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ZL - Chapter 1138- Justice and evil

Fan Shu City seemed really prosperous. Zhan Long, Six Palace Pink etc guild players had moved their city return point to Fan Shu City so there were more and more people here. Fan Shu City was also at the southwest border of Tian Ling City so it was near to the leveling areas. 

 I stood on the silver city walls and read the data that the city guarding officials gave me. I could see the data of Fan Shu City's income and expenditure. Now Fan Shu City earned around 70 million a day and with the 1:12 ratio, Fan Shu City gave Zhan Long and I 5 million RMB a day. However, it still wasn't enough. Zhan Long needed so much money so I couldn't take much from this. My main money source was still from selling equipment?

 However, I didn't sell much recently and each time it would just be a split between everyone. However, how could a guy not have a stable income? I had to marry in the future so I had to plan for my pay. Maybe I should solo a 3-4 star Boss and get some god weapons to sell?

 That was a plan. After all, I had five star god artifacts on me and I had to use them.



 Right at that moment, a giant dragon flashed across the sky and showed its sharp claws. It grabbed the walls and hung just like a lizard. On its back was Han Yuan who smiled, "General you are back in Fan Shu City?"

 I nodded, "How are things recently?"

 Han Yuan laughed, "Everything is normal. We have provided large amounts of Dragon Crystal Cannonballs to Dragon City and a batch would be sent over every day. But the pure crystals they gave us provided us with a lot of work. The fellows made a hundred more cannons and among them are ten really strong large cannons. Long Xing and Autumn Leaf both called them God Dragon Cannons!"

 "God Dragon Cannon?" I was stunned and smiled, "Bring me to take a look."

 "Yes, general please follow me over and you will know."



 Han Yuan rode his mount and the lightning dragon roared before flying out. A pity that the workers had to fix the wall. The dragon was just huge and if it wasn't careful, it would damage the wall.

 I flew over with Icy Wings and arrived at Flaming God Mountain Range in a few seconds. Royal Army was still moving the Dragon Crystals from the mine. After we flew over the peak, we saw the cannon soldiers training. Dragon Crystal Cannons were being nurtured in the range. I also saw different Dragon Crystal Cannons. The reason why I said that they were different was that they were bigger and there were red patterns. They looked like lifelike dragons wrapping around the cannon.

 Han Yuan landed the dragon and I too landed. The Royal Army troops around knelt down, "General!"

 I told them to get up and asked, "These are God Dragon Cannons?"

 "Yes General!" Han Yuan couldn't hide his excitement and smiled, "general, the range and destructiveness of the God Dragon Cannons are far above the Dragon Crystal Cannons. Even the cannonballs are special, general do you want to take a look?"

 I nodded, "Okay, let me see!"

 Han Yuan ordered, "Men, show The Executor the strength of the God Dragon Cannons, aim... The mountain 2000 meters out,

there shouldn't be anyone there right?"

 A War Hawk Knight landed and cupped his fists, "General, I confirmed that there is no one there. The only hunter family has been moved away."

 "Okay! Aim and prepare to fire!"


 The bunch of cannon soldiers aimed the tens of thousands of kilogram cannon into the distance. I was shocked and asked, "How heavy is the cannon?"

 "20 thousand kilograms, general!" Han Yuan smiled in glee.

 I was shocked, "20 thousand, how are we going to move them? The wheels on the machinery on the mountain wouldn't be able to move, how are we going to move them?"

 Han Yuan smiled, "This is simple. We prepared 20 Saint Hall Cavalry for each cannon and their bodies have been bathed by light and can carry heavy things. Even without wheels, they can carry one cannon for thousands of miles so don't worry general."

 "En, let's look at the destructiveness!"

 "Yes, general would you like to retreat?"


 "The God Dragon Cannon not only have a huge recoil, there are also energy waves from the dragon crystals."

 "Don't worry, I am not afraid."


