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IGK - Chapter 84.2 Divine Dragon Token (2/2)

“There’s still me! Don’t leave me behind! Wang Ke, you bast*rd, I’m not on the boat yet! Didn’t you promise we would get to the shore together?” Zhu Yan shouted.

Unfortunately, the intense battle and the billowing waves overpowered Zhu Yan’s voice. Only the snakes nearby swam towards him after hearing his voice.


That was definitely not a peaceful day for the Miasmic Sea; its demonic denizens heard the sounds of battle and swam over to check things out. But Wang Ke made it out peacefully.

It was just like the previous time Princess Youyue had led the way. It was really quiet and peaceful, devoid of encounters along the way. Still, Wang Ke had an unshakable premonition.

This continued until the second day, when Princess Youyue looked pleasantly surprised, followed by a dazed and worried look.

She was happy to see land, but disappointed since it was just an island.

“I… I remember coming from this direction, but I don’t remember seeing this island!” Princess Youyue said with a guilty look.

Wang Ke: “.......................!”

He finally remembered that the princess has a lousy sense of direction.

Why did I ask her to lead the way again?

“This… This is Divine Dragon Island?” Wang Ke felt suffocated.

After putting in so much effort, he returned to the place he wanted to escape from? Worse, he was back on the dangerous northern shore.

“Divine Dragon Island? Wang Ke, this is the place you told me about just now? The place where you were trapped these few days? I… Did I actually bring you back? What should we do? Please don’t be angry with me!” Princess Youyue looked at Wang Ke, full of guilt.

Wang Ke endured his heartache and squeezed out a smile, saying, “How could I ever be angry with you? You’re my girlfriend!”

“You’re really not angry?” Princess Youyue was still worried.

“Really!” Wang Ke said with a smile aimed to smother his own conscience.

“Are we going to the island?” the princess asked.

“Nope!” Wang Ke replied, shaking his head, “ We still have this boat. We can go somewhere else, but not back there!”

Still, while the two of them were talking—


The boat seemed to have crashed into something, making a hole in the bottom.

“Glup, glup!”

Seawater started flowing into the boat.

Wang Ke: “......................!”

Princess Youyue: “...................!”

Their only option was to head back to the island, now that the boat was damaged.

“Why must there be a pillar here, in the sea of all places?” Wang Ke was filled with frustration.

A random pillar stuck in the middle of the sea broke a hole in the boat. What should we do?

“Something’s not right. There’s something down below?” Princess Youyue pointed out curiously.

“What?” Wang Ke also looked down.

Following the pillar, he could see the reefs surrounding a massive cave; it looked ordinary, except for some spirit stones scattered around it.

“Hmmm?” Wang Ke was surprised.

Next, Wang Ke jumped into the sea, while Princess Youyue tagged along with a protective Qi-barrier.

The two reached the cave by the reefs. Other than the spirit stones scattered around the cave, inside there were…!

“I’m striking it rich? I’m striking it rich! Youyue, you are such a good pathfinder! We found the pirate’s treasure! There are lots of spirit stones! I’m going to be rich, hahaha!” Wang Ke laughed in exhilaration.

The cave was filled with spirit stones; Wang Ke could not wait to stuff all of them in his storage bangle.

The two swam deeper, finding another vast undersea cavern inside with breathable air.

Countless spirit stones and pieces of jewelry were piled up on a gigantic platform.

“Why isn’t there anyone inside?” Princess Youyue was curious.

“This is a pirates’ treasure. All the pirates died; of course there’s no one here,” Wang Ke answered and urged, “Quick! Use your storage bangle and start packing. This is going to be the foundation to make my clan flourish! This is so much more than the amount I won on the island. Hahaha, quick, quick! Let’s get started!”

“Okay! Let’s do it!” Princess Youyue nodded.

She used to be the Ghoul Empire’s princess and had enjoyed having great wealth at hand, so she didn’t care much for the treasure. But she readily helped to pack the treasure since Wang Ke was happy about it.

Gold, silver, jewels, spirit stones, weapons, and even enchanted artifacts. It was utterly dazzling to Wang Ke’s eyes.

Soon, they swept the entire cavern clean.

Just when he was feeling pleased about himself, Wang Ke froze all of a sudden.

“Wang Ke, what happened?” Princess Youyue asked curiously.

There was a token in Wang Ke’s hands. He looked down at the token as his expression turned increasingly serious. His eyebrows were knitted tightly in horror.

“Youyue, can you read the words on this token for me? Am I seeing it wrongly?” Wang Ke requested with a bitter face.

“Divine Dragon Token. It reads ‘Divine Dragon Token,’ why?” The princess didn’t get why Wang Ke was reacting like that.

“Divine Dragon Token?” Wang Ke’s jaw dropped.

What excuse did he use to escape Divine Dragon Island? He had escaped the island with She Qingqing covering for him, saying he would search for the Divine Dragon Token. The token was hidden in the snake den located in the north part of the island, and the Snake King was guarding it! Whichever demonic disciple extracted the token from the snake’s den would become a Branch Lord of the demonic sect!

“That means this cavern is not a pirates’ treasure spot. It’s the snake den! This is the Snake King’s den?” Wang Ke said in dismay.

“The Snake King’s den?” Princess Youyue was shocked.


Outside the cavern by the reefs came a familiar roar.

“Is that the Snake King? The Snake King is back?” Princess Youyue asked as she turned to look at Wang Ke.

Wang Ke’s face twitched. Are we trapped inside?

“Move. Now!”

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Wang Ke dragged the princess along and jumped into the water, fleeing underwater as quickly as possible.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by Cao Junbo. Edited by Calofel.