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ZL - Chapter 1142- Removing a layer of skin

"Prepare the arrows, aim into the sky!"

In the Royal Army crowd, a Dark Moon Elf shouted and all the Dark Moon Elves raised their bows. The 10 thousand Dark Moon Elves of Royal Army were protected really well. When the Two-winged Demons screamed and pounced at the crowd, the bowstrings of the Dark Moon Elves buzzed. They were really accurate and one could hear many Two-winged Demons crying out. Hundreds of Two-winged Demons were actually killed like that? They were pretty much insta killed!

No wonder. Two-winged Demons were light armored units and the arrow attacks of the Dark Moon Elves were penetrative attacks that dealt additional damage to light armored units. As such, it was much more efficient to kill them.


Xiao Lie sent his spear into the chest of a Two-winged Demon and he pulled out the sword by his waist to slash across. The Two-winged Demon's head flung into the sky. Royal Army's generals killed monsters really quickly and they did so without taking much damage. Their levels were too high and they were able to suppress level 8 Hybrid Demons.


Heaven Barrier Army didn't hold back too. Lin Qiong relied on his sword to charge about the frontlines and sword energy exploded in the crowd. On the contrary, Autumn Harvest Army was in a slightly weaker state. Liang Yin was just a Demon Harvest Tier Boss and he was weaker than any of the Majors of Royal Army. Autumn Harvest Army's strength was weaker than Royal Army but to ensure that they weren't wiped out, Drunken Spear led at least 20 thousand Flying Dragon players to defend the borders of Autumn Harvest Army. He used his Deputy General identity to defend the formation. With him there I was more at ease, at least Autumn Harvest Army wouldn't get wiped out so easily.

The player faction was in a bad state. The frontline players were using their flesh and blood to block the monsters' attacks. The Two-winged Demons got smarter after being mercilessly shot. Many of them landed far away and charged forwards with the spearmen. Their faces were covered with killing intent. They waved their arms and attacked the Furnace God Cavalry. Palace Spirit retreated and he was shocked, "Wa, their momentum is so strong!"

Palace Decree shouted, "Be careful sister!"

Two Two-winged Demons used Demonic Screech and charmed Palace Spirit, causing her to be confused. The monsters worked with one another and while she was confused, three spearmen used spear toss. Did they want to insta kill the top sword maker of Zhan Long?

"Darling Duck!"

I shouted. Darling Duck used Purify on Palace Spirit and at the same time buffed her with a shield. Palace Spirit was smart and entered defensive state on the war horse. She tanked two hits and wasn't killed. How risky!

Xue Rou, Meng Yao, Wan Er etc headed up and attracted more aggro for the Furnace God Cavalry. One Second Hero even waved Zhangba Snake Spear to charge about the monsters. Although his damage wasn't super strong, but he messed up the monster's camp greatly.


But the situation was much worse than we thought. Zhan Long, Enemies at the Gate, Judgement etc large guilds were stretched out too much. We could see Two-winged Demons using Demonic Screech all around and players were caused to fall asleep, petrify, confused etc. At the same time, many people were killed too.

Ye Lai held his Epic Tier Berserker God Axe to charge into the crowd. Unfortunately, there were too many monsters and the Two-winged Demons' attacks caused him to be down to low health and he could only retreat if not he would get killed.

If Ye Lai was like that, Misty Clouds, Mu Xuan, Han Bei Song weren't any better. Six Palace Pink's battle line was totally merged with that of Zhan Long.

If we split up, the monsters would completely feast on us. Numerous Courageous Hell Spearmen and Two-winged Demons surrounded us after cutting us off. If this continued we would really be trapped.



Han Yuan shouted on the frontlines and along with cannons exploding, Royal Army's suppression of the Hybrid Demon Army wasn't as ideal as thought. Especially since the Two-winged Demons knew how to fly and attack. Their AI was getting higher and higher like someone was commanding them.

My body shook, was it... Clear Black Eyes?

Right, apart from Clear Black Eyes, who could let this messy Hybrid Demon formation end up so orderly?

So I was still battling Clear Black Eyes.

Drunken Spear hollered in rage and his speer turned into thousands of spear lights that charged into the crowd. At the same time, a few Courageous Hell Spearmen forced him back. Even Drunken Spear was in such a state so others won't be any better.


