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IGK - Chapter 80.1 The Amiable Brother Wang (1/2)

“Astral Infant Stage cultivator? Trump-card undercover?” Tong An'an mumbled to himself. Beads of cold sweat ran down his body.

Wang Ke had sounded really confident, yet some of them were still hesitant to believe him. Chapter Lord, you didn’t use your full strength, did you?

But Tong An'an was on the verge of believing. If Wang Ke was not an Astral Infant Stage cultivator, he wouldn't have withstood his punch!

“Chapter Lord Tong, you didn’t use full strength, right?” Zhu Yan asked anxiously, “Wang Ke can’t take your punches. He wouldn't have fled in fear after his failed revolution attempt in the Great Qing Empire. He must be lying!”

Wang Ke is a big liar. You must not believe his words.

“Then, why don’t you try my punch?” Tong An'an replied.

The Chapter Lord was panic-stricken, on the verge of breaking down. If Wang Ke’s claims were true, he would be in big trouble for ganging up against Wang Ke.

Zhu Yan’s words relieved Tong An'an’s anxiety. Oh yeah, it might be a hallucination!

Since you said that Wang Ke is lying to me, you can try taking my punch.


Tong An'an’s punch was quick like lightning. It landed squarely on Zhu Yan before Wang Ke could even give warning.



Zhu Yan spat a stream of blood which arced in midair. Tong An'an’s punch sent him flying across the air, crashing into the distant beach. He was covered in blood, looking miserable.

“Cough, cough. Chapter Lord, why did you punch me? Pffftt!” Zhu Yan was so badly injured that he couldn't even stand back up.

Why! Why am I always the unlucky one!Why didn’t you punch Wang Ke instead?Why did you punch me?

Zhu Yan was almost breathing his last. That proved to the Chapter Lord that his punch had struck true. There was no hallucination.

The demons came to a sudden realization.

“Now I understand. I get it now. Wang Ke was uninjured in the Ten-thousand Serpent Pool because he’s an Astral Infant cultivator!” Southern Gambling Saint muttered to himself.


Right then there was a muffled sound in Wang Ke’s body, followed by a wave of Qi radiating outward.

Fourth Level of the Innate Stage? Wang Ke thought with a raised eyebrow.

I’ve been putting on an act for a good while, but now I’m going to expose myself since my cultivation broke through? The aura of this breakthrough was obviously Innate Stage!

“Brother Wang, no, I mean Senior. It’s all my fault; I was too careless and exposed your true cultivation. Please forgive me!” Tong An'an said anxiously.

“Hmm?” Wang Ke was really surprised.

“So Brother Wang, uhh no, Senior Wang, you’ve been using layers of restrictive spells to conceal your cultivation… No wonder you looked like an Innate Stage practitioner!” a demon said in awe.

Wang Ke: “..................!”

Are you guys trying to cover up my own lies?

“Chapter Lord Tong, you don’t have to call me ‘Senior.’ Although the Demon Sovereign agreed that I no longer needed to pretend, I can’t just expose myself before I make my identity public. Why don’t you just call me ‘Wang Ke,’ or just ‘Brother Wang’!” said Wang Ke as he shook his head.

“Okay, okay. Brother Wang is indeed the trump-card undercover. You are so amiable and nice!” Tong An'an said, wiping off the cold sweat on his forehead.

“Yeah, Brother Wang. I knew you had to be someone outstanding when you arrived at Divine Dragon Island. Brother Wang, how powerful and generous you are toward us, even allowing us to call you ‘brother.’ We really deserve death for treating you badly!” said a demon. All of them had sorry smiles on their faces.

The demons were currently filled with regret.

Damn it. Why did we try to frame Wang Ke?We wouldn’t have been in so much trouble if we didn't target Wang Ke.Why are we this unlucky!We still thought he was an insignificant Innate Stage cultivator without any backing. But he actually is an Astral Infant cultivator!He’s an undercover agent assigned to monitor us?

