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AWG - Chapter 0024: Venturing into the Bloody Pit

“Lie Ziying, what do you think you’re doing?” Already in a foul mood, Wan Lanxin lost her temper completely when she heard the way Lie Ziying lashed out at Yang Wu.

“Who is he? How can you be so casual with him?” Lie Ziying demanded.

 "What I do with others is none of your business. Get lost! I’m going into the bloody pit after my father.” The woman brushed Lie Ziying off. She was not overly fond of him in the first place, considering him condescending.

The man’s expression sank at her sharp retort. Taking a deep breath, he replied, “It’s not safe yet. You can’t just recklessly barge in.”

“I’m not asking for your opinion. Let me through, or I’ll make you regret getting in my way,” Wan Lanxin growled, taking up her spear and pointing it at Lie Ziying. 

“Lanxin, you know I only have your best interests in mind. Do you not see my sincerity?” he pleaded with her.

Just as she opened her mouth to reply, Yang Wu interjected. “Big Sister, let me speak with this uncle.”

Lie Ziying was not pleased with being referred to as ‘uncle.’ His only consolation was the implication that the relationship between these two was one of siblings. It was the only thing that stopped him from erupting with rage.

Realizing that Yang Wu, who was quite street-smart, might be able to convince the man, Wan Lanxin did not interfere.

“Uncle, I am Big Sister Lanxin’s younger god-brother. I’ve heard that my uncle is in grave danger, so I’m asking you to allow us through. I see that you’re fond of my big sister, which is all the more reason not to stop us. Doing so would just repulse her. In fact, shouldn’t you help her save her father?” Yang Wu earnestly tried to persuade the man. 

Born to a wealthy family, Yang Wu had encountered all kinds of men and women. He could see this man’s lust for Wan Lanxin. Hmph, he should take a good look at himself. Doesn’t he realize that he’s aiming for the moon? Yang Wu silently dispised Lie Ziying.

The young man’s announcement relieved Lie Ziying of his suspicions. He knew Wan Lanxin well enough to know that she would not allow any man near her unless they were related in some special way. Lie Ziying had no reason to doubt Yang Wu’s claim, and although he had no idea where this younger god-brother had come from, he realized Yang Wu had a point.

“I’d like to let you both through, but right now, it's too dangerous to get near the pit. Not even Warden Wan and Deputy Warden Zhao escaped unharmed, so it’d be pointless for the two of you to enter. You’d just risk your lives for nothing,” Lie Ziying slowly explained.

“Are you saying that something has happened to my Uncle Wan?” Yang Wu asked.

Glancing at the young man, Lie Ziying said, “I’m afraid the recent events don’t bode well—.”

Before he could finish, Wan Lanxin cut him off. “Get lost!” she snapped.

It was the last thing she wanted to hear. The poor man did not even realize that Yang Wu had set a trap for him, and it only made the woman dislike him more.

Wan Lanxin charged toward the man, her spear pointed, and Lie Ziying directed his beast to leap out of the way. The woman continued and sped past him before he had the chance to explain.

The guards around knew her, though, and quickly gave chase. The last thing they wanted was to see her come to harm.

Watching her go, Lie Ziying cursed the woman under his breath, “What insolence!. Just wait; I’ll set you straight once you’re mine.”

Without further ado, he hurried after her on his golden-maned lion.

Soon, Wan Lanxin and Yang Wu reached the entrance of the bloody pit. The leopard slowed its pace as they approached, whining with anxiety.

This was the first time Yang Wu had encountered this bloody pit. He caught whiffs of the pit’s stench as the bloody aura lingered in the air. It seemed to seep into him, making him feel deeply uncomfortable.

Is this the damned place that attracted the wolf spirits? Yang Wu deliberated as he sized up the pit.

Wan Lanxin had briefly mentioned the wolf spirits’ attack the night before, so he was well aware of how gravely dangerous this pit was.

“We’ve blocked this area off, for the time being, Young Miss. You can’t pass!” A squadron leader respectfully tried to stop her.

“Get lost!” However, she had no patience left for the guard. With her spear in her hand, she attacked, emitting an overwhelming aura. The squadron leader was so overcome with terror that he tumbled off his mount.

She had not aimed to kill him, though. Leading her leopard forward, she stopped before the entrance and addressed Yang Wu, “Get down, and wait for me outside.”

“No! I’m coming with you.” Yang Wu shook his head.

“Get down. Now!” Wan Lanxin growled, frowning.

The young man simply clutched her petite waist and refused again, “No matter what you say, I’m not getting off!”

Behind them, Lie Ziying finally caught up. Seeing the two in such an intimate embrace, he struggled to rein in his jealousy. Wan Lanxin’s so-called younger god-brother had the privilege of touching her, while he was constantly denied.

Yang Wu just happened to glance over his shoulder, noticing the man behind them. “Uncle, do you want to come with us?”

Lie Ziying shuddered at the thought. “That place is too … too dangerous. You two should stay out of there.”

