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IGK - Chapter 82.1 Loud Smacks (1/2)

On the deck!

Wang Ke looked at the broken pieces of the glass ball with a worried expression.

Did Zhu Yan say that we hit the reefs?

Bulls**t!If we hit the reefs, where did this glass ball come from?A reef made of glass balls?Is Zhu Yan lying to me?

There’s nothing around us. How did a glass ball drop from the sky?This isn’t logical!

It’s got nothing to do with reefs! Zhu Yan must have something up his sleeves.

Is Zhu Yan trying to set me up for something while I’m here sitting on the deck?Like, hitting me with the glass ball?

“Zhu Yan, I told you already. You just have to steer the ship and get me back onto the shore, and then our grudge will be cleared. Why are you still trying to pull tricks?” Wang Ke said angrily, “Do you think I wouldn’t throw you into the sea right now?”

In his anger, Wang Ke took out a cloth bag and picked up the pieces of glass.

While Wang Ke was raging, Zhu Yan—who was sitting at the helm near the stern—his jaw hanging open in fear.

That is, since the ship was sailing along, Wang Ke could no longer see the Snake King from the front of the ship, but Zhu Yan could still see the massive snake from the back.

Snake! Such a gigantic snake!That horrifying body! What kind of monster is it? It’s even longer than our ship!That’s… horrifying!

We didn’t hit the reefs just now?We smashed against a demonic beast?And we knocked it out?What kind of demonic beast is this? So weak?And got knocked out so easily?

“I’m talking to you. Can you steer the ship properly? I asked you to helm the ship. Why are you giving me so many problems? And you even tried to hit me with a glass ball? Zhu Yan, do you really want me to throw you into the sea?” Wang Ke stared at Zhu Yan and forcefully tossed the bag in his hand to land in Zhu Yan’s arms.


Zhu Yan was already severely injured. He vomited another mouthful of blood since he was hit again, this time with the bag with glass pieces; he looked extremely pathetic.

“Don’t try to win my sympathy! How dare you play such a trick on me? Think carefully! Did you really think the glass ball could hurt me? Is something wrong with your brain?” Wang Ke glared at Zhu Yan.

Zhu Yan used to be a ruthless man. What happened to him now?Why did he become so dumb after he became a demon?Why think that he could hurt me by dropping a glass ball on me?

If not for the fact that he’s still of some use by steering the ship, I would have taken my revenge already.

Sigh!I’m being too merciful!

“What are you looking at? Do you think you can frighten me with those widened eyes? Sail the ship properly. We’ll go our separate ways after we get to shore. Humph! And look at your cultivation! You haven’t even reached the Innate Stage! Can you put some effort into it? Your father wasn't too bad of a person. If not for him, I would’ve taught you a lesson! Humph!” Wang Ke berated him.

Zhu Yan: “...........................!”

Zhu Yan really wanted to rebut, but knew that no one would believe him! He was already so beaten up. What would he gain from speaking up for himself?

He could only listen to Wang Ke’s insults without daring to talk back.

Wang Ke returned to the deck after reprimanding Zhu Yan.

He felt extremely frustrated because of the turbid essence Qi in his body.

“Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique? This rate of regeneration is outrageous! It’s only been a while, and this much essence Qi has already been regenerated?” Wang Ke muttered to himself with a worried face.

He had discarded more than half of his reserve because he was worried that he was storing too much turbid essence Qi. But now he became anxious since more essence Qi had been regenerated.

“Aiya! What kind of cultivation technique is that! I can’t even stop the replenishment process? It’s regenerating too quickly! No, this won’t do. I need to suppress it and slow it down, or else I’ll get in trouble again!”Wang Ke felt anxious as he pondered.

He closed his eyes and began suppressing his own essence Qi to stop it from regenerating.

Zhu Yan’s face twitched upon seeing this.

“Wang Ke, keep on bluffing! I won’t believe any of it. Who in the world will be unhappy about fast regeneration of essence Qi? Ptooey!” Zhu Yan cursed at Wang Ke silently.

Zhu Yan took out a bag filled with glass shards as he spoke. He was at a loss. I’m not the one who broke this… It fell from the sky?

After inspecting it with his Qi, he didn’t detect anything unusual. He tasted a piece in his mouth.

The glass shard was poisonous, and Zhu Yan’s face instantly turned purple. Zhu Yan was poisoned once again.


Zhu Yan vomited poisoned blood twice in succession.

“Wang Ke, it’s you again! Pfffttt!” Zhu Yan glared hatefully at Wang Ke, who was on deck.

These are not glass shards! These fragments have deadly poison!

“Could this belong to that snake demon?” Zhu Yan looked at the bag in his hand, enduring the deadly poison.

By then, the ship had sailed quite a distance and could no longer see the snake behind them.

However, fierceness could be seen from Zhu Yan’s eyes.

“Good, good. Wang Ke. This is how I’m going to get revenge for humiliating me! Humph. This glass ball must belong to that snake demon. Although the snake demon was knocked unconscious, it’ll surely search for the one who did it; I will leave a trail of glass shards for it to find us! Wang Ke doesn't know about the snake demon, but I do. I will keep an eye on the back. I will jump into the sea and flee once I see the snake demon coming. Only Wang Ke will be left on the ship. Hahaha! The snake demon will surely eat him up! Haha! Pffttt!” Zhu Yan was letting out a sinister laughter while he vomited another mouthful of blood.

And so he did. He began throwing pieces of glass shards into the sea while expelling the poison inside his body.

“Snake demon, you must come. Devour Wang Ke and avenge me!” Zhu Yan muttered to himself, feeling hopeful.

Pieces of glass fell into the sea one after the other.


In the Miasmic Sea—

After some time passed, the Snake King finally regained consciousness.

“Blarrgghh~~~!” “Blarrghhh~~~!”

The Snake King had yet to fully awaken and was currently in a stupor. He felt nauseated, retching a few times before regurgitating the shark he swallowed a while before.

His body shivered for a long time before the large reptile finally felt that he had fully awakened.

That extreme stench was still coming from the side of his jaws… Uhh no, inside his soul, I mean! Once the experience ended, the Snake King felt that he would never eat things as recklessly again. It’s too horrifying!

The Snake King suddenly remembered something, looked up, and tried to summon his core.


—But there was no reaction in the sky, at all.

It’s gone?

The inner core I cultivated for countless years! It’s gone?

Someone stole it?It was taken away?


The Snake King roared furiously.

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