Chapter 3120: Return of the Snow Goddess
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3120: Return of the Snow Goddess

The woman narrowed her eyes slightly in response. She said in surprise, “Third senior brother, you mean… the Snow Goddess will return soon?”

The young man referred to as third senior brother nodded. “From the pulsing laws of the Ice Pole Plane, they are indeed under the Snow Goddess’ influence, as the miniature world where the Snow Goddess is hidden is near the Ice Pole Plane.”

“If I’ve guessed correctly, the Snow Goddess should have awakened her memories completely. With her memories awakened, all of the laws she comprehended in her past life, as well as the abilities she grasped, will all come back to her.”

“However, these powerful abilities require the support of cultivation. The Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime laws that the Snow Goddess has grasped also require a sufficiently powerful soul to use.”

The third senior brother raised his head slowly, gazing at the snow falling from the sky. His gaze deepened as he said, “What I care about the most is how much strength the Snow Goddess can recover in the end.”

“The various organisations of the Ice Pole Plane have gathered some resources, but that’s nowhere near enough for a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. As for the attendant from the Ice Goddess Hall, just how many resources can she gather with her bit of strength? Third senior brother, I feel like the Snow Goddess shouldn’t be able to return to her peak condition in such a short amount of time,” said the woman.

The third senior brother shook his head. “Not necessarily. After all, who knows if the miniature world where the Snow Goddess is hiding in contains anything the Ice Goddess has left behind. After all, the miniature world was personally created by the Ice Goddess. It seems like it was prepared for the Snow Goddess.”

“I don’t think the Snow Goddess can return to her peak condition in such a short amount of time, but we have to be careful.”


Time trickled by silently. All of the peak organisations on the Ice Pole Plane paid close attention to the position of the Heaven’s sect’s spaceship. For a moment, all of the peak organisations gathered their attention on the Snow sect, watching on as onlookers like they were in for a great show.

The snow on the Ice Pole Plane fell harder and harder. The snowflakes that were all much larger than usual illuminated the skies with their translucent glow, filling the air.

However, very few people paid attention to this clearly unusual weather, as all of the peak organisations were deeply distracted by the battle between the Heaven’s sect and the Snow sect that was about to take place.

As for the laws of the Ice Pole Plane that had changed subtly, no one noticed it apart from the young man referred to as the third senior brother.

These pulses and changes were far, far too minute. It was impossible to notice anything unless they had comprehended the ways of the world to an extremely deep level.

The Snow sect and the Heavenly Crane clan spent the past few days preparing for battle with everything that they had. Against the threat from the Heaven’s sect, these two peak organisations that stood at the apex of the Ice Pole Plane had no room for retreat. They were both ready for a battle to the death.

Ancestor Lan of the Heavenly Crane clan spent this time refining as many Ancestral Blood pills as possible. The Soil of Divine Blood that she had obtained from Jian Chen was being converted into blood-red pills.

Ancestral Blood pills were a tactical resource to the Heavenly Crane clan, as it was a special pill that could strengthen their battle prowess.

The only downside was this pill only worked with the Heavenly Crane clan’s bloodline.

“Not only is the Heaven’s sect eyeing the Snow sect, but even the Heavenly Crane clan will probably be done for. Sigh, against the entire planet Cangmang’s forces, even if the Snow sect and Heavenly Crane clan work together, they’ll struggle to change the end result.”

Many organisations on the Ice Pole Plane could tell what choice the Heavenly Crane clan had made, which made them sigh and shake their heads. In their eyes, they could basically see the moment when the Heavenly Crane clan and the Snow sect approached their end.

Basically everyone believed that both the Snow sect and the Heavenly Crane clan were about to follow the Hefeng clan’s footsteps.

The spaceship from the Heaven’s sect draws closer and closer to the Ice Pole Plane.

Supported by the Origin Arts Ancestor’s powers, the spaceship flew even faster than some Grand Primes, so it would not take too long before they reached the Ice Pole Plane.