He was well aware of the danger and evil that place contained, having received a warning from his father not to get close. Both Wan Tianlong and Zhao Changdao had lost their lives in there, so what chance did he, a cultivator new to the General Realm, have?

He might be interested in Wan Lanxin but was not willing to lay his life down for her.

“I didn’t expect Uncle to be so timid!” Yang Wu snickered. Turning to Wan Lanxin, he commented, “Let’s go, Big Sister. We shouldn’t waste any more time.”

Shooting Lie Ziying a disdainful look before ignoring him altogether, she directed her leopard into the pit with Yang Wu at her back.

As Wan Tianlong’s daughter, she had a few treasures of her own. She retrieved a jade umbrella, using it to cover both her and Yang Wu, effectively keeping the bloody aura at bay.

The umbrella’s frame was carefully carved jade, while its pannels were crafted of ice silk. The beautiful object was a specially forged General class piece of equipment. It would ward off evil and stabilize one’s will. It could even be used for self-defense.

“Younger Brother Wu, when are you going to stop being so obstinate? This place is treacherous. It’s too dangerous to follow me,” Wan Lanxin grumbled, looking back at Yang Wu with a sigh.

“You’re closer to me than a biological sister, Big Sister Lanxin. How could I let you face this alone? Your business is my business. Just concentrate on saving your father. Don’t worry about me. I can look after myself,” the young man reassured her, thumping his chest with a fist.

She did not want to waste more time arguing. Besides, she knew him well. Trying to force him to change his mind once he had decided something would be fruitless. Thus, she advanced, her jade umbrella radiating wisps of ethereal energy as it resisted the pit’s aura.

As they delved deeper, they noticed eerie stones to their right and left, and their senses were assaulted by the smell of blood. They passed one pile of remains after another, the pit’s ominous aura enveloping them. This place was petrifying. 

Yang Wu had never seen such a horrific place, and fear began to creep in as he tightened his grip on Wan Lanxin’s hand.

“Stay alert, and circulate your energy. Stay calm and focused, and ignore the corpses.” Wan Lanxin tried to comfort him, sensing his nervousness.

Yang Wu understood what she meant and began to focus. He circulated the Supreme Nine Profound Art, Profound Energy started to gush through him. As he did, he sensed an indistinct force beckoning him. This accelerated his energy circulation, sensing a deep thirst.

What is happening here? He wondered.

The feeling only intensified as they ventured deeper.

Pressure mounted as the bloody aura grew denser and stronger. Wan Lanxin concentrated all of her strength to power the jade umbrella, and it began to radiate light as it fought the bloody aura.

“We need to hurry. The longer we take, the more danger we’ll be in,” she warned him.

Yang Wu nodded his agreement, and the two rushed forward.

As they ran, apparitions of wolves, lions, and humans condensed from the aura, pouncing with blood-thirsty fangs and claws, trying to tear apart the two invaders’ minds.

With a dismissive snort, Wan Lanxin waved her umbrella, launching flashes of jade-like rainbow energy and dispelling the apparitions.

But after such a long struggle, something was bound to go wrong. One bloody apparition swerved around them, attacking Yang Wu from behind. He reacted fast enough to dodge the blow, but he struggled to disperse the apparition with the Profound Energy of a Foot Soldier. It only gave his enemy the chance to attack his mind. 

This bloody aura could corrode one’s mind, causing overwhelming anxiety and hallucinations. When it attacked physically, it would rot the flesh it touched, ultimately making a meal of its target.

Yang Wu struggled to breathe, his chest pained, as the apparition attacked. Losing control, he screamed in pain.


He clutched his head, feeling like it was about to explode, and rolled to the ground in agony. More bloody apparitions surged forward, leaving him in a precarious position.

Wan Lanxin had her hands full attempting to fend off the rest of the apparitions. When she heard him cry out, however, she lost her cool. Knocking enemies out of the way, she tried to rush back and help him. “Younger Brother Wu, hang on!”

These bloody apparitions were vicious, and she had a hard time keeping up in the fight even with her jade umbrella. Saving Yang Wu under such an assault was a tall order, but she could not just watch him die.

Wan Lanxin threw the umbrella toward Yang Wu. The jade frame shone with light, and streams of evil-warding energy began to surround the young man.

The bloody aura that clung to him began to ease, giving him a chance to breathe. His body automatically returned to circulating the Supreme Nine Profound Art, and his energy swallowed the invading apparitions, pulling them into the many pores in his peach pit dantian. Within seconds, he regained his wits, and the rotting flesh on his body began to recover with astonishing speed.

The peach pit dantian quickly purified the bloody aura, expelling clear, pure energy in return. As the energy circulated through his twelve major meridians, he experienced another Screeching Arrow Whistle.

This was the sixteenth time he experienced such rings, signifying sixteen stones of strength.

Who would have imagined he could purify this bloody aura while increasing his own strength at the same time?

Before Yang Wu could enjoy the sweet intoxication of increased strength, he heard Wan Lanxin’s tormented cry.



Translated by: Half-Cat
Edited by: FluffyGoblyn
Checked by: DragonInWhite

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