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CSG - Chapter 3110: The Sacred Fire King

Originally, Bi Lian was already shocked enough when Jian Chen revealed the advisor’s true identity. Now, her face immediately changed again. She held back her shock about the advisor’s true identity and said in doubt, “Brother, what did you say? H-h-he’s trying to take over the Flame Empire?”

“N-no, t-that’s not true.” With all of his secrets and motives exposed, the advisor struggled to remain composed no matter how level-headed he was. His face paled as a sliver of despair and regret appeared in his eyes. Even the silken tongue he had developed over the years and his ability to twist the truth drastically was useless.

Jian Chen could see through his past life with a single glance and even foretell his future. He truly felt unprecedented despair this time.

Jian Chen had reached a height well beyond the limits of his understanding. He could see through all of his secrets in a single glance. Under these circumstances, could he still argue against him?

Jian Chen glanced deeply at Bi Lian. “You think the second prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom is pursuing you and actually likes you? No, right from when he joined the Flame Mercenaries, he had an ulterior motive.”

“His motive was to use his talents to persuade you into unifying the Tian Yuan Continent through the forces of the Flame Mercenaries. Once the Flame Empire you founded truly achieved its goals, he’ll use that opportunity to marry you. Once you’re married, you’ll die to the hands of an expert from the World of Forsaken Saints at a convenient time.”

“No, that’s impossible. I’m under the protection of the Divine Guards of the Flame. How can someone from the World of Forsaken Saints kill me? A-and they don’t even have the courage to touch me.” Bi Lian shook her head. She struggled to accept this reality.

“Bi Lian, everything is much more complicated than you can imagine.” Jian Chen let out a gentle sigh and shook his head. Soon afterwards, he extended his hand and reached towards the empty space in a very casual manner.

At the same time, in the World of Forsaken Saints, a middle-aged man sat on the ground and cultivated in an extremely dangerous environment. The presence he gave off had reached late Returnance.

Ever since Shangguan Aojian left with the many experts, Returnance was a cultivation at the very peak.

However, a hand silently appeared before this expert at this very moment before grabbing him by the neck and dragging him into space.

The sudden incident took the expert by great surprise. It also left him slightly dazed. In a state of cultivation, he had completely no idea what had happened. He only felt his neck abruptly tighten. By the time he opened his eyes again, he had appeared in a majestic hall.

T-t-this is the imperial palace of the Flame Empire!” The expert’s face changed drastically. The World of Forsaken Saints and the Tian Yuan Continent resided in different spaces. Even Reciprocity experts needed to use the spatial tunnel to move between the two worlds.

At this moment, he had actually arrived on the Tian Yuan Continent instantly from the World of Forsaken Saints. How could he not be shocked by that?

“It’s the Sacred Fire King!” As soon as he appeared, many experts in the court of officials cried out.

The Sacred Fire King was a renowned peak expert of the World of Forsaken Saints. He was one of the two kings that stood equal to the Stupa King.

However, many years ago, with the previous Spiritking’s departure with Shangguan Aojian, the Sacred Fire King and the Stupa King became locked in an intense battle over the position of the ruler of the World of Forsaken Saints. In the end, the Sacred Fire King was defeated and vanished from sight.

“This person, or the Sacred Fire King you speak of, is actually the master of the advisor, as well as the person behind everything. In reality, the two of them have planned long ago for you to die at the hands of an expert from the World of Forsaken Saints. After that, they planned to use the power of the Divine Guards of the Flame to overthrow the current Spiritking, allowing him to take the throne successfully.”

“By then, not only will he be the Spiritking of the World of Forsaken Saints, but he’ll also be the person secretly in control of the Flame Empire, as he planted a secret technique on the advisor a long time ago. He can control the advisor as he pleases.‘’

Jian Chen spoke indifferently. When his soul merged with the world, the entire world basically became transparent in his eyes. As a result, he could see through all lies and witness the truth in a low level space like the Tian Yuan Continent.

Only now did the dazed Sacred Fire King finally recognise Jian Chen. His face immediately became extremely pale as his lips trembled. It was as if he wanted to say something, but he could not come up with anything at all. He seemed to have realised his fate too, which immediately left him ashen.

In the next moment, Jian Chen reached out again. Another expert who stood at the apex of the world was brought here by him. This time, it was the current Spiritking, as well as the only Spiritking.

Ever since Shen Jian’s age, the system of ruling in the World of Forsaken Saints had been completely changed. As a result, the World of Forsaken Saints only ever had one Spiritking. They would not have multiple experts holding that position like in the past.

"In consideration of this senior, I'm not going to kill you today. I'll leave the Spiritsages to settle the matters of the Spiritsages by themselves," Jian Chen said to the Sacred Fire King before informing the current Spiritking about everything that had happened.

In the end, the Spiritking bowed politely towards Jian Chen before leaving the Flame Empire with the Sacred Spirit King.

When he departed, an invisible power of laws descended, suppressing the Sacred Fire King's strength to Saint Emperor.

The Sacred Fire King wanted to usurp the position of the ruler, so his fate went without saying.

After personally witnessing the fate of his master, the Sacred Fire King, the second prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had already fallen to the ground in fright. He was in a state of panic.

"The advisor has actually been colluding with an outsider in an attempt to claim the position of emperor. That is a crime punishable by death."

What advisor? My ass! Even he thinks he can be the imperial advisor of our Flame Empire?"

"He is the second prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, an enemy of the old captain. He cannot be spared."

After a moment of silence in the Spiritking’s presence, the majestic hall erupted into a commotion.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.