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IGK - Chapter 81.2 The Hapless Snake King

The green Snake King went on his own to a certain area on the sea. Poisonous miasma pervared in the entire area, also providing concealment; no one knew that he had gone there to attempt his breakthrough.

Then, the Snake King lifted his head and spat out a green watermelon-sized sphere that was surrounded with poisonous gas. That was the Snake King’s core.


The great snake let out a ferocious roar, and then the green pellet gradually rose higher and higher into the miasmic sky.


After a second cry, the levitating core began to rotate. There was a suction force gathering the surrounding miasmic Qi. The core was concurrently absorbing the light from the sun and the moon, so much so the entire place darkened significantly.

And so, dusk arrived. With the gathering of sunlight essence, the core became clearer, no longer radiating poisonous Qi.

When night came, the moonlight made the core even clearer. Once green, the core then became transparent and brilliant like a crystal.

The Snake King was delighted. Am I about to succeed?

For demonic beasts, the Astral Infant Stage was at least comparable, if not more powerful than that of their human counterparts.

The Snake King grew hopeful. He could see that a shadowy figure of a snake appeared inside the transparent core, which was the manifestation of the astral infant.

I’m getting closer!


It was then that three sharks moved and charged at the Snake King.

The latter detected their movement with his sharp eyes. He muttered, “The Shark Trio? How sharp of you to realize that I would be making an attempt to raise my cultivation. You broke through my subordinates’ defensive circle to disrupt my breakthrough?”

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The three sharks swam directly toward him with an extreme speed.

“Quick, the Snake King is trying to break through, and his core is not with him. This is his weakest moment!”

“Kill the Snake King while he’s weakened!”

“Let’s tear him up and take his core!”


The three massive sharks rammed onto the Snake King’s body making the latter shake violently.

But the Snake King didn't earn his reputation with just anything. It turned and sunk his fangs into one of the sharks.


That shark shrieked in pain after the snake venom was injected into him. Next, countless poisonous blisters appeared on the shark’s body, which quickly rotted away.

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“Third brother!” The other two sharks cried out in shock.

They bit the Snake King while trying their hardest to swim in opposite directions, in an attempt to tear the Snake King in half.

This move caused the Snake King much pain, but he was still very powerful. He flung his tail and freed himself from one shark’s jaw before hacking the latter with his tail.


The second shark was hacked in two, immediately dying.

“Second brother!” the last shark shouted in horror, reopening his jaws and immediately trying to flee.

“You want to run? I won’t let you leave now. Roar!”

The Snake King opened his mouth wide and swallowed the last shark whole—

And just like that, calmness returned to the sea surface again. The three sharks died, and their blood stained the sea.

“You deserve death for interrupting me!” said the Snake King with a fierce look.

The raging sovereign looked even more horrifying. I will devour whoever dares to interrupt my breakthrough!

Meanwhile, there was another water-breaking sound nearby.

This time, it was even louder than the sound made by the sharks. The Snake King was again on guard after hearing that ruckus, looking even more fearsome.

There are more fearless impudents?No matter who, I will devour!

The Snake King readied himself for combat as the sound drew closer.

It was then that a gray ball was thrown out from the haze.

It wasn’t specifically aimed at the Snake King; it merely fell into the sea. But the gigantic reptile had already been riled up by the sharks. He no longer cared about who or what the invader was; he would go straight for the kill. Being immune to all poisons, he was ready to devour everything, even deadly poisons.


The Snake King twirled his body, caught up to the gray ball and swallowed it.

His fearsome expression changed the moment the gray ball entered his mouth.

It’s not solid?Is it some sort of gas ball?

That ball of gas was originally in a swirling state. However, it quickly lost its pull after being eaten, immediately going further into the Snake King’s body.


A thunderous explosion went off inside the Snake King’s mind. The latter instantly felt that his soul was collapsing, as though all his consciousness was about to be sealed by the gas.

Poison? What is this poison? Why can’t I assimilate it? Is there any poison I can’t take? No~~~~~~~~~~~~! The last thing on the Snake King’s mind was despair.

Smelly!An unprecedented stench! The Snake King’s sight turned white because of the mouthful of smelly gas. All nerves across his entire body were blocked; his soul and mind were all blank.

What the hell did I eat?

He was on the verge of fainting.

He didn't realize that the water breaking sound was from a massive ship sailing toward him.

If the Snake King were in his right mind, he would have crushed the ship with his gigantic tail. However, his soul had a momentary collapse, while his body was twitching unstoppably. So, he didn't notice the incoming ship.


The ship rammed into the Snake King’s head and rendered him unconscious.

And thus, the mighty Snake King was knocked down, just like that.

At the same time, he lost contact with his core the moment he was knocked out, and the object fell from the sky.

The crystal clear core landed right on the ship’s deck.


The Snake King’s core broke into pieces. The snake figure inside the core also disappeared.

“A glass ball? Falling from the sky?”

Wang Ke, who was on deck, looked at the broken pieces of the glass sphere before looking up at the sky. He was confused.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by Cao Junbo. Edited by Calofel.