, he resented that he did not have enough Mending Heaven Energy. Now, there was too much.

Am I going to just waste it?


As Gu Hai was feeling anxious, a dragon roar came from his dantian. It was the purple dragon amid the Veritable Essence in his dantian. As the dragon roared, it sucked. The surging Mending Heaven Energy streamed into the purple dragon’s mouth. Then, the purple Veritable Essence started spinning wildly.

Gu Hai was slightly startled.

The Veritable Essence in the dantian was formed by Spiritual Progenitor, the ancestor of all Spiritual Energy. Spiritual Progenitor was the most difficult Veritable Essence to cultivate, as Spiritual Progenitor was too hard to obtain.

Now, the Spiritual Progenitor Veritable Essence is increasing? Is this metamorphosis?

The Worldly Sorrowful Endowment circulated quickly.


The surging Mending Heaven Energy poured into the Spiritual Progenitor Veritable Essence, causing it to spin quickly. The Mending Heaven Energy appeared to be metamorphosing.

“Mending Heaven Energy? To think that it can even transform into Spiritual Progenitor?” Gu Hai said in shock.


A powerful shock wave came from Gu Hai’s body.

Gu Hai’s consciousness entered his dantian. He saw that the Spiritual Progenitor Veritable Essence in his dantian had formed an embryo.

“It formed an embryo? The third one?” Gu Hai said in pleasant surprise.

Finally, Gu Hai no longer needed to waste the surging Mending Heaven Energy. He split it into three streams: one to the Life Ender Saber, another to Blood Prison, and the third to his Spiritual Progenitor nascent embryo.

The moment the Spiritual Progenitor nascent embryo appeared, it seemed to give off a divine sound.

The divine sound rang out in Gu Hai’s body, immediately calming the struggling vengeful ghosts. His pain diminished significantly.


Gu Hai’s body gave off a divine sound.

The sound isolation ritual array in the palace hall prevented the howls of the vengeful ghosts from getting out. However, this strangely could not stop the divine sound.

No one could understand what this divine sound was saying. However, this pleasant sound echoed throughout the ruined Chaoge City and its surroundings.

The citizens and officials looked towards Gu Hai’s palace hall in shock.

Upon hearing this sound, all the citizens and officials seemed to enter a state of enlightenment. They felt peace and calm in their hearts, which awakened an urge to worship.


Bright lights appeared, soaring into the sky above the palace hall. The bright lights formed a colossal five-colored auspicious cloud. Vast amounts of natural Spiritual Energy poured over from all directions, rushing towards Gu Hai’s palace hall.

“Is His Majesty cultivating?” Numerous officials goggled.

Naturally, there were Nascent Soul Realm cultivators among the officials. However, none of them had seen such a fantastic scene before.

Chang Ming and Ju Lu goggled.

“A divine voice? How could it be a divine voice?” Venerable Liu Nian exclaimed.

“Venerable Liu Nian, what is this divine voice?” Chang Ming asked out of curiosity.

“I don’t know, either. However, such a phenomenon…such a phenomenon would appear only when a sage reincarnates,” Venerable Liu Nian said, dazed.

“A sage reincarnating? What is a sage?”

“That is a wise and virtuous man. For example, suppose the Heavenly Access, Supreme Singularity, or Lord Buddha reincarnates. Such powerful beings would manifest similar phenomena. However, how could Mister Gu manifest this? Furthermore, he is not a newborn!” Venerable Liu Nian said in bewilderment.

“Oh?” Chang Ming looked at Gu Hai’s palace hall in confusion.

“Long live Your Majesty! May Your Majesty live for ten thousand years!” the surrounding citizens and officials saluted unconsciously.


In the palace hall:


Gu Hai’s body gave off another shock wave.

The nascent embryo in his dantian broke open, and a purple baby appeared. Twelve colored lights surrounded the purple baby as it exuded a divine air.

At this time, the fire deity with the fire calabash on its back frowned slightly as it looked in the dantian’s direction from the fire deity palace.

When the purple nascent soul appeared, strands of energy flowed towards the fire deity, making the fire deity feel incredibly relaxed. This allowed the fire deity to speed up its refinement of the fire calabash.

Simultaneously, a powerful might radiated from the dantian. This might had a feeling of supremacy, suppressing the fire deity.

