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CSG - Chapter 3119: The Snow Sect Under Threat

“That spaceship belongs to the Heaven’s sect from planet Cangmang. There are actually so many experts gathered on there.”

“It’s the Origin Arts Ancestor of the Heaven’s sect. The Origins Arts Ancestor has actually broken through and reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime successfully.”

“Sigh, from this moment onwards, an order of magnitude separates us from the Heaven’s sect in terms of status. That’s the Seventh Heavenly Layer after all, the Seventh Heavenly Layer.”

“Look at all the experts gathered on the spaceship. That’s probably all the peak forces of the entire planet. The Origin Arts Ancestor has set out with such a great group as soon as he’s broken through. Is he attacking some peak organisation?”

“They seem to be advancing in the direction of the Ice Pole Plane. I see now. I heard that the Icecloud Founding Ancestor of the Snow sect destroyed a soul clone of the Origin Arts Ancestor in the past. It didn’t cause him a lot of damage, but it’s extremely insulting. The Origin Arts Ancestor is clearly out for revenge.”

“The Snow sect is in deep trouble now. The Icecloud Founding Ancestor is known to be able to contend against Seventh Heavenly Layer experts, but that’s only temporarily. In a prolonged battle, it’ll still end in her defeat.”


The spaceship from the Heaven’s sect soared through outer space. They were flying towards the Ice Pole Plane, but they did not follow a straight trajectory, as the Origin Arts Ancestor intentionally wanted to make the news of his breakthrough spread throughout the Saints’ World in the shortest amount of time through the most direct method. As a result, whenever they approached a few great planets or great planes, he would intentionally fly closer, allowing all the experts there to personally experience his tremendous presence at the Seventh Heavenly Layer.

After all, rumours were not as convincing as experiencing it personally!

In short, the Heaven’s sect’s expedition to the Ice Pole Plane was extremely pompous under the Origin Arts Ancestor’s will. It was as if they were afraid others would not find out about it.

“Sigh, the Origin Arts Ancestor will probably use the Snow sect of the Ice Pole Plane to demonstrate his might and make an example out of them.”

After learning the Origin Arts Ancestor’s intentions, all the experts they encountered along the way shook their heads and sighed. Without any exception, all of them had a poor opinion of the Snow sect. As a matter of fact, they were not even optimistic about the Ice Pole Plane.

The Ice Pole Plane had been one of the seven sacred planes in the past, but they could not help but admit that the Ice Pole Plane had already declined. Their indisputably greatest expert, the Icecloud Founding Ancestor, was only a Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime.

An expert like that was very powerful, but they paled in comparison to the Seventh Heavenly Layer Origin Arts Ancestor.

One of the seven sacred planes renowned through the Saints’ World had actually declined to such a degree. It made all the experts on the great planes and planets sigh inside.

The news that the Heaven’s sect had gathered the force of the entire planet to launch an attack on the Ice Pole Plane immediately spread like wildfire. After all, information could be passed through interplanar teleportation formations. That was obviously much faster than the pace that people from the Heaven’s sect could travel at.

As a result, the Snow sect on the Ice Pole Plane received this news very soon as well. The atmosphere over the entire sect became unprecedentedly grim.

That was because the current Snow sect had plummeted in strength after losing the Icepeer Founding Ancestor, another Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. How was the Icecloud Ancestor supposed to hold off the Heaven’s sect alone?

Moreover, while the Icecloud Founding Ancestor was the greatest expert on the Ice Pole Plane, she could not make the native forces of the Ice Pole Plane heed her call like the Origin Arts Ancestor.

None of the organisations dared to defy any orders from the Origin Arts Ancestor. As a result, he gathered the forces of the entire planet with great ease.

However, the Icecloud Founding Ancestor only had the Snow sect under her control!

The Snow sect would be facing the entire planet Cangmang alone, let alone the fact that there was a Seventh Heavenly Layer Origin Arts Ancestor involved too. The difference in strength was so great that it was like a bottomless gulf. They stood no chance at all.

At this moment, in a majestic hall of the Snow sect, all of the Primordial realm experts belonging to the Snow sect were present. Every single one of them was stern, making the atmosphere in the hall extremely repressive and gloomy.

“Hmph, I didn’t expect the Origin Arts Ancestor to break through so quickly.” The Icecloud Founding Ancestor sat in the highest seat. Her beautiful face was frosty.

The Heaven’s sect had gathered the force of the entire planet to launch an expedition against them. The Icecloud Founding Ancestor felt pressure greater than anything she had felt before too.

Before the Origin Arts Ancestor had broken through, she did not take him seriously at all, as she could defeat him with ease if they were both Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes.

However, the Origin Arts Ancestor had reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer now. That was completely different.

“I’ve already contacted all the peak organisations on the Ice Pole Plane. I’ve tried to gather the forces of the entire Ice Pole Plane to contend against the Heaven’s sect’s intrusion, but in the end, only the Heavenly Crane clan is willing to fight alongside us,” the Frigid River Ancestor of the Snow sect said powerlessly.

“The Heavenly Crane clan? Hahaha, I didn’t expect the Heavenly Crane clan to be willing to go down with our Snow sect when we face danger. How ironic. This is as ironic as it can get.” A Chaotic Prime great elder laughed in a self-deprecating manner below.

“Apart from the Origin Arts Ancestor who’s broken through to the Seventh Heavenly Layer, there are over a dozen Grand Primes on the Heaven’s sect’s spaceship, with even more Chaotic Primes beneath them. Unless we gather the forces of the entire Ice Pole Plane, we stand no chance if it’s just the Heavenly Crane clan and us. After all, they’ve brought a good chunk of planet Cangmang’s forces this time,” another Chaotic Prime great elder said with difficulty. His face was ashen, unable to see even the slightest hope.


The days passed one by one. The Heaven’s sect’s spaceship rapidly approached the Ice Pole Plane.

The day when the Heaven’s sect would arrive on the Ice Pole Plane grew closer and closer.

However, it had to be mentioned that while the Heaven’s sect’s gradual arrival gave the Snow sect some buffer time, it also caused them tremendous pressure, such that the entire Snow sect was enveloped in a cloud of woe.

They had no allies or foreign reinforcements. Apart from the Heavenly Crane clan, the Snow sect was unable to find anyone else to assist them. As a result, even with the buffer period, it only made them sit through the torture for a little longer inside.

The shadow of death enveloped the entire Snow sect!

Before they knew it, the Ice Pole Plane’s temperature sank lower and lower, growing colder and colder. Even the huge snowflakes in the air became denser than before, filling the skies and gradually blanketing the world. It obscured everyone’s visibility.

“Sigh, it’s getting colder and colder. Even the snow is falling heavier and heavier. Is this a send off for the Snow sect? Even the heavens don’t believe the Snow sect can survive this, declaring the end of the Snow sect like this.” Some of the experts on the Ice Pole Plane sighed.

“Third senior brother, do you sense it?” In the Kingdom of Snow, a woman in a snow-covered courtyard raised her head and gazed at the land before looking towards the young man sitting opposite of her.

The young man nodded and said, “The laws are silently changing here. An extremely powerful way is interfering. Looks like we don’t have much time left here. Whether the Flame Reverend will appear or not will be up to these final moments.”

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.