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ZL - Chapter 1131- Final stats

Although the Nine Heavens City's battle didn't make Demon Mountain totally yield but he saw that Mocha, Lin Wan Er and I could defend against thousands of his guild members for ten minutes and we even killed many of them. One could see the difference in level, skills, equipment and pets. I could also kill any one of their twelve god generals. He had to consider this huge threat. Demon Mountain was an ambitious person but he had to balance the pros and cons. He knew who he could offend and who he couldn't. He was probably willing to fight with Waterfront City's 7K and Cold Winter than to battle Zhan Long.


Dragon City, underground forge.

I took off the entire Overlord Set and placed it on the table. Then I took out three war soul fragments and said, "Now can you help me reforge the Overlord Set?"

Old K said, "All materials are here but I need you to sacrifice a huge portion of charm and gold to complete it. Are you willing to do so?"


System notification: Please note, reforging Overlord Set would consume 100 charm and 5000000 gold. Do you confirm?


Good fellow, I had to consume so much charm at once. The gold was a small issue as I didn't lack the money but 1000 charm was so high. I only had 2138 charm so this was close to half... Thinking about it, forget it. Since I used so much charm, the finals stats should be worth the price. Anyways I would be able to get the charm back from a few quests and championships. Since I could spend it, I would be able to earn it back!

I clicked confirm and nodded towards Old K. I laughed and said, "I had never crafted such a high tier equipment, wait!"

He waved his God Refining Hammer onto the Overlord Bracers. My heart started to beat. He smashed it so hard, would it disfigure it? Then my Defeat the Dragon skill would just disappear!

On the side, Lin Wan Er and Mocha blinked as he saw the Overlord Set change shape. At the same time, the soul fragments started to seep into the equipment. Frost sat at the side and drank a mouth of grape wine.

Dragon City had its own brewery but they mostly made low quality wheat whine. After all, they lacked resources, the war horses didn't have enough grain so we could only use expired grain to brew wine. However, Queen Angela sent much great wine over so Frost was drinking them. Dragon City was in the extreme cold and if one didn't drink some heavy wine or alcohol, it really felt unbearable.

"What would the Overlord Set's final stats be like?" Lin Wan Er opened her eyes and said in anticipation.

Xue Rou stood next to the forge and crossed her arms, "Boss spent so much effort to upgrade the equipment so it can't be bad. Moreover Boss sacrificed 1000 charm. 99% of players don't even have 1000 charm, just this point alone means that the Overlord Set would be at least 4 star."

"Would it be five star?"

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"That would depend on boss's luck..." Xue Rou smiled, "If it is a five star set, boss's set won't have to be changed at all. A Five Star God Artifact can't be improved.

Just this alone would allow him to be overpowered even to the end."

I smiled, "I hope so too, it would be great if it is a five star set. In the third country war, I will definitely become the MVP."

Xue Rou smiled, "Fang Ge just got the MVP and now you want it back, you aren't giving him face at all. Be careful Legend attacks Zhan Long."

"If Legend really dares then I will send you to fight them."

"Scoff, Boss really treats me well, you really treat me like one of you."



This refining process was really long and it lasted for close to two hours. Until Mocha was grumbling that she wanted to sleep, Old K's movement got more and more intense. The God Refining Hammer started to blaze as it smashed the set. I was so worried that the Overlord Set would turn into a pile of iron!

Finally, light surged into the sky. Old K jumped up and smashed down on the Overlord Armor. A really overbearing energy wave spread out. Lin Wan Er, Mocha and I were forced back. Even Frost was shocked why there would be such a huge commotion. The six pieces of equipment rotated around and were supported by an invisible energy. At the same time, a bright light surged into the sky and pierced through the rock layer. The entire Dragon City map was lit up. This was just so amazing, no equipment since the game started had given off such a huge commotion.

"Complete!" Old K wiped off the sweat from his head and he fell backward devoid of energy. He hugged a jug of Celestial Brew and started to drink it. It was as if Celestial Brew was his energy drink.

