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ZY - Chapter 413- Hai Xingchen

 After a few drinks.

    The faces of the Blood Dynasty experts flushed red and they all looked like bad drinkers. Lei Buming smiled and raised his cup, "Hall Head, last time brother suggested... To select the elites of the scavengers to join the Dragon Soul Army. What does sir think?"


    Hai Xingchen squinted his eyes and smiled, "Dragon Soul Army has tens of thousands of elites and is already the strongest force in Dragon Soul Hall, Brother Lei still wants to expand it?"

    "Hall Head is wise, I definitely don't have any selfish reasons!"

    Lei Buming said solemnly, "Expanding the Dragon Soul Army is just in case. Sir should know that Black Castle is raring to go. After the Black Castle battle, Blood Dynasty suffered heavy losses and many Country Heads died. Numerous Marquis level experts died too. I heard that Xuanyuan Yu and Yun Yue both improved and they are showing signs of heading east. To expand Dragon Soul Army is to protect our safety. After all, once Dragon Soul Hall's position is exposed, Black Castle's army would arrive in front of us right away!"

    "Is that so?"

    Hai Xingchen smiled, "That makes sense, but... Did Brother Lei forget about something else? The north forest was in flames and 3000 over of my troops died there, as for you... You said that it was a natural fire right?"

    "Indeed it was."

    Lei Buming frowned and cupped his fists, "Hall Head please investigate it!"

    "Investigate! I did!"

    Hai Xingchen got up and blood energy surged around him. A red Spiritual Ruin appeared above his head and pushed his aura to a shocking level. He shattered the table and said, "Those Guards Camp troops had lethal wounds, how were they burnt by flames! Lei Buming, you killed my brothers and said that they were burnt. Do you think I am blind?"

    "Hal Head, you..."

    Lei Buming stood up and at that moment, inscription light shone. World Ender Formation formed at the entrance and sealed this entire hall.

    "Don't flee!"

    Hai Xingchen laughed coldly, "This formation is a Deity Tier Formation,

with your Spiritual Ruin Realm cultivation, you won't be able to flee! Where are the Guards Camp, Dragon Soul Hall is going to have a clearance today!"

    "Hai Xingchen!"

    Lei Buming got up and a thunder Spiritual Ruin appeared above his head, "You are a bully! You found such a dumb reason just to get rid of me. You just want to take over Dragon Soul Hall! Since you are heartless then don't blame me for not holding back. I brought ten Dragon Soul Army troops. If you want to eat us up, let's see if you have the appetite!"

    The level 100+ Boss NPCs got up. He opened his eyes wide and hollered in rage, "Army Head, Hai Xingchen wants to blame our Dragon Soul Army. We can't accept that, since that is the case... We shall go all out against him!"

    "Good good good~~"

    Hai Xingchen smiled coldly, "Since that is the case then let's use strength to decide who is the head of Dragon Soul Hall!"

    "I had those intentions too!"

    Lei Buming's body was covered in thunder-light as he slapped at Hai Xingchen. Hai Xingchen reached out and a forked halberd appeared, "Come, let me experience your Thunder Country's skills!"

    "Hong hong hong--"

    In the sky, a storm started to brew. Guards Army troops ambushed around jumped up. They clashed with the Dragon Army soldiers. All of a sudden, the hall was covered in a blood storm. Right away many people started to bleed.


    I started to smell thick blood and it was quite unbearable.

    I stood on the statue. Under White Cloak state no one could see me, my Darkness Spiritual Ruin suppressed my aura so it was as if I didn't exist in this world. I just quietly watch the people ahead killing one another.


    Hai Xingchen's halberd was wrapped up in a blood storm as he smashed Lei Buming's back, leaving a bone deep wound. Lei Buming attacked from sharp angles. he slapped Hai Xingchen's back. The two of them spat out the blood at the same time. In the end, both sides were badly injured.

    Apart from that, the ten Dragon Soul Army generals were really strong and some were Unique Grade Bosses and some were Legendary Grade. However, the Guards Camp troops Hai Xingchen selected were all Boss tier NPCs. They were like ants and in a blink of an eye, three Dragon Soul Army troops fell into blood. The moment they fell, a bunch of guards troops charged forwards to refine their blood!

    A battle between Blood Dynasty troops was crueler than with the Dimension Legion army. Such scenes were worse than seeing zombies consuming corpses.


    "Be more patient..."

    Elder Dragon's voice rang out in my ears, "Kid, before they totally fall don't attack. Hai Xingchen and Lei Buming are all experts. With your current skill, you can't suppress them. Even if they are badly injured. Be careful, be more patient."

    "Understood, elder."

    I nodded. At the same time, Heaven Hound's words appeared in my mind, this Elder Dragon... Was there a problem? I probed, "Elder, if I am lucky to save you, how are you going to deal with the Dragon Soul Essence?"

    "Bring it back to Black Castle."

    His voice was filled with sadness, "If we had this, we might not be in danger of extinction. Now, if we bring this back, we can choose someone to get its legacy, when the time comes... Not only will Blood Dynasty bow to us, but even the Dimension Legion also have to face us properly!"

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    I relaxed a little, "The ruler of Black Castle is Xuanyuan Yu, does senior have problems with him?"


    Elder Dragon said, "When I was in charge of Black Castle I didn't see this kid, but... If the last King of Darkness passed the position to him, he can be trusted."

    "En." I nodded my head.

    Elder Dragon smiled, "Kid, are you worried that I will try to take over when I return to Black Castle?"

    "No, senior is worrying too much." I denied.

    He smiled, "Don't worry, I don't crave power, if not I wouldn't have suffered such pain and loneliness for ten thousand years."


    I nodded, "Senior's feat... Makes one respect you."



    Suddenly, the statue started to shake. I looked down and Hai Xingchen had attacked. The halberd was covered in blue blood energy and it pierced through Lei Buming and into the chest of the statue. As the stone cracked, Hai Xingchen's eyes were filled with killing intent, "You forced me!"

    "You think you have a chance? !"

    Lei Buming smiled, his expression became really vicious. He held the handle and hollered, "If you want to kill me, you have to pay the price!"

    All of a sudden, venom-like blood energy waves surrounded the halberd and counter attacked. Hai Xingchen spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His chest, stomach and shoulder exploded.

    "Damn thing!"

    Hai Xingchen hollered in anger. The halberd flashed across in a white light. Lei Buming's head fell from the sky.

    "Army Head!"

    The remaining two Dragon Soul Army generals hollered, "Hai Xingchen you jerk, I am going to kill you!"

    "You are asking for death!"

    Hai Xingchen hollered in rage and his halberd broke through the air. Two piercing sounds as the two generals exploded like a balloon, turning into a blood red and bone fragments.

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    Hai Xingchen opened his hand and retracted his halberd. He was actually the only one left here. Of course, I was too.


    With Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, a blood talisman stone appeared by his waist and it was in a small bag there. This should be Hai Xingchen's most relaxed moment.



    I jumped down like a falling leaf. At the same time, Heartstealer shone red and I used Gouge at him!


    Stun success!

    The moment he was stunned, I used Dark Shadow Jump to get right back up to the original height. I flicked and broke the bag by his waist. I grabbed the stone and then placed it into my bag. At the same time, my body landed.


    The moment my boots touched the ground, I entered White Cloak state and hid at the corner of the hall.



    Hai Xingchen woke up from the stun and his face was ashen white. He hollered, "You actually dare to charge into my hall, come out and die!"

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