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CSG - Chapter 3117: Opening the World By Force

Shangguan Mu’er nodded. She passed some basic instructions to Qin Qin before leaving Three Saint Island with Jian Chen.

Afterwards, Jian Chen sent You Yue and Huang Luan back before giving some instructions to Xiao Jin and Xiao Ling who were wandering the Tian Yuan Continent. Then he ventured to the sea realm with Shangguan Mu’er.

He did not plan on bringing anyone else with him to the Xuanhuang Microcosm this time, as the Xuanhuang Microcosm had been opened unnaturally after all. Who knew what kind of consequences forcefully opening it would create.

If any accidents happened, everyone would probably struggle to survive since the strongest cultivators of the Tian Yuan Continent were only at the Origin realm.

Only at the Primordial realm would they possess the ability to deal with these dangers.

Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er immediately appeared in a zone of danger within the sea realm. It just happened to be where the Xuanhuang Microcosm had opened last time.

The moment they arrived there, the space around them rapidly twisted, forming a spatial tunnel very soon.

The spatial tunnel was created by the Rain Abbess.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. He was a Chaotic Prime who possessed an extremely deep comprehension of the Laws of Space, having already reached the Fourth Heavenly Layer with it. As a result, he could tell with a single glance that the spatial tunnel covered an extremely great distance, probably crossing through thousands of lower worlds.

The true location of the Xuanhuang Microcosm is actually so far away? Don’t tell me the Xuanhuang Microcosm drifts through outer space and is only the closest to the Tian Yuan Continent on the day of opening that occurs once every ten thousand years?” Jian Chen was secretly astounded, but without any hesitation, he pulled Shangguan Mu’er in with him.

Crossing through the lengthy spatial tunnel, even Jian Chen had no idea how many worlds he had crossed through. He appeared beside Mo Tianyun and the Rain Abbess the moment he left the tunnel.

Jian Chen looked around and discovered that this was an empty space. There were no stars or light, only lonely coldness and endless darkness.

Mo Tianyun and the Rain Abbess stared straight ahead, gazing at a speck of dust that could only be detected with the senses of the soul.

Yes, it was a speck of dust!

A speck of dust so small that it could not be detected without a certain level of cultivation!

“Don’t tell me that this is the Xuanhuang Microcosm?” Jian Chen looked at the speck of dust as disbelief filled his face.

“That’s right, this is it. This Xuanhuang Microcosm is hidden extremely, extremely well. In order to find it, it took quite a bit of effort even for me,” said the Rain Abbess. She was basically deeply enamoured by the Xuanhuang Microcosm, unable to shift her gaze that contained excitement and joy that anyone could notice. “I haven’t entered it yet, but I can already tell that the grade of this Xuanhuang Microcosm is extremely high. There might even be Xuanhuang beasts with the same cultivation as me. Fortunately, I made some preparations in advance, or these powerful Xuanhuang beasts would be difficult to deal with.”

Mo Tianyun turned towards Jian Chen and said, “Jian Chen, it’s up to you next. The Xuanhuang Microcosm is currently in a closed state. If we want to open it by force, you will serve as the vital key. The Rain Abbess and I can only serve as your support.”

“Senior, what do I need to do exactly?” Jian Chen clasped his fist and asked.

“Just attacking it directly is enough. Leave the rest up to the Rain Abbess and me,” said Mo Tianyun.

“Alright, please take care of Mu’er for me, seniors. After all, once the swords have fused, even I might not be able to keep them under control.” As soon as he said that, his presence suddenly changed drastically. Sword Qi rushed out from his body, sweeping through the cosmos and shattering the empty space there.

At this moment, he erupted with the terrifying presence that a Chaotic Prime was supposed to possess without holding back at all.

Fortunately, this was an empty space. There were no miniature worlds in the surroundings, so even when he completely unleashed his cultivation, even when he shattered the space thousands of times, it would not lead to any dire consequences.

The sword spirits appeared above Li Qingshan, turning into two illusionary swords. They radiated with dazzling and resplendent light, such that they seemed like two pillars that pierced the world and upheld the sky. Their glow reached millions of kilometres away, illuminating the entire region of space.

Jian Chen’s gaze locked onto the invisible speck of dust nearby. The senses of his soul had locked firmly onto it a long time ago. After sucking in a deep breath, the two swords fused together suddenly.

Immediately, even the world paled in response. From the moment the swords fused together, an alarming force of destruction abruptly appeared!

That was true Chaotic Force. Even though this Chaotic Force did not possess the paramount might to threaten Grand Primes as the sword spirits had not returned to their peak condition, it had surpassed all powers in the world in terms of quality, even exceeding the three thousand ways of the world!

The Chaotic Force seemed to use Jian Chen’s body as a hilt, forming a blurry sword above him. Just the terrifying presence it gave off could shatter stars and suppress the ways. It was terrifying.

“Is this true Chaotic Force? The legendary fusion of the twin swords truly is terrifying.” The Rain Abbess was immediately fazed by this. Her gaze landed on the Chaotic Force that had been created from nothing. For once, she became stern.

“This is less than a hundredth of its true power. If the twin swords were at their peak condition, the fusion can slay Grand Primes!” Mo Tianyun said. However, he did not pay attention to the twin swords. Instead, he stared at Jian Chen with a smear of worry and concern.

At this moment, Jian Chen shook violently. The muscles on his face convulsed violently too as if he was enduring unimaginably great pain.

From the moment the twin swords fused together, Jian Chen faced a tremendous backlash from the Chaotic Force. Both his body and his soul endured tremendous amounts of damage. Even though his Chaotic Force had become much stronger, it was still absolutely frail before true Chaotic Force.

Cracks immediately ran across his body as red chaotic blood spurted out. He seemed to become a frail vase at that moment, on the brink of shattering.


Jian Chen’s eyes reddened as his long hair danced around. He let out a furious roar at the sky and unleashed all of the power within him to swing the chaotic sword condensed from Chaotic Force towards the Xuanhuang Microcosm without the slightest hesitation.

Immediately, space collapsed layer by layer. When the chaotic sword Qi fell, it seemed to have cut through countless spatial and temporal dimensions, annihilating the three thousand ways before it finally landed on the speck of dust with unrivalled strength.

In the next moment, the speck of dust erupted with blinding light. Pure and dense Xuanhuang Qi spewed out from inside, contending against the Chaotic Force.

The chaotic sword qi immediately kept the Xuanhuang Microcosm’s power busy, such that the Xuanhuang Microcosm almost needed all of its Xuanhuang Qi to contend against the chaotic sword qi.

“Do it!” Mo Tianyun bellowed out. He placed Shangguan Mu’er in the divine hall he carried on him before forming seals with both hands. Above his head, a blurry world immediately took shape.

The Nine Arts as One, World of the Primordial!

The Rain Abbess did not hesitate either. The silver scale and bronze scale on her neck vanished at the same time, and her presence rapidly rose from the Fifth Heavenly Layer to the Sixth Heavenly Layer, and then from the Sixth Heavenly Layer to the Seventh Heavenly Layer.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.