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CSG - Chapter 3096: A Twist of Events (Two)

Because of this, he had called Xu Ran along and even requested help from the experts of the Myriad Bone Guild to destroy the Gloomwater sect. However, even with the Gloomwater sect’s destruction, Kai Ya would never be able to return again.

Kai Ya’s death had always caused Jian Chen the deepest pain. It was his greatest regret.

“Sir, have you suddenly mentioned Kai Ya because you have some way of reviving her?” Jian Chen asked a probing question. He was aware that Kai Ya had already died, having completely vanished from this world, but the person before him was an embodiment of the heavenly ways after all. He was capable of exceptional things, so perhaps he might have a way.

Although his main objective behind this trip was to save fairy Hao Yue, he would not let even the slightest chance of reviving Kai Ya slip by either.

“I grasp the Laws of Creation, so I can create anything in the world. As long as I am willing, I can indeed recreate all people that have already ceased to exist from a wisp of lingering will, from some impressions left behind, or even a remaining trace of information,” said the Anatta Grand Exalt.

Suddenly, Jian Chen became emotional. His dull eyes immediately lit up again. However, he soon seemed to remember something, which made him uneasy. He asked carefully in a nervous and worried manner, “May I ask if the condition to revive Kai Ya is also Chaotic Fruits of Ways and Ancient Chaos Qi?”

“Your soul is contaminated with a strand of Chaotic Force, which is rather special. If I want half of your soul in exchange for a chance to revive her, would you be willing to go with that?”

“I am, I am. As long as you can revive Kai Ya, even ninety percent of my soul is fine, let alone half of it.” Jian Chen’s gloominess immediately vanished as he agreed without the slightest hesitation. He could tell that the Anatta Grand Exalt clearly bore a sliver of interest in his soul.

“A part of your soul has already fractured away. It’s not in a complete state. If I take away half of it under this state, you will suffer from severe, irreversible consequences. It might even sever your future path of cultivation.”

“You better think it through. Are you really willing to destroy your future in exchange for someone who’s already gone?”

“I am. As long as you’re willing to assist me, I’m willing to offer up half of my soul right now,” Jian Chen said firmly.

The Anatta Grand Exalt did not say anything as if he had sunk into his thoughts temporarily. However, his silence was like torture to Jian Chen. He stood there and waited anxiously in uneasiness.

He still found this to be somewhat surreal. He had come to meet the Anatta Grand Exalt to save fairy Hao Yue, but he had never expected it to suddenly turn into a sliver of hope of reviving Kai Ya.

It left Jian Chen extremely excited, yet also filled with mixed feelings.

“I can create certain deceased people through impressions and lingering wills through the Laws of Creation, but they aren’t going to be the same person at the end of the day. At most, they’re only a body of memories based around the lingering wills and impressions. Since certain matters and figures are already gone, it’s best to just go with the flow and let them be gone forever.” The Anatta Grand Exalt sighed gently and continued, “Jian Chen, since you’re so loyal to your friends, I’ll help you out this one time. Leave behind the woman by your side. You can go.”

Jian Chen immediately panicked with that. He clasped his fist in a hurry. “Thank you for your assistance, sir, but I have another request. I’m willing to offer up half of my soul. I hope you can revive Kai Ya through the Laws of Creation. Even if she’s no longer the same person as before, I’m still willing to go forward with this.”

“She’s already gone, so why must you insist on this? You can go.” The Anatta Grand Exalt’s voice rang out. As soon as he said that, the surroundings in Jian Chen’s eyes twisted. He had been sent out of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng by an invisible power, appearing outside the palace. He was back to where the Bridge of Life and Death began.

The crystal coffin containing fairy Hao Yue had been left behind on the highest floor of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

Jian Chen had basically gotten what he wanted out of this trip to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. He had successfully saved fairy Hao Yue.

However, Jian Chen was not satisfied. He completely disregarded his wounds and the splitting pain from his soul, using all of his strength to stand up and walk towards the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng again with heavy footsteps. He pleaded loudly, “Sir, I’m willing to offer up half of my soul in exchange for Kai Ya’s revival.”

“If half isn’t enough, then I’m willing to offer up ninety percent or even all of it. I just hope it will be enough to revive Kai