“Brother Wang, I have someone to report!” Tong An'an shouted.

“Report?” Wang Ke was a little confused.

“Him, him! Zhu Yan! He’s trying to harm you! He said that you’re a big fat liar. He said that you lied to all of us! He said that you cheated when playing Mahjong, then you asked us to go and teach you a lesson! Brother Wang, you know us. We’re always very respectful toward you. We came here today all because of Zhu Yan’s lies. He’s the one who deceived us!” Tong An'an pointed at Zhu Yan and blamed him.

Zhu Yan laid in a pool of blood as he stared back at Tong An'an. He was so incensed that he vomited another mouthful of blood. Damn it. Aren’t you the ones who wanted to deal with Wang Ke?What has this got to do with me?

“Right, right. He was also talking about killing you. He told us to keep your last breath for him to take!” another demon added insult to injury.

Wang Ke looked at Zhu Yan with a peculiar look.

“Zhu Yan? There must be some misunderstanding between us! He’s Parlor Lord Zhu’s relative, after all. It’s not right for me to punish him!” Wang Ke shook his head.

“Brother Wang, you are really easy to get along with for an undercover!” Tong An'an praised Wang Ke.

“Just so so! I always treat others like how they treat me. If anyone treats me well, I treat that person well. If anyone wants to mistreat me, I shall return the ill-treatment to him! For example, when I was just thrown into prison, Chapter Lord Tong really cared for me. That is why I praised you greatly when the Demon Sovereign asked me about things related with the area! Consider it repayment for your care! But just now… you were pointing weapons at me... So I will.....!” Wang Ke said with a frown.

“Brother Wang, it was all a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding!” a demon urged.

“Is it?” Wang Ke asked in doubt.

“It’s definitely a misunderstanding. Brother Wang, you were saying that the Demon Sovereign…?” Tong An'ang was somewhat doubtful.

“Ohh,” Wang Ke replied with a frown, “I made many contributions to the demonic sect. The Demon Sovereign saw my achievements and wanted me to stop acting under the radar. He wants me to work for him in the open now, but I can’t do it too quickly. After all, there are too many secrets linked to my identity. I will begin to learn from being a Branch Lord. That is why I’m here, to search for the Divine Dragon Token. The Demon Sovereign drove the snakes away from here, and he said…”

It’s clear now! The demons had their doubts cleared!

No wonder Wang Ke declared his intention to find the Divine Dragon Token. It’s because he’s bound to get it, since it’s the Demon Sovereign’s arrangement.The Demon Sovereign is really here?He arrived at Divine Dragon Island ahead of time?

“What else did the Demon Sovereign say......?” Tong An'an asked, worried.

Wang Ke replied, “The Demon Sovereign said that there are still a lot of suspects related to the attempt on the Sacred Child’s life. Even after Chapter Lord Tong found out that Northern Gambling God was the culprit. But, could there be other accomplices? That is why he wanted me to leave with big publicity, to draw out all the accomplices responsible for the attempted murder and capture them in one fell swoop! The Demon Sovereign is ahead of us, blocking the way; he asked me to stay here and wait for you to arrive. Why did you arrive this late? I’m so tired of waiting already. Also, why didn’t you come from the south?” Wang Ke asked.

The demons: “.................!”

The Demon Sovereign is waiting to intercept us on the road ahead?To capture all the accomplices to the Sacred Child’s murder attempt.Isn’t he talking about us?It’s about us!

Oh no! Oh no!

“Brother Wang, listen to me please! We were deceived by Zhu Yan. We’re not accomplices!” Tong An'an was anxious as he tried to explain himself.

The demons lost their cool and cried out, “Right, it’s all because of Zhu Yan! He said he wants to kill you and rob you. The b*stard!”

The demons dragged the bloodied Zhu Yan over and gave him another round of beating.

“Ahh, ahh! I’m already too miserable as it is. Why are you still beating me up? Ahhh!” Zhu Yan shrieked in pain.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.