I was filled with emotions and my heart beat really quickly. I touched the armor and instantly its stats jumped out. As expected, the stats were all increased and they were much stronger than before--

Overlord Armor (5 star God Artifact)

Type: Heavy Armor

Defence: 7450

Strength: +745

Stamina: +730

Agility: +725

Magic Attack: +720

Bonus: Raise user's magical resistance by 200% and defence by 170%

Bonus: Raise user's health by 100000

Bonus: Raise user's attack by 120% and basic attack by 5000

Effect: No level restriction

Effect: Overlord, Courage of the Gods, raise user's Strength by 5000

Effect: Godslaying, increase damage towards NPC and monsters by 100%

Set Equipment: Overlord Set Armor

Introduction: During the ancient era, a king swept the continent and his courage was unparalleled. Many people followed him and tens of thousands of years later, god blacksmiths collected his soul and melted it into a top treasure. These were the Overlord equipment and legend had it that people who completed the set could command the world. Obtain one part and there is a chance that other parts drop when killing high grade monsters, unique set

Required level: 200

Required Charm: 1000


This wasn't simply getting stronger, it was an all-out increase! I looked carefully and defence increased by 2000, the other stats by 200. Basic attack by 2000. The overlord effect went from 3000 strength to 5000. It was obvious that Xiang Yu was the Overlord. He was said to be the most courageous person in chinese history and this set was truly his.

I looked. Not only the Overlord Armor, but the other five parts were also strengthened and they all landed in my hands. I wore them and I felt really comfortable. Endless power surged into my body. Was this the feeling of a top tier set?

When I looked at my stats, I was now far stronger--

Xiao Yao Zi Zai (Heaven Protecting Dragon Rider)

Level: 200

Attack: 68215- 85290

Defence: 47718

Health: 574300

Magic: 53812

Charm: 1138

CBN Battlenet Rankings: 2

Title: Suiding Duke


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These stats were shocking. Even a five star Boss would have similar stats right? Moreover, my Overlord Set had hidden attack and defence. If I slash, a huge patch of living beings would be turned to dust! I wanted this effect. Since I was ruling the seven countries, I had to kill those who went against me and those who go along with me would prosper.

I looked at my equipment. I have 9 five star god equipment, one three star, 2 Deity tier. The Dragon Hook was low tier and its stats were trash but the effect was good so I didn't switch it out. My equipment was basically set already and I could rely on this for a long time to sweep the world.

When Mocha and Lin Wan Er saw the stats, they were shocked. Especially Mocha who pouted, "Boss's attack can ignore all the Pulse Breaking Style skills right? This strength differential couldn't be easily countered. People who fight boss will just get insta killed."

Lin Wan Er said, "Overlord Set effect is instant revival and all stats will increase by 30%. Even if people focus fire on him it won't be useful."

Mocha smiled, "Boss is pretty much invincible. "

Lin Wan Er smiled, "Unless you have similar equipment and kill him a few times and then go offline. He will then just cry."

"Hehe, that is true!"


I thanked Old K and Frost before looking at the two girls, "It is late, let's go offline. Wan Er don't you have work tomorrow?"

"En, you follow me. You are level 200 anyways so you don't have to rush to level."


"Ah? You two are working?" Mocha was shocked.

"En." I nodded, "Wan Er and Dong Cheng opened a fashion company and it looks like it has a future. Right Mocha, when are you coming back?"

"My flight is tomorrow and I will arrive at night in Shanghai. I will then take a cab to Hangzhou. Zhao Feifei and my friends are with me and we found a home near the university. We plan to buy a villa."

"Rich." I gave her a thumbs up.

Mocha looked at Lin Wan Er and was speechless, "Don't mock me all this. I am spending my hard-earned money and was planning to use it for marriage. Now it is being used to buy a house, is that easy for me?"

"What about your marriage?"

"I won't marry then, I shall follow boss to play games."

"Eh, so ambitious."

"Scoff, of course."

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.