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ZL - Chapter 1141- Unexpected

"Who knows what the first wave would be?" Yue Qing Qian blinked and smiled.

Yue Wei Liang smiled, "It must be a Hybrid Demon!"

"Pui, I know that too. I just don't know if it was a level 7 or level 8 Hybrid Demon."

Xue Rou held her sword and said, "If the first wave is level 7 that means Azure wants to take time with us and play with us slowly. If the first wave is level 8, that means he has no patience and wants to wipe us out right away."

Yue Qing Qian, "..."


The Hybrid Demon ships got closer and closer and everyone held our breaks. At that moment, a shocking cannon explosion rang out as the cannons near the shore fired. One ship was turned into shreds. Especially the God Dragon Cannons who were just too strong. They formed an energy whirlpool and after three to four hits, a dragon storm formed on the water!

Li Mu's head felt numb and he couldn't help but ask, "Xiao Yao, what cannons are those that your Royal Army are using?"

"God Dragon Cannon." I introduced it to him simply, "They are made with dragon crystals that are over 95% purity. Based on intel, the other cities don't have the ability to craft this. This should be because of the cultural level of the cities."

"Culture level?" Li Mu was shocked, "What is that?"

I explained, "Culture means the advancement of the city. After the few country wars, Tian Ling City has always been winning so we have reached around 13000. Based on my investigation, Iron Skull City is at 9900, Swirling Abyss City at 8000+, Nine Heavens City at 8000, Flaming Cloud City at 7000+ If it is too low, technology won't be able to be invented."

Wang Jian sighed, "Fortunately we didn't let Tian Ling City get destroyed if not we might have lost more than the main city, we would have lost a high-tech hub..."

I nodded, "En, cities that change hands or are lost would have their culture value dropped so as long as we ensure that we keep Tian Ling City, we can rely on it to conquer the entire map."



At this point, a ship that survived managed to reach the shore. The moment the deck was laid down, a bunch of undead warriors holding spears surged out. They roared in rage as they charged at Zhan Long's camp. They were the Courageous Hell Spearmen that we have been fighting. Damn, a level 8 Hybrid Demon right away, was Azure trying to sweep the seven empires straight away? If that was the case then he was destined to be disappointed. That was because our equipment and levels had both increased so we definitely won't let him do whatever he wishes.

Courageous Hell Spearman (Level 8 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 206

Attack: 28000-34500

Defence: 25500

Health: 4200000

Skill: Spear toss, Hell Strike, Bind

Introduction: Courageous Hell Spearman, these spearmen were originally strong human soldiers, after death, they were kept by Azure in hell. Azure forged their souls so that he could use them. He taught them the skills of hell and helped craft armor for them, turning them into a core part of his strength.



level 296 level 8 Hybrid Demons..." A Furnace God Cavalry in the guild was terrified. He didn't join us at God Demon Well so naturally, he didn't understand them. His face was filled with shock, "Such high stats!"

Lin Wan Er said from the air, "Frontline in defensive stance, be careful of their spear toss and hell strike, if you don't get insta killed then we can win!"

I didn't attack. Time to let the frontline players understand these Courageous Hell Spearmen.

One ship could carry around 500+ monsters. These Courageous Hell Spearmen charged towards the players and they stopped roughly 20 yards away. They raised their hands to use spear toss and instantly many spears landed on the Furnace God Cavalries' shields. They dealt 50 thousand to 150 thousand damage. A critical strike was around 200 thousand damage. Basically the Furnace God Cavalries had 200-300 thousand health so they wouldn't get insta killed.

Along the way, there were other ships that got to the shore and dense amounts of Courageous Hell Spearmen started to disembark. Many small guilds started to suffer losses. People started to curse, shout and kill. Cannons continued to fire and the entire map was at war once more.

I waved my swords and used Sword Tempest+Wind Carrying Slash into the monsters and attracted large amounts of firepower. Moreover, each sword of mine dealt shocking damage and it was at least 200 thousand. Anyways, I was doing so for achievement points so I killed any that I could. Actually, I even wanted to fly to the ocean to kill them but forget it, what if I got killed? Moreover, a guild leader running away would affect morale. Me standing here was a sign.


