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ZL - Chapter 1130- Threat

"Ah ah ah..."

Philly cried out. Energy surged between Frost and Philly and the light streamed around like that of the milky way. A small core appeared at the center and Xiang Yu's warsoul fragment started to form. But some time was needed before his power was sucked out of Philly's body.


"Charge, take them down. Save our NPC uncle from their hands!"

Pure Gold Horse Hooves who was one of the 12 god generals held his axe and raged, "What was Philly thinking, he was actually baited out of the camp. He is just asking for death!"

Deputy Guild Leader Eternal Water Chariot held a blue sword and gritted his teeth, "It is Xiao Yao Zi Zai, For Love and Cang Tong, they are all really strong. Don't bother about the numbers, attack together and wipe them out. No matter who it is, if they want to cause trouble in Nine Heavens City, they have to pay the price!"

They officially charged us.

Most of Thor's Hammer members joined the Summer Fire Army. Now that the Summer Fire Army's boss was being tortured by us they were obviously furious. However, I didn't regret it at all. Since I was here, we had to fight. Backing off wasn't in me.


Icy Wings formed and I flew out. I charged into the sky and then dove down in a z shape. My sword slashed into the crowd. I activated Trampling Thunder and instantly dozens of people were killed. I pointed my sword forwards right at Eternal Water Chariot!

Eternal Water Chariot was second of the 12 god generals and he was only weaker than Demon Mountain. Actually, he wasn't weak so I just had to attack him!

Gan Jiang faced forwards while I held Butterfly slightly back. I was using a close combat sweep+thrust. But Eternal Water Chariot was an expert with the sword just that he was using a western saber that focused on thrusting. He looked at my starting move and laughed, "What a bully, do you think you can kill me like this?"

The moment he got close, he hollered and a red shield wrapped around him which greatly increased his defence. Thunder swept beneath his feet. This was a close combat thunder immobilizing technique. Unfortunately, I couldn't get stunned. When he attacked, I slashed his wrist right away!


A thud and the damage wasn't too high. I reached my goal as Eternal Water Chariot's attack tempo was affected. Butterfly turned into a streak of light as I thrust forwards. "Pu", I pierced through his armor and dealt 80 thousand damage. This was just a basic attack. Eternal Water Chariot was shocked, the armor around his wrists shone. This was him using his invincibility skill!

I obviously wouldn't give him this chance as I slashed with Gan Jiang, hitting the right leg of his horse. The horse tilted and the blue words "Successful Break" rose up. He was hit by my Pulse Break and whilst being stunned, he was unable to use his invincibility. I then used Strength of a Thousand Men and followed it up with two attacks!


Soul light flew up and the 2nd of the 12 god generals were killed by me. I charged forwards and increased both my speed and altitude. I raised Gan Jiang to block an axe strike by Pure Gold Horse Hooves. He instantly activated Whirling Battle Axe. Pure Gold Horse Hooves was an expert, while waving his axe with one hand, his left fist punched out too.

I saw through it,

I reached out and grabbed the chains around his neck while dodging that fist. I raised my knees to smash onto his right arm while also thrusting my swords towards his shoulder. While fresh blood spurted out, his Whirling Battle Axe skill was broken too. This was another second stun. During this period he couldn't do anything and he couldn't use any skill at all. This was the charm of Pulse Breaking Style.

I landed and Wind Carrying Slash exploded. While insta killing Pure Gold Horse Hooves, the people around him were turning into spirits. The Thor's Hammer players were stunned. Right when they were considering whether or not to continue, I raised my hands to use Heaven Control. Stones flew up from behind me and then they shot forwards. The cavalries held their shields to block but they were forced back too. Some low health players affected by my previous attacks were insta killed.


Corpses laid all around. I stood in the air and I nearly wanted to taunt them and ask who else there was. They stopped charging and just looked at the fresh blood dripping from my swords. One could tell how shocked they were. Eternal Water Chariot and Pure Gold Horse Hooves were ranked 2nd and 4th but they were easily killed by me. Who else had a chance of winning?

On the other side, Lin Wan Er rode Little White and didn't let them get close.

In the middle, Mocha held Cold Iron Sword and rode a Furnace God War Horse. She smiled but didn't attack. No one dared to attack her. Thor's Hammer's guild leader, the legendary Demon Mountain held Fire god Spear and just looked at Mocha, he didn't seem to have intentions of attacking her.

Finally, Mocha spoke, "Demon Mountain long time no see, has life been good?"

Demon Mountain's mouth twitched. After a few seconds, he said, "For Love, you... What is the meaning of this, didn't we agree not to attack one another?"

"Yes." Mocha waved, "But my boss needs to strengthen his equipment and needs something from Philly so I have to come. If you care about our past friendship then let us off. If not it won't be good for any one of us."

Demon Mountain held his fist in unhappiness, "This... What is the meaning of this? You want to come and go as you please, how shall I answer to Nine Heavens City like this?"

"What do you need to answer?"

I held the bloody sword and flew forwards, "There are just three of us but there are 50 dragonriders. Demon Mountain you are smart, aren't you clear whether or not you can keep us here?"

Demon Mountain looked at me, "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, I know I don't have the ability to kill you, but..."

I interrupted him, "Demon Mountain, we didn't come to discuss with you but we are here to take something. Don't forget that you killed many China players at Nine Heavens City. You even tried to attack Tian Ling City. If you treat Xue Rou and me as friends then just stay here as your King. If not, I don't mind letting 7k and Cold Winter take over. Believe me, I can do what I said!"

The firmness of my words was something that Demon Mountain did not expect.

Tian Ling City and Nine Heavens City were similar in strength before but things were different now. Nine Heavens City was split into two, many of the Portuguese and Holland players entered Waterfront City. The number of people there was similar to those in Nine Heavens City now. In Tian Ling City, I had absolute control. If Demon Mountain didn't want to end up like Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple, he had to be careful.

Thinking about it, the agreement before was just an empty sheet of paper. We just had to rely on our fists. China's fist was hard enough so we didn't need to bother with Demon Mountain. To make him kneel was the simplest method!


The moment I said that, Demon Mountain was so furious that he nearly fainted. He looked at me with a dark gaze, "Xiao Yao Zi Zai are you really confident that you can leave this place?"

"If you don't believe then you can try." I smiled.

Demon Mountain thought about it and sighed, "Forget it, I am not stupid, forget it. Since Tian Ling City and Nine Heavens City are allies then there is no need to fight, but... You can't kill Philly. He is our top NPC, if you kill him, I can't explain to the players in the country. We would have no choice but to fight you then."

This novel is _hosted_ by hosted novel.

This novel is _hosted_ by hosted novel.

I laughed, "Don't worry, we won't kill Philly, we will hand him over to you safely. I am just doing a quest. Sorry for causing such a misunderstanding!"

"Forget it, as long as things are clear." Demon Mountain said, "We will wait here until you release Philly."



Philly's cries got softer and softer probably from the lack of energy. Frost managed to pull out the fragment and it was nearly formed.

Qing Luo ordered the dragon riders to guard. Those few injured ones had already backed off.


Frost stopped the spell and that fragment landed in her arms. She looked at Summer Fire Army and Demon Mountain and laughed, "Eh, so many people are watching?"

Demon Mountain nearly spat out blood and he said towards the few NPC soldiers behind him, "Go carry Philly back?"


The Summer Fire Army looked at the giant dragons in the sky and hesitantly save Frost. Demon Mountain said, "Then, shouldn't you leave Nine Heavens City?"

"En, see you soon." I smiled in joy. Finally, I could upgrade the Overlord Set!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.