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ZL - Chapter 1123- Wan Er's design

The license was approved the next day and the registered brand was "Wan Yue Fashion Design". They just took the names of both the beauty bosses. Moreover, the two sisters really hid many things from me, they even rented a building on the same street as the university. 1/4 of a building and they have hired a bunch of people, a total of 40+ people.


In the morning, I drove my A4 and brought the license to the company. The two girls weren't planning to train in the morning and in the afternoon too. My duty was to protect Lin Wan Er so naturally, I followed her around. Although I was thinking about the second Xiangyu Warsoul Fragment but forget it, protecting her was the most important.

When the elevator opened, what I saw was the sky blue logo Wan Yue Design that was chiseled into the white front desk. It looked really elegant and high class. Two girls stood by the desk and they had already met the bosses before. They smiled, "You all are here?"

Lin Wan Er nodded, "Morning!"

One of the girls looked at me in shock, "Manager Lin, this is?"

Lin Wan Er laughed and hugged onto my arm, "Let me introduce, this is Li Xiao Yao, my boyfriend."

The other girl smiled, "I know I know, he is amazing in Destiny, he is Xiao Yao Zi Zai right? I heard that my idol Q-Sword lost to you."

I said, "Those are just rumors, like clouds in the sky..."

Who knew that this girl would say, "I hope that Q-Sword would defeat you and gain his honor back."

I, "..."

The workers were just too active and they didn't care about the pride of others. Unfortunately, I wasn't the boss if not I would cut their pay.


I entered the company and it was newly furnished. The corridors were many white statues and on the walls were many female articles of clothing on display. Under the LED lights, the clothes were lit up well. It looked really artistic but anyways I couldn't understand any of it. For example, a piece of clothing looked like a jug covering a model's chest. From afar it looked like a killing weapon, I didn't know how that was even art. But since normal people like me couldn't understand then it should be art.

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue shared the same room at the corner of the office. After opening it, there was the smell of a newly furnished room. Two luxurious tables were placed side by side. When we stepped in, the window rippled and a translucent image was reflected onto it with light technology. On it showed the weather, temperature and workers' spending. There was also a gentle female voice, "Wan Er, Dong Cheng good morning. It is 8:44 am, the weather is clear and the air quality is 94, suitable for heading out. I hope you have a good day!"

I was frightened and was a little speechless, "This is too high-tech?"

Lin Wan Er pointed at the projector in the wall and smiled, "This is a gift from my father. It is the new product of Tian Jin Corporation and it was originally used for the military. We modified it and it became the nanny of our office!"

Dong Cheng Yue was shocked, "Tian Jin Corporation's technology really is good..."

The two CEOs sat at their seats,

I sat on the guest seat opposite Lin Wan Er and stared at her. Her face flushed red, "Why are you looking at me like that, you are making me embarrassed..."

Dong Cheng said, "Stop looking, the two of you spend so much time with one another... There is a meeting at 9am, prepare and then head over."

I opened the door and looked at the work hall, I turned around and said, "How is the security here?"

Lin Wan Er said, "We hired 4 people from the security company, but... Father is still worried and he sent 4 of his men over. They are in charge of sending documents and newspapers."

I gathered Blazing Sun Power to sense and there were a few experts. The uncle organising the paper cups at the door was at least mid Energy Controlling Realm, the other young man moving the water dispenser was initial Energy Controlling Realm. To protect his daughter, Lin Tian Nan didn't hold back. With these few people, normal agents and scum wouldn't be able to do anything.

Lin Tian Nan should also know that I spent every day with Lin Wan Er. She would most probably call me when she came to the office so she would be much safer.


At 9am, I accompanied them to the meeting room. This time they gave me a seat beside them. There were dozens of people in the meeting and they were the managers of the various departments. I knew a few of them which were the few girls we ate with last night, they were the main designers in the office.

Time was nearly up and Lin Wan Er coughed, "Okay let's begin, can you introduce your newest products?"

The girl called Amy nodded her head professionally and projected her PPT. She introduced, "Regarding the summer collection, I have designed 11 models that have been professionally evaluated. The design concept shouldn't be a problem. Wan Er, Dong Cheng take a look!"

I naturally couldn't understand whether the dresses were nice or not. But I saw two circular holes near the chest of one of the dresses like they were purposely revealing the bra. I laughed.

"En, do you have a problem?"

Amy looked at me and her gaze was like she was looking at a noob. I was indeed so I coughed, "Nothing, I have no problems."

"That is good, Wan Er, Dong Cheng what do you think"

Lin Wan Er nodded, "The concepts are fresh, the company will buy all 11 designs. Amy, what price do you think is suitable? You are our special designer so we basically won't lower the price."

Amy said, "20 thousand for one, will that be too high?"

Lin Wan Er shook her head, "Then sign it. These 11 were things you designed before and we want it all. You are worth this price, Delia it is your turn."

Another girl showed her previous designs. Moreover, these were all unprecedented designs. When Lin Wan Er evaluated them, Dong Cheng Yue typed on her laptop to search whether or not there were similar designs in the past. Dong Cheng Yue and Wan Er were not stupid so one had to have skills to earn money from them.

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A full two hours and we finally finished all their designs. Over 30% were recognised and bought by them. Next would be to market and edit. These didn't need the two of them if not they would be so tired.

Moreover, Lin Tian Nan and Dong Cheng Feng hired a helper for their daughters and they were both 25-30 year old females. With them, the profits of the company wouldn't be a problem. Moreover, Wan Yue Design's definitely had high standards and I heard that they would head to Shanghai and Beijing's fashion week. They even had plans to head to Paris. With Lin Tian Nan's ability, I believed that he could fulfill his daughter's dream.

I listened for a morning and I was immersed in such an atmosphere. I was thinking, should I open a company with Wolf and Old K., After all, we couldn't play games for a whole life. Along with age, reaction speed and thinking would reduce. I could maintain at my peak due to my cultivation but they couldn't. Moreover, we were lucky to earn money in-game and the effort we put in was far from what others could see.

But I had no good ideas now so even if I wanted to open a business I didn't know what to do.

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We were busy until noon and we ordered delivery into the company. We ate the same as the workers, tomato fried egg, pork slices etc. After eating, Lin Wan Er rested on the sofa and her face was filled with a tinge of exhaustion. It seemed like selecting so many designs had made her tired. I stood up and helped her massage her shoulders. I also used Blazing Sun Power to relax her joints and muscles to reduce her tiredness. Wan Er enjoyed it and closed her eyes. She smiled and I rubbed her beautiful cheeks.

"Is it so good?" Dong Cheng Yue tilted her head.

Lin Wan Er opened her eyes, "Like... Different from normal massages?"

I nodded, "En, I can use my power to relax the muscles, naturally those girls can't compare to me..."

Lin Wan Er was helpless, "How did you end up talking about that..."

Dong Cheng Yue got up and sat next to Lin Wan Er, "I want it too, I am so tired also. I wrote at least 10 thousand words in the morning!"

I laughed, "No one is paying you for it so you are writing it for nothing!"


But I still helped Dong Cheng massage. I massaged them with a hand each. The two of them rested lazily and bit on their lips, afraid that they would moan. I found that amusing. I increased my strength and activated Blazing Sun Power. The two girls opened their mouths and moaned at the same time, "Ah... En..."



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