A message came from him, "Xiao Yao, if this continues, our three armies will be wiped out by them."

I was thinking about it and replied, "The moment the 3rd wave appears, I will send some troops out to cover the NPC army to retreat. Let the guild players remain here and hold on until the 5th wave."



"Dong dong dong..."

Drums from the Sea of No Return continued. After 2 hours another wave appeared. This time we didn't have much firepower to suppress their ships. Many ships covered in black iron neared the coast. Along with them hollering, many barbarians riding wolves appeared. These were Blood Wolf Cavalry that could raise the Attack of allies by 40%. Originally, level 8 Hybrid Demons had high enough Attack, now with the 40% increase, the nightmare of players had just begun!

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I raised my hand and summoned a few Royal Army scouts. They descended and cupped their fists, "General, what orders do you need us to send?"

"Order the Royal Army, Heaven Barrier Army and Autumn Harvest Army to retreat towards the south. Protect the Dragon Crystal Cannons and God Dragon Cannon, don't let them suffer any losses, do you understand?"


The messengers went down and very quickly the three NPC armies retreated. I held my swords and after giving an order, I le Xue Rou, Old K, Furious Milk and 10 thousand Zhan Long players to cover the NPC. I charged at the front and smashed into the monsters. Two-winged Demons' Demonic Screech had no effect of me while my Sword Tempest+Dragon Totem+Thundering Heavens made it as if they were in hell.

"Ahahah.... Damn it, return me my slender body!" The Two-winged Demons turned into beauties the moment they died but it was useless. I was immune to them but no matter how good their bodies looked, I wouldn't look at them more. How could they be better than Wan ER? Tough...

The few people that followed me were from Zhan Long. Xue Rou held the Cold Iron Sword and charged. The moment she brushed past the monsters, she was able to cause large blue words that said that she had broken their skills. She helped cover the allies behind her. Who knew how she did all that, anyways I was really impressed. This was why she was Little Demon, the goddess that everyone looked up to.

Old K waved his axe and he kept using Whirlwind Slash. His damage was even stronger than Xue Rou but there were people stronger than him. Fox held his gun and ran with the cavalries. He used God Killing Cannon which made the monsters cry out. His attacks were just terrifying, they were much stronger than other ranged players.


But the price to pay for getting through was huge. In less than half an hour, over half of the 10 thousand Zhan Long players were laying on the wilderness. But most of them revived and got back to Moon City. Some ran back here and continued fighting through reviving on the spot.

Royal Army and Heaven Barrier Army's cavalries were behind us and they helped to cover us. 100 thousand level 8 Hybrid Demons were killed on the spot. Behind us, the heavy cannon camp soldiers were pushing the cannons out of Sea of No Return and headed towards Moon City. I thought that we could deal them a heavy blow here but I didn't expect that we could only last until the third wave. Players could revive after death but if NPCs died then they were gone. I was looking forward to Royal Army and Heaven Barrier Army to help open new lands so they couldn't die here.

After sending the 300 thousand NPC army back to Moon City, we returned to the south shore of Moon City. It was our time to go all out.

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Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Xue Rou helped to arrange our defence. Basically, the Furnace God Cavalry were on the outside and the other jobs were supported and damaged from within. Furnace God Cavalry's health was one of the top of the server and this was a huge advantage. If the Hybrid Demon Army wanted to pass through, they had to rip off a layer of our skin.

Anyways an important thing was for us to gain points and be highly ranked. This strategy was correct. If Zhan Long could remain here till the late stages of the event, our points would be higher than most people.


The news came that the shore defence near Tian Ling City was broken too. Legend, House of Prestige, Hero Mound, Vanguard etc had started to retreat. No one wanted to accept it but we had to accept that we didn't have the strength to fight against level 8 Hybrid Demons. We could only rely on the city walls to reduce their numbers.


A green light shone as I set up an Azure Dragon Crossbow behind me while I continued to kill the monsters. I wasn't afraid of level 8 Hybrid Demons. I was 30 meters in front of the formation and the Two-winged Demons surrounded me like flies. Of course, what welcomed them was the cold glow of Gan Jiang and Butterfly.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.