At this moment, in a certain region of space beyond the Ice Pole Plane, the space suddenly twisted. In the next moment, two figures appeared silently.

From their appearances, both of them were women.

One of the women was dressed in white clothes. Her face was frosty, filled with an extreme sense of coldness and fearlessness. She radiated with a terrifying coldness, such that she was unapproachable.

If Jian Chen were here, he definitely would have recognised the woman with a single glance. That was his sister, Changyang Mingyue!

However, Changyang Mingyue had stopped being the person of the past now. Not only had her presence changed, but even her gaze and expression seemed unrecognisable. She was basically a completely different person from Changyang Mingyue.

She was no longer Changyang Mingyue, but the Snow Goddess!

As for the other woman clad in armour, she was obviously Shui Yunlan.

The two of them had appeared completely silently, without raising anyone’s attention. Even the third senior brother, who was awaiting the Flame Reverend’s appearance in the courtyard hidden in the Snow Empire, had failed to sense the Snow Goddess’s appearance.

The Snow Goddess stood in outer space silently. Her eyes that seemed to contain endless frost gazed at the Ice Pole Plane. Gradually, she peered into the past and learnt about everything that had happened over the years.

Very soon, she stopped peering and turned around, gazing at the depths of outer space.

Her gaze seemed to reach billions of kilometres away, directly piercing the very depths of space and locking onto a spaceship that sped towards the Ice Pole Plane. Immediately, a chilly killing intent appeared in her eyes.

At the same time, in a majestic hall, all of the Primordial realm experts of the Snow sect gathered there sternly.

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“Ancestor, in less than half a day, the spaceship from the Heaven’s sect will reach our Ice Pole Plane,” a Chaotic Prime great elder said sternly.

“Understood,” the Icecloud Founding Ancestor sitting high above said indifferently. Despite her sternness, she did not show any fear at all.

During the past few days, in order to deal with the upcoming bitter battle, the entire Snow sect had already made all of their preparations. Everyone was filled with the determination to confront death, to go down with the Snow sect.

But at this moment, terrifying coldness suddenly filled the hall. The Primordial realm experts immediately became covered in a layer of clear ice crystals.

On top of that, the coldness breached their defences with ease and infiltrated their bodies, not only making them shiver, but even freezing the blood in their bodies. Even their cultivations and souls had been frozen.

At this moment, whether they were Infinite Primes or Chaotic Primes, they all experienced an indescribable coldness. The coldness was so terrifying that even when they used their full strength, they could not purge it.

Let alone them, even the Third and Fourth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes seated above, the Profound Sky Ancestor and the Frigid River Ancestor, suffered the same fates.

Out of all the experts in the Snow sect, only the Icecloud Founding Ancestor could resist it slightly.

The expressions of all of the experts immediately changed in response to this sudden twist. Their hearts surged.

After all, who were they? They were either Infinite Primes or Chaotic Primes, or even Grand Primes, yet some coldness of unknown origins had almost frozen them into statues. The coldness was so terrifying that it basically surpassed all of their understanding.

The Icecloud Founding Ancestor was alarmed as well, but soon afterwards, she seemed to notice something. Suddenly, she became extremely emotional as her body trembled away.

“Icecloud, do you understand your crimes?”

At this moment, an extremely cold voice suddenly rang out in the discussion hall.

Two white and graceful figures appeared silently above everyone’s heads.

All of the high-ranking members of the Snow sect, including the Icecloud Founding Ancestor, had failed to notice exactly when these two figures had appeared.

It was as if they had been there the entire time.

Tears immediately ran down the Icecloud Founding Ancestor’s face. She no longer dared to sit high up on the throne, immediately making her way down. She dropped down on her knees and brought her forehead down to the ice-cold floor, calling out with an excited and trembling voice, “This servant pays respect to your majesty. Welcome back, your highness!”

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