 In the next moment, the cannon was fired and a streak of flames flashed out of the barrel. the mountain shook and stones around flew into the air. Many Royal Army troops were forced back and onto the ground. I relied on my high strength to stand still.

 A few seconds later, flames surged into the sky. The entire mountain was turned into dust. A few seconds later the thunderous explosion spread into my ears. A short while later, the second shockwave rippled and everyone couldn't open their eyes. My mouth was agape, this was so strong, far stronger than the Dragon Crystal Cannons. Moreover, the explosion range was at least hundreds of meters wide. As long as one was locked on, it was impossible for one to flee. For example, if I aimed at Sky Rose or Drunk Maple during the country war, would they stand a chance?

 The God Dragon Cannon would be their nightmare right? 2000 meter range, 50 meter diameter, that would be the nightmare of any top player.

 I turned around to look at Han Yuan and I asked, "How many of them do we have, how many can we craft?"

 Han Yuan cupped his fists and said, "General, we have 10. The cannons need the purest crystals and we aren't able to refine them with our skills so we can only rely on those from Dragon City. So those that are over 95% purity have been used to craft God Dragon Cannons. In the end we only have 10!"

 I sucked in a deep breath and nodded, "Okay, ten then. Protect them and ensure that at every moment, at least 5000 people are protecting them. We have to use them well."

 "Yes, General!"


 After dealing with the Royal Army matters, it was time to head to Dragon City. I had to ask Frost if she had more of these crystals. The God Dragon Cannons were too sharp and if we could have more, if we had 100, we would be closer to ruling the world. As long as I could move 100 of them to Iron Skull City, wouldn't I be able to turn them into flatland?

 I teleported to Ba Huang City and then flew to Dragon City.

 When I reached Dragon City, that place was covered in snow again. I didn't see Frost at the watchtower but I saw Lanais looking at the north. Maybe she was thinking back to her past life right? No wonder, even if it was a nightmare, she had spent thousands of years there.

 I walked forwards and said, "Look forwards, it is more worth remembering."

 Lanais turned around and laughed, "Li Xiao Yao you are here?"

 "En, where is frost?"

 "In the meeting hall, let's go together, something happened."



 When we entered, we saw Frost, Zhishu, Odelia and Qing Luo all here. There was also an esteemed guest-- Ba Huang City Queen Angela!

 Even Angela was here so something had happened.

 "What happened?" I walked in. No matter what, I had the right to ask it. I was from Dragon City and I was also The Executor.

 Frost's expression was solemn, "Azure is about to attack."

 "How so?" I asked.

 Odelia said, "When I was scouting in the Hybrid Demon Territory, I noticed a bunch of humans contacting them. They are adventurers from Flaming Cloud City."

 "Flaming Cloud City?" I thought back to Drunk Maple and Clear Black Eyes and asked, "What do they want?"

 Odelia said, "There are too many of these adventurers, tens of millions of them are in the Dark Moon Elves territory. However, the cities have been razed by the Hybrid Demons so they don't have much land... They actually bowed to the Hybrid Demon Army and are willing to serve them. Azure also promised them a city that is north of Moon City. It is the Seven Shine City that is 200 miles north of Sea of No Return."

 "Seven Shine City?" I was shocked, was Clear Black Eyes mad? They were actually willing to serve Hybrid Demons?

 But thinking about it, Clear Black Eyes could do that. To get back what she lost, she would do anything. I clicked on the India region map and translated things. As expected, Drunk Maple had joined the Hybrid Demons. Even the ruler they saved had joined them. At this point, the line between evil and justice wasn't so clear anymore.

 Everything was for survival right?


 Odelia said, "Within three days, the Hybrid Demons will attack. Not only Tian Ling Empire, even Moon City, but Dragon City will also be attacked. Tian Ling Empire will face a never before seen challenge!"

 Queen Angela sucked in a deep breath, "So quick?"

 "Yes, Azure wants to taint this land and he wants to taint the seven empires of the past."

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