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LGS - Chapter 1247 - The Heart of the Demonic and Divine, the Stone Heart Empress

Gu Yanying said, “That sure is convenient. It’ll save me some work.”

Rāhu Xiaoming said, “Space-devouring beasts are born and raised in space. Even if the kunpeng has the ability to cross through outer space, it can’t compare to something that lives in outer space.”

Li Qingshan said, “We’ll be able to go home very soon, the two of you.”

Rāhu Xiaoming sneered. “Home?”

Gu Yanying smiled. “Oh, home!”

“Even a bird needs a sky. I admit the nine provinces are a little small, but it’s still better than here.”

Gu Yanying tilted her head and thought about it. “Somewhat reasonable.”

Li Qingshan pressed down on Rāhu Xiaoming’s shoulder. “And you. Hopefully, you can go ‘home’ sooner and take back everything that belongs to you!”

Rāhu Xiaoming furrowed his brows before smiling. “That’s right! Don’t forget to lend me a hand when that time comes.”

“Sure, but you might have to help me fight a battle first.” Li Qingshan extended his hand over.

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Many years ago, inside the Asura Field, Li Qingshan had once mentioned a similar request, for a similar enemy, the Hungry Ghost realm!

But this time, Rāhu Xiaoming agreed happily. “No problem.” He also extended his hand.

The two hands, one large and one small, gripped each other firmly. With an oath between men, they now shared common enemies.

Gu Yanying suddenly had a feeling that perhaps one another was the greatest thing they had gotten out of this. It was also something she had gotten out of this. Finding people of the same path who could support one another through various reasons was a great joy of life.

Li Qingshan shook his head and sighed. “It’s a pity that you’re just too useless right now.”

Rāhu Xiaoming said furiously, “Say that again!” However, he felt spiritual qi surge out from the hand, which surprised him.

Li Qingshan said seriously, “The small world has grown larger, so it’s more abundant with spiritual qi. Apart from calculating the path, I don’t need so much spiritual qi for now, so from now onwards, I’ll give it my all to increase your cultivations. What do you think?”

Gu Yanying said nothing. She directly extended her hand, except her slender hand gave off the same feeling of power and sharpness as a hawk’s claw.

Li Qingshan held her hand gently. Their gazes met. The tiger eyes were like fire, while the hawk eyes were like lightning. They were locked in a stare down.

Rāhu Xiaoming rolled his eyes and just closed them.

Gu Yanying looked down and began refining the spiritual qi.

Li Qingshan smiled victoriously and began focusing on calculating the upcoming journey. He did not only use the spirit turtle’s power anymore. Instead, he used the new world within his body. That was the true secret to why his abilities to calculate and deduce had increased.

Because it had originated from the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine, Li Qinsghan called it the Heart of the Demonic and Divine.


In the small world, the sun shone brilliantly. The sky was clear with white clouds as seagulls cried out. Everything was peaceful. Even the ocean had recovered its peace.

The long, twisted coastline was littered with miscellaneous items washed up from the ocean. Wu Tieshan carried the heavy statue on his shoulders as he trudged out of the water, collapsing on the ground in exhaustion. However, he forced himself back on his feet again, gazing out into the distance.

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“Where is this? I don’t recall such a large island in this region of ocean, and it’s so barren.”

The female statue’s enchanting voice rang out in his head, “This is not an island, but a continent.”

Wu Tieshan had already grown accustomed to all the bizarre events on the ocean, so a statue that could talk did not seem too surprising to him.

“That’s impossible. The world only has one continent… hold on, since there can be new islands, why can’t there be a new continent…”

At this moment, grass and plants began to sprout on the barren ground, growing at a visible pace.

The female statue fell silent as well. She had been born towards the end, where spiritual qi became thin. This was an aura she had never experienced before. The spiritual qi perhaps could not be regarded as pure to her, but it was filled with vitality and liveliness, like a newly-born infant, filled with endless possibilities.

On the vast ocean, a new continent took shape, more than ten times larger than the original continent. It rapidly gained a new layer of green.

“Sigh, the islands have already filled the ocean with bloodshed. Now, there’s a new continent as well, it’s just… it’s just fantastic! Long live the hero king!”

The female statue asked, “Who is the hero king that you speak of?”

“The greatest person in history!”

The female statue fell silent. That must have been a powerful aborigine of this small world, so just how great could he actually be?

“Yet, it was me, this aborigine, that saved you!”

“Who are you?” the female statue asked. She never thought there would actually be someone who could directly read her thoughts.

“I am Li Qingshan.”

Li Qingshan had originally been observing the changes to the small world. The blooming life on the new continent had given him a new comprehension again. Among the three shadowy figures left in his sea of consciousness, another suddenly began to stand out gradually.

He immediately held his breath, waiting for the new transformation of the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine.

However, perhaps because his comprehension was still insufficient, the shadowy figure did not end up appearing, but Li Qingshan was not disappointed, as he could sense that the seed had already been planted. It was only a matter of time before it sprouted.

He had a Heart of the Demonic and Divine to temper and grow right now, so he was not in a hurry to learn the new transformation.

Wu Tieshan and this female statue were the first visitors to the new continent, as well as existences that he had paid attention to before, so he glanced over and heard the woman’s thoughts.

The female statue said, “So you’ve become the god of this world, but even a god should not possess such power.”

“Obviously not for regular gods.”

“Fellow, please help me break free from this state.”

“And what do I get in return? Until now, you haven’t even uttered a word of thanks.”

“Thank you. I will definitely pay you back. You know I’m not lying to you.”

Li Qingshan could not help but admire the woman’s temperament slightly. Without any privacy, all people would become flustered or even angered and resentful. However, she instead used this to increase her persuasiveness.

“But people change.”

“You’re the mighty hero king, the god of the world, and you’re afraid that I’ll go back on my word?”

“Heh, I was an aborigine just then! Would you mind if I learn about you a little more? Mainly about the world you came from.”

The woman hesitated momentarily. “Feel free.” After surviving those impossible odds somehow, all she wanted to do right now was start over. She merely brushed this off as the curiosity of someone beneath her.

Li Qingshan had been struggling to survive the entire time before, so he had no time to pay any attention to the islands created from the world fragments. Now, his mind swept across the island and ventured deep within the woman’s sea of consciousness. The information he gathered from both sources appeared in his head.

That was a world that was even a level higher than the nine provinces. Cultivators needed to undergo the fifth heavenly tribulation before they could ascend. However, spiritual qi became exhausted towards the end of the world. Even cultivators that could undergo the second or third heavenly tribulation became very rare, let alone the fifth heavenly tribulation. However, the woman had managed to undergo the fourth heavenly tribulation, so she was known as the Stone Heart Empress. Whether it was her talent and bloodline or her disposition and talent for comprehension, she was the cream of the crop.

If it were not for the fact that the world’s connection with the six realms of saṃsāra had been completely severed as it declined, she even would have had the opportunity to ascend and become the Stone Heart Sovereign. In the end, her luck could only be regarded as terrible.

But looking at it now, even her fortunes were the best of the best, which was why she could survive such a desperate situation in such an unbelievable manner.

She was the only survivor of that world. The world was in decline, but its cultivation community was extremely well-developed, far surpassing the nine provinces in terms of both quality and quantity. It was a treasure trove of knowledge.

Originally, he had been sifting through garbage, but he never expected to find a treasure.

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Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.