The same thing happened in the water deity palace. The water deity’s absorption of the ice mountain’s energy sped up. However, the purple nascent soul seemed to hold a great threat to the water deity.

The fire deity and the water deity bowed together to the purple nascent soul as though this was normal.

The dantian was the leader of the deity palaces. The fire deity and the water deity were deities. Hence, the purple nascent soul was the deity king, a Spiritual Progenitor deity king.

The purple nascent soul continued growing. That was due to Gu Hai making breakthroughs in his cultivation in rapid succession.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor had taken the path of killing, possessing great sin. While the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor might not have been the strongest, no one could compare to him in killing sin.

Even after using so much Mending Heaven Energy, Gu Hai still had billions of vengeful ghosts in his body.

Gu Hai calmed down and worked hard on refining the negative Karmic Energy.

The resultant Mending Heaven Energy split into three streams, mending the Life Ender Saber and Blood Prison and strengthening the Spiritual Progenitor deity king. This continued for ten days until Gu Hai finished refining all the vengeful ghosts and sin. Then, he stopped his cultivation.


Gu Hai gave off another shock wave. The divine sound vanished, and his aura calmed down.


Outside, Venerable Liu Nian and Chang Ming looked at Gu Hai’s palace hall in shock.

What had Gu Hai been cultivating for the past ten days? Why did it cause such an extravagant phenomenon? Furthermore, it lasted for ten days?

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After these ten days, Gu Hai’s consciousness entered his body. The fire deity palace and the water deity palace appeared to be the same. The only change happened within his dantian. The Spiritual Progenitor Veritable Essence had formed a nascent soul—a Spiritual Progenitor nascent soul, which was also a Spiritual Progenitor deity king. The Spiritual Progenitor deity king reached the third layer.

The fire deity reached the fifth layer, the water deity reached the third layer, the deity king reached the third layer.

“The Nascent Soul Realm’s eleventh layer? The Third Nascent Soul Stage?” Gu Hai opened his eyes.


Gu Hai clenched his fists, producing forceful shock waves from them.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes as he looked at his hands. “The five apertures focus on technique while the dantian focuses on energy. Although I am just in the Nascent Soul Realm, my dantian has a Spiritual Progenitor nascent soul in the third layer. My strength would not be inferior to that of a regular Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. What an excellent Spiritual Progenitor deity king! However…

“However, the Spiritual Progenitor deity king is difficult to cultivate. Who knows how long it will take for it to advance again?” Gu Hai showed a faint, bitter smile.

At this moment, Mending Heaven Energy filled his Mending Heaven Energy pool. However, he did not intend to use it to cultivate. This pool of Mending Heaven Energy could not have much of an impact, be it on the Spiritual Progenitor deity king, the Life Ender Saber, or Blood Prison.

The cracks on the Life Ender Saber had lessened significantly. He could sense a sinister aura coming from it.

Gu Hai returned the Life Ender Saber into his chest, turning it back into a rib under his skin.

Then, he picked up Blood Prison.

Most of the cracks on Blood Prison had already mended. However, Gu Hai understood that it was like the Life Ender Saber. It still had hidden damage and needed a long time to recover.

“Blood Prison is already dead. There is no more Blood Prison in the world. The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor cultivated a saber for killing, aiming to kill all life. In that case, you shall be known as Life Killer, the Life Killer Saber!” Gu Hai said seriously as he looked at Blood Prison.


The crimson Life Killer Saber trembled in excitement, apparently extremely pleased with its name.

When Gu Hai mended the Life Killer Saber earlier, he had infused a strand of his consciousness, just like he had with the Life Ender Saber. As he mended the Life Killer Saber, he had completely refined it.

Holding the Life Killer Saber, Gu Hai cut his arm, opening a vein. As blood flowed out, he set the Life Killer Saber on the blood.

“The Life Ender Saber turned into bone and recuperates in my body. You shall turn into blood and flow in my body,” Gu Hai said.


The Life Killer Saber liquefied and entered Gu Hai’s vein. It flowed together with the blood around his body.


After the Life Killer Saber entered Gu Hai’s blood, the earlier wound healed in the blink of an eye.

Gu Hai changed his clothes, then strolled to the entrance with the Life Executioner Saber on his back.


The palace hall’s doors opened.

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