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CSG - Chapter 3103: Interworld Teleportation

The concept of time was non-existent when it came to cultivation. It was completely impossible to sense the passage of time. Obviously, Jian Chen had not sensed that his period of cultivation had lasted longer than the year they previously agreed on, so he immediately became alarmed when he heard how he made the Rain Abbess wait a month for him.

What kind of expert was the Rain Abbess? That was a powerful existence that could defeat the Icecloud Founding Ancestor. Her strength was unfathomable. What gave him the right to make a supreme figure like the Rain Abbess wait for him?

Jian Chen immediately got to his feet. After clasping his fist in gratitude towards Mo Tianyun, he immediately gathered everyone, formally setting off for the lower world.

Jian Chen did not consider bringing too many people with him this time, as the existence of the Xuanhuang Microcosm was still a secret. In order to keep it a secret, it would be best if he kept the number of people who knew about it at a minimum.

Shangguang Mu’er, Xiao Jin, and Xiao Ling were the only ones in the Tian Yuan clan he planned on having venture to the lower world with him.

Jian Chen had notified the Martial Soul lineage, but due to their special characteristics, they did not have a particularly large demand for heavenly resources as people who cultivated Martial Soul Force. Martial Soul Mountain was the only place that could allow their strength to increase rapidly.

As a result, even when the Martial Soul lineage was aware that Jian Chen knew the location of a Xuanhuang Microcosm, they were not tempted.

To them, what was the point of obtaining all those heavenly resources? The Ninth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime was their limit.

Jian Chen quickly gathered some necessities before leaving the Tian Yuan clan with Shangguan Mu’er, Xiao Jin, Xiao Ling, and Mo Tianyun.

Mo Tianyun carried them with him along the way. They left the Cloud Plane and advanced through the vast outer space, covering a tremendous distance with each step. The surrounding stars would change as they moved extremely quickly.

Before long, they had travelled far away from the Cloud Plane, stopping in a region of asteroids in the end.

Billions of asteroids floated through this region, varying in size and packing the place densely. They filled the entire space.

At the very centre of these asteroids, Jian Chen saw a familiar figure.

It was the greatest expert of the Delight Plane, the Rain Abbess!

The Rain Abbess had changed into a set of black robes. She sat in the space there with her back towards them; she was like a statue, not moving at all.

Mo Tianyun approached her. In a single step, he had arrived beside the Rain Abbess with Jian Chen and the others.

“You’re late!” the Rain Abbess opened her eyes slowly and said indifferently.

“I lost track of time while cultivating, so I’ve made you wait. Please forgive me!” Jian Chen immediately clasped his fist and said apologetically. Jian Chen truly felt rather ashamed after making an expert like the Rain Abbess wait an entire month.

The Rain Abbess did not look at Jian Chen. She did not seem to particularly care about the fact that he was late either. She continued with the same indifferent voice, “Since you’re here, let’s set off.” With that, the Rain Abbess extended a finger. In the next moment, the asteroids there suddenly erupted with brilliant light. Energy surged out of every single asteroid.

In that instant, the asteroid cluster of billions was assembled into a colossal teleportation formation. Its area was so large that it was on par with an entire region on the Cloud Plane.

Jian Chen was shocked at the sight of the indescribably large teleportation formation. This was definitely the largest out of all the teleportation formations he had seen.

The teleportation formation alone covered an area equivalent to the southern region of the Cloud Plane. That was simply unimaginable.

“There are many lower worlds. Are you in possession of a spatial marker? If you don’t have a spatial marker, searching through them one by one will take quite a lot of time,” the Rain Abbess said.

“Are you referring to this by a spatial marker?” Jian Chen immediately took out an item. When he left the Tian Yuan clan back then, he had left behind teleportation markers in the lower world for the sake of convenience when he wanted to return in the future.

And to be safe, he had made many of them. He had cast down several teleportation formations in the lower world too for the sake of convenience when they returned.

The item he had taken out was one of the many teleportation markers.

The Rain Abbess accepted Jian Chen’s spatial marker and tossed it into the interworld teleportation formation before warning sternly, “We are about to venture into the space of a lower world. The space of lower worlds is extremely fragile, so you must all seal up your strength, or it’ll lead to unimaginably severe consequences.”

Jian Chen nodded, expressing that he understood. Soon afterwards, he and Shangguang Mu’er immediately got to work, sealing up their strength. As for Xiao Jin and Xiao Ling, Mo Tianyun personally sealed it up for them.

In that instant, their presences rapidly diminished, falling to the level of Saint Emperors.

It was also at this moment that the interworld teleportation formation erupted with light, glowing with a radiance that was several times stronger than the sun. The powerful energy turned into a terrifying storm, immediately swallowing everything there.

This was an interworld teleportation formation, something at a level even higher and even stronger than interplanar teleportation formations. As a result, it led to a tremendous disturbance as soon as it was activated.

However, the disturbance did not leave the vicinity of the asteroids, as a powerful formation silently appeared around the outskirts of the asteroids, sealing in all of the energy.

Even further away, the mountain soul of the Martial Soul Mountain hovered in the dark space like a ghost. With Hun Zang at the lead, the seven successors of the Martial Soul lineage were on guard, watching over this place carefully.

Everyone residing in the interworld teleportation formation had already vanished. Under the powerful teleporting force, they had already left this world.

Boom! As soon as the teleportation was complete, the interworld teleportation formation exploded loudly, sweeping through the space there as a destructive storm. As it wreaked havoc, it erased all of the traces in the area.

“Eighth junior brother has already ventured down successfully. C’mon, let’s go back.” Hun Zang let out a sigh of relief on the mountain soul and waved his hand at the others. The mountain soul gradually disappeared.

Countless lower worlds existed beneath the Saints’ World. The number of lower worlds were as numerous as the sands of the Ganges, completely immeasurable.

Beneath each large world were countless lower worlds.

Right now, in one of the inconspicuous spaces, an asteroid that seemed perfectly normally hovered through the silent outer space.

The asteroid had been hollowed out, forming an empty cavern several hundred metres across. At the very centre of the hollowed space sat a teleportation formation.

It had clearly existed there for many years already, as the entire teleportation formation was covered in a thick layer of dust like it had been abandoned a long time ago.

But at this moment, the abandoned teleportation formation abruptly erupted with blinding white light without any prior signs. The space there distorted violently.

This lasted for over a minute. During that time, the pulses of energy became more and more intense as if it was carrying out a teleportation of extraordinary distance.

A while later, by the time the light subsided, several figures had appeared there silently.

They were Jian Chen and the others who had arrived from the Saints’ World.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.