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ZL - Chapter 1134- Please forgive me

Time passed really quickly and in a blink of an eye over a week had passed. Xue Rou was back too along with three of her sisters. Zhao Feifei's Id was Iced Coffee, she was a level 192 cavalry and Xu Fang's ID was Each to their own, level 194 Archer. Everyone was familiar with Yan Mo who was Furious Milk, top four in the allstar competition. Her mechanics were really strong and her comprehension ability was the strongest out of the few girls. She learned a lot about Pulse Breaking Style from Xue Rou.

 Zhan Long Studio was rebuilt and this time there were 8 people. I was the honorary head. Song Han, Fox and Old K were invited and they stayed in a villa near the university. Fox exclaimed that he was finally able to live the life of the rich. of course, I cheered him on. Yan Mo, Xu Fang and Zhao Feifei all looked good, especially Yan Mo who had a D cup and also huge hips. Unfortunately, Fox and Old K were too beta and didn't dare to say anything. I felt that if they dared to express their feelings, Yan Mo would beat them up. After all, one saw what Furious Milk was like.


 But even so, Fox, Old K and Wolf still stayed with the four beauties. Even if they couldn't eat, they could look at them. It was far better than them being lonely. Seeing my brothers live a better life, I was less worried.

 I got familiar with Wan Yue Design's work and got closer to the few sisters in the company. Every morning at least 4 girls would bring food for me and I was so happy that Wan Er's gaze nearly killed me. But I couldn't do anything, I couldn't stop people from liking me. !

 At noon, after eating with Dong Cheng and Wan Er, Tang Qi had made his way over. It was noon and this fellow was drenched in sweat as he ran out from the cab. When he saw me his eyes teared up, "I searched so many streets and finally found the address..."

 This guy really didn't know directions!

 Tang Qi requested many times to join us. Dong Cheng Yue didn't want to give him a chance to get close at all but Lin Wan Er persuaded her so the youngest generation Tang Sect disciple ended up as a security guard. His position in the company was even lower than mine!

 At around 2pm, the sister from sales found me and told me that one set of the Buster uniform was designed and they were heading to the factory to look at the goods and wanted us to send a few people over. I was chosen as I did the rendering so I understood this the most. The other person sent was Amy, one of the best in the company. She was around 25 years old and was an 8 points beauty. 


 "Tang Qi, I shall leave the safety of the company to you," I instructed him. After all, Tang Qi was peak of Energy Control Realm and very few people could fight him. Things were safe with him here.

 Tang Qi cupped his fists, "Brother Xiao Yao head out, I will deal with everything here."

 I really wanted to beat him up. I said towards the girl beside me, "Amy, let's go?"


 Amy wore a simple white shirt and a short skirt. Her body looked really alluring. I grabbed the documents and then smiled towards her, "Let's go."

 My role today was like a nanny. I believed that Amy's killing ability towards guys was really strong and I had no trust towards the Busters people.

Downstairs, the driver was waiting beside the company's car. There was another with Buster's Logo. It was a BMW. They really were rich, even their company car was a BMW. 

 I glanced and saw four people in the car. One of them was that bald headed guy that nearly fought me that day. His eyes had killing intent in it and they didn't look like normal workers. They were cold like retired soldiers and they were really strong.

 "Eh, this girl is the designer that is heading over with us?" The bald headed guy smiled and asked.

 Amy nodded respectfully, "Yes, shall we head out?"

 "Okay, get on."

 He told Amy to get on their car but she didn't give them face and just got on our car. I said towards the driver, "Okay let's head out, let's not waste any more time."

 The driver nodded and stepped onto the throttle. the Buster members stared at me. They all wanted to get close to Amy but her outer appearance was really good so no wonder.

The factory was quite far away and there was a traffic jam too. It took close to 3 hours to get from West Lake to Xiaoshan. The process was fine too but once we checked the goods, the bald headed guy didn't want to sign the contract. He said, "Don't rush, let's have a meal and then sign it. Is that okay? Beautiful designer, will you not give us that face?"

 I gritted my teeth and I really wanted to slap him. Amy saw that I was mad so she grabbed my arm, "Then, let's just eat here before leaving?"

 I nodded, "Okay."


 The location for dinner was really luxurious but I had never heard of it before. The suite was really bright and the dishes were all delicacies. The driver couldn't help but swallow his saliva. Of course, that might be because he was staring at Amy's chest.

 "Come come come, beautiful designer, let me cheers with you!" The bald headed guy looked at Amy with a perverted gaze and even if one was blind one could tell what he wanted to do.

I am a Body Refining Realm cultivator and my alcohol tolerance is really good. If I don't want to get drunk I won't. I picked up the cup and said, "Amy isn't good with alcohol so I shall drink for her?"

 The bald headed guy looked at me with rage, "You!"

 I was gentle and smiled at him, "Why, can't I?"

 "Scoff, sure then."

 He gulped it all and I also drank half a cup of white wine. The thick and intense smell entered my throat and it really didn't feel good.

 The bald guy gave a gaze and the other three Busters people came to make me drink. I laughed coldly, I shall drink then. I just needed to use Blazing Sun Power to evaporate the alcohol. Drinking this was like drinking fruit punch. If they wanted to challenge me, I will make them die from alcohol!

 But the bald guy got a chance to make Amy drink. She was just a girl that had graduated a year back so she couldn't handle such heavy alcohol. In a blink of an eye, her face flushed red.


 The bald guy smiled and reached out to grab Amy's hand, "As expected from the hand of a designer, so soft..."

 Amy was stunned.

 I waved and pulled Amy's hand back, "Wan Er Design's hand is only used on the keyboard and not on the food table, please forgive us!"

 The bald headed guy's eyes were about to spit flames.

 Amy looked at me.

 "Ah, what is this brother saying, what do you think we are?" He smiled, "I am just interested in this designer, she looks like my sister and she is around the same age. You just graduated?"

 He reached out to grab her shoulder and Amy didn't dodge. She sat there and didn't know what to do.

 I poured half of the alcohol in the cup towards the bald guy's face, "I am sorry, it slipped out... I am so sorry, waiter bring a towel!"

 The driver bit a piece of rabbit leg and glanced at me. He smiled, his eyes were sending the words, "You did it on purpose, well done."


 "Damn you!"

 He wiped the alcohol off his face and slapped the table.

 I got to the right of Amy and pushed her behind. I smiled, "I really didn't do so on purpose, please forgive me!"

 "Forgive your grandfather!" He punched forwards at me.

 I didn't hold back, my palm turning into a fist and I smashed into his fist with Blazing Sun Power. Energy surged out and forced him dozens of meters back. He smacked onto the wall. The bald headed guy was furious and raised his fist again. This time, scales formed and they looked very familiar.

 My body sunk down and I kicked out at his crotch. I stood up and launched an elbow onto his chin!


 His chin dislocated, his curses were hard to discern too. Red scales appeared around his neck. This time I saw really clearly that he was an Artificial, he was an A grade one!


 "Third brother are you crazy? Boss will kill us!" Behind him, someone shouted.

 I was stunned, "You are Artificials?

 The bald headed guy retracted his transformation and the red scales scattered. He shifted his chin back, "What... What Artificials, what are you saying you jerk. You beat me up, I am going to sue you!"

 I didn't say anything as he wasn't planning to admit it.

 I pushed the receipt forwards and said, "Sign it and then I will let you go."

 He gritted his teeth and still signed it. During the sparring, he knew that he wasn't my match and I wouldn't hold back. I would probably kill him here. He didn't even know who I was and he didn't know that I could easily kill A grade Artificials that they called dragon blood warriors.


 Amy cried, "Li Xiao Yao what is going on?"

 I hugged her shoulder and slapped her back, "Okay it is fine, let's go. In the future, the designer doesn't have to come, let Tang Qi come."

 "En." She teared up.

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