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ZL - Chapter 1140- Defensive formation

This was definitely them being generous for the MVP prize of an event to be an Epic tier item. One must know that Fang Ge Que who won MVP for the second country war only got an Epic artifact! Because of that, Fang Ge Que had two Epic artifacts and 4 five star god artifacts and his equipment rating were above mine. However, the gap was negligible as our occupations were different. As long as I was close, Fang Ge Que had no chance to escape at all.


 The guild was filled with excitement and everyone was discussing the event. This event affected the entire server. Even Swirling Abyss City and Flaming Cloud City would be attacked and it was even larger scale than I expected. So we didn't have to bother about Flaming Cloud City, Fang Ge Que would do that. After all, he was someone with power in Heaven Planning Hall while I was just the top of the NPC army system.

 The most important thing about Azure's Revenge was to defend Moon City. After all, I took it down myself and it was neighboring Sea of No Return so it would be the focus of attention. Defending Moon City would mean that we defended the first castle on the west border. The 3rd country war would be at Moon City against the Americans and Russians and we didn't have to fight at Tian Ling City.

 I rushed to the Royal Army camp and gave Han Yuan and Xiao Lie orders to tell him to head over to Moon City with Lin Qiong and Liang Yin. They would also set up defences around the shore and bring over the Dragon Crystal Cannons, Flame Dragon Cannons and even the latest God Dragon Cannons. We had to go all out if not Moon City might end up in ruins.

 On rough estimation, Moon City would be defended by Zhan Long, Judgement, Enemies at the Gate, Six Palace Pink, Appearance Alliance etc 100 guilds and there would be around 10 million players. Along with the NPC army, it should be enough to defend against the Hybrid Demons. After all, we had Tian Ling Empire and Iron Skull City to handle some pressure.


 I was busy until 12 before I went offline to rest. I had to make a trip to the company in the morning. Wan Yue Design had just started so we were really busy. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue had to give instructions if not we were unsure if we could complete the event peacefully.

 Actually, Dong Cheng, Wan Er and I rarely went out to level. We just relied on SSS quests or events to level up and gain equipment. We waited for such a chance to get MVP to obtain better equipment and higher levels.

 I slept into the morning and woke up to fetch the two girls to the office.

 We finished arranging the work at 11 and the next few deals would be left for the designers. At least in the next three days, there wouldn't be anything huge. We hurriedly ate lunch and then rode the car back home. Finally, at around 11:50 we managed to go online.



 I went online and appeared in Fan Shu City. I noticed that I had not sent out the NPC army here. There wasn't a country war so there won't be any sieges so Fan Shu City's troops had not much use. So I found Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han. I noticed that Chi Yu Han was now a three star god general and Chi Yu Qing was two star. Chi Yu Han was on the level of Lin Qiong and Han Yuan and I had to utilise him. Then he would gain more experience. If I wanted to unify the seven empires I had to have such a god general.

Thus I gave him the order to send a bunch of troops over to support Moon City. I clicked on the troop's data--

 Flame Hawk Archers: 50000

 Cliff Dragon Cavalry: 50000

 I used 100 thousand troops and left 10 thousand to defend the city. After Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han got the orders they headed out of the city. The sky was instantly covered by flame hawks and the cliff dragon cavalries flooded out of the city, heading right towards Moon City.

 I didn't need to spent 7-8 hours to get over and just chose to teleport to Moon City.


 I appeared there and there was a dense amount of players that had rushed to Sea of No Return. I didn't see Royal Army, Heaven Barrier Army or Autumn Harvest Army, they were probably by the shore.

 Two more flashes as Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue teleported over too. Lin Wan Er summoned the silver dragon to fetch Dong Cheng Yue while I activated Icy Wings and we flew towards the north. Over 90% of Zhan Long players were here defending and were just waiting for us to instruct them.


 Sea of No Return to the north of Moon City was the same as Tian Ling City. The wind would cause dozens of meters high waves to appear on the ocean surface and one could already see many Hybrid Demon ships. Actually, there was a bug with the system. In the light faction, all ships had to be built but the Hybrid Demon ones just spawned. This was an advantage given to them right? If not, how many workers could Azure have to build hundreds of thousands of ships? Moreover, these ships were endless so no matter how hard we worked, they would be able to send new troops to welcome us.

 This was a game and if players had no monsters to kill then the company would have to close. Destiny was trying to let players enjoy war while also having to consider their business. This was to be expected.

The north shore of Moon City was the main battlefield and it was defended by Zhan Long and Judgement. Li Mu, Xue Rou, Yue Qing Qian, Mu Xuan, Han Bei Song and even Flying Dragon and Drunken Spear were here.

 I landed and summoned the God Dragon Horse, "What is going on?"

 Yue Qing Qian said, "The Hybrid Demon drums have been sounded and they should be here quick. It is 12:07 so they are actually a little late."


 I looked at everyone looking serious and laughed, "There is no need to be like this, we will be able to defend Moon City, calm down."

 Furious Milk held her sword and said, "Guild Leader if we can't defend it, we won't have face to return back to Tian Ling City."

 "No worries, we will be able to defend it."

 Flying Dragon held his staff, "Guild Leader Xiao Yao is so confident?"

 I smiled, "We can't handle the price of losing!"

 There were seven or eight guild leaders beside Flying Dragon and it was obvious that he had many allies in Tian Ling City. He smiled, "So Xiao Yao Zi Zai has times that he is afraid too."

 I calmed myself down and laughed, "What are we even doing here, let's prepare. This event won't be as smooth as we think. The battle line is really long and the pressure on us is far from the first Sea of No Return battle. Let's fight our own fights and it is okay if we lose levels. We have to defend Moon City. Apart from that, return the equipment that brothers drop from death. Whoever dares to steal an ally's equipment will be hunted down. All defending guilds will do that, what do you all think?"

 Ye Lai held his axe and nodded, "Agreed!"

 Mu Xuan nodded, "Okay!"

 Everyone agreed and gave the order. Even if Soaring Dragon and the others who were slightly annoyed by me agreed after all this suggestion did make sense.

 The guild leaders scattered and started to form their formations on the shore. Zhan Long was at the center and to our left was Judgement, Appearance Alliance and Enemies at the Gate. The right was the Royal Army and Heaven Barrier Army. Zhan Long's 80 thousand players covered 2000 meters of land and we had heavy cannons to defend too. The frontline was all the Furnace God Cavalries and Fire Dragon Cavalries so our defence wasn't a problem.

 I brought Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to the front and calmed down the uneasy God Dragon Horse. I pulled out my swords and prepared to fight. Lin Wan Er rode the silver dragon and circled above us. She had far more threat than a dragon rider. She was a war goddess and helped to hype everyone up. Actually, many guy players who joined Zhan Long did so because of her. To have their goddess on their side was an honor and satisfaction. Apart from that, some came for Yue Qing Qian. Prague's loli goddess was the dreams of many. When Yue Qing Qian was in Prague, Yan Zhao Warrior was Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang's godfather. Thus, many people saw him as Destiny's godfather. Yan Zhao Warrior was lonely his entire life but had such great reputation so that was enough.

 As for Zhan Long's other goddess, she held Cold Iron Sword and was not far from me. In between, was Yue Qing Qian, Song Han, Old K and Furious Milk. Fox held his gun and stood at the back. Xue Rou was a commanding center apart from me. That was good, Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and I formed a self-sufficient triangle. Xue Rou and Zhan Long Studio formed another impenetrable defence!

 More of such small parties made Zhan Long even stronger!


 "Dong dong dong..."

 War drums rang out and the ships in the distance raised their sails and started to get close.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.