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100000PSI - Chapter 92.1: How Can She Compare With You? (1)

Ji Fanyin’s life has been great lately.

As busy as she was, the work she was doing was lucrative. Not to mention, she was doing something she loved―movies.

She had already garnered a significant following of three million people on her Weibo, bringing in a steady stream of Emotion Points through her frequent postings of movie reviews.

Furthermore, she found that there had been an influx of inexplicable Emotion Points in the app ever since the studio got on track. She had no idea where they had come from, but she was not about to turn down this additional source of income.

Unlike half a year ago, she no longer had to carefully plan every bit of resource coming in. It would be an exaggeration to say that she was making big bucks everyday, but money was flowing in at a decent pace that she didn’t need to worry about her finances.

Her goal of ten billion dollar was already right in front of her.

After the conclusion of Bai Zhou’s chapter, Ji Fanyin had made a rough plan on the implementation of her to-do list.

Considering the passive income of Emotion Points Ji Xinxin and Li Xiaoxing were providing her with, Ji Fanyin decided to leave them to the very end.

What was left was Father Ji, Mother Ji, Cen Xiangyang, and Song Shiyu.

Cen Xiangyang could be considered as one of the side characters in the Ji Xinxin and Li Xiaoxing arc so he could be handled at a later time together with the two of them.

As for Father Ji, Mother Ji and Song Shiyu…

Father Ji’s company was neither big nor small but the performance was average. Its profits could not even compare to her studio that had just reached its half year mark.

However, from the appearance of the Ji Family home, Mother Ji’s actions, the number of maids, gardeners and cleaners they hired, it had seemed as though they were earning ten times more than her.

With their huge ego, they would never willingly give up their lavish appearance.

But to maintain this lifestyle, it was paramount his company continued to survive.

Ji Fanyin was initially clueless about their situation if not for Zhang Ning.

A speechless Zhang Ning: “Are you clueless about your family business?”

Zhang Ning knew about the bad relationship Ji Fanyin had with her family and did not care about mushing her words.

After all, anyone who knew Father Ji knew he had his eyes on his future son-in-law’s fortune.

“They finally found a rich son-in-law. The only thing left is for Ji Xinxin to officially marry Li Xiaoxing.” Zhang Ning took a puff out of the cigarette between her fingers. “But for a family of Li Family’s stature, I believe there would be a team of lawyers preparing a prenup agreement to safeguard their assets in case of divorce. They wouldn’t want to lose billions of dollars to a divorce… Isn’t that right?”

Ji Fanyin nibbled on an ice cream while watching Zhang Ning smoke. She took a moment to ponder over Zhang Ning’s words.

… That seems like a way to go about things.

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The moment the divorce is finalized, I will be able to easily receive the ten billion dollars as alimony.

But to marry someone like Li Xiaoxing…

Unless he agrees to a fake marriage... But will I still be entitled to his assets?

“Now that Li Xiaoxing is sick, the wedding ceremony will most probably be postponed.” Zhang Ning hesitated before adding, “Your father’s company seems to be in a dire state… Or should I say, it’s in a dire state again?”

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“It had occurred a few times in the past but he was able to secure help to tide the company over.” Zhang Ning shrugged. “I’m not sure about the previous times but for the recent few times, I heard it was Song Shiyu who helped him.”

Hearing the name she had not heard in a long time, Ji Fanyin raised her eyebrows. “You seem to not like him.”

“And why do you think that is so?” Zhang Ning leaned forward to pinch Ji Fanyin’s cheek. “Isn’t it because a certain someone is lazy and always used me as a shield to deter him?”

Ji Fanyin did not stop Zhang Ning. She calmly added, “Seems like he won’t be able to help them this time.”

Zhang Ning retracted her hand, disinterested from the lack of reaction from Ji Fanyin. “That’s true. His liquid assets are all with us.”

Ji Fanyin licked her vanilla ice cream, unfazed by what Zhang Ning said.

Since Song Shiyu likes to flaunt his wealth so much, let him be. Nobody forced him to invest in the studio.

Moreover, the studio has been doing well recently. He may be able to recoup his investment capital.

“They will probably approach their daughter for help,” Zhang Ning pondered aloud, “But I heard Li Xiaoxing contracted some weird disease and is in a serious condition. It has been going around that your sister has had her hands full taking care of him and Li Mingyue is the one handling all the company affairs… Wait, what kind of expression is that?”

Ji Fanyin smiled at Zhang Ning. “What are you talking about?”

“It’s that knowing expression!” Zhang Ning pounced on Ji Fanyin after extinguishing her cigarette. “Do you have insider information?”

Ji Fanyin continued to smile but offered no new information.

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