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The war drum sounds got denser and denser as more and more ships appeared. The cooldown needed for our Dragon Crystal Cannons and God Dragon Cannons increased. Finally, many Courageous Hell Spearmen got to shore and their numbers exceeded our estimations. Their spear tosses were like chains from hell. Furnace God Cavalries fell one after another and our healers couldn't keep up.

"Meng Yao!"

I looked left. Meng Yao understood and smashed Nuwa Stone onto the ground, using Nuwa Protection to buff the surrounding players. This was the first time that the server forced us to use a range skill on the first wave. Lin Wan Er also used God Shield, increasing the defence of party members within 200 yards by 100% and health by 50%, lasting for 10 minutes. At least our frontline would be safe for these ten minutes. But it was far from enough so Death God's Elegy used Zhen Yue Warsong!

"Damn... Why are there so many, so strong?" Old K held his axe and retreated. His health was about to bottom out. He was a berserker that liked to attack so how would he be able to handle such attacks in return?

Fox used his musket as a cannon and the God Killing Cannon's three strikes shone, forming an armor breaking effect. Dozens of low-health Courageous Hell Spearmen were killed. After getting God Killing Cannon, Fox's damage was the top ten in Zhan Long.

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But even though the battle reached such a stage, I didn't use God Domain. The four hour cooldown that turned to 2 hours after wine. I had to leave this for the second wave. If not, if we used all our skills, we might collapse from their attacks.


"Not good!"

Furious Milk shouted, "Six Palace Pink's defence has collapsed!"

Xue Rou said calmly, "I have sent 500+ Furnace God Cavalry over, don't panic."


Lin Wan Er ordered the dragon to use dragon breath on the crowd while saying in the party, "Azure sent Hybrid Demons to attack from the forest of Ba Huang City. a large batch of them will arrive in Flaming Cloud City in 20 minutes. It seems like Flaming Cloud City can't avoid this."

I asked, "How many people are there?"

"Around 9 million, they should be able to defend it."

"En, that's good. Pay close attention, this is problematic."

"Right, Waterfront City has also been attacked from land. These Hybrid Demons seem like they have been teleported. This event isn't controlled by us. Fortunately, 7K and Purple Wind Flute are strong so they should be fine."


Truth proves that the situation was far worse than we thought. At least 5 million Courageous Hell Spearmen were attacking Moon City. They were endless and they were hitting our formation like a flood. Zhan Long, Judgement etc guilds were trying our best to block them but most guilds couldn't take it and started to collapse. In less than an hour, our formation was down to 40%. large amounts of Courageous Hell Spearmen went around our defence line and started to attack our scattered players at Clear Wind Plains and Moon Valley. At the same time, they attacked our formation from the back.

"We have been surrounded?"

Li Mu sliced the head of a spearman while panting and asking.

After using Sword Tempest+Dragon Totem, I nodded, "yes, but don't panic. just defend this place, tell those that died to stay in Moon City and rely on the city walls. We might not be able to defend Sea of No Return and can only rely on Moon City to defend them."



Time passed bit by bit and more of our men died. The Courageous Hell Spearmen continued to surge towards the shore. Fortunately, Zhan Long, Judgement, Royal Army and Heaven Barrier Army were strong enough. After many attacks, we didn't retreat at all and killed those who charged at us.

After an hour, when we were surrounded, more drums sounded. The second wave was here. A black wave flew from the skies and it was the Two-winged Demons. This time we were attacked from sky and land?

Even Wang Jian got anxious, "What is this, even the Two-winged Demons are here!"

I gritted my teeth, "We still have to defend!"

I looked into the distance and said loudly, "Han Yuan, aim the God Dragon Cannons into the sky and blow these Two-winged Demons up!"

Han Yuan held his bloodied blade, "Yes general!"



As cannons were fired, mushroom clouds spread in the sky. The Two-winged Demons turned into a pile of meat that fell to the ground. They didn't have a chance to transform. Even then, I got solemn. This event wasn't as easy as we thought. This wasn't a chance to kill monsters but a risk that might blow up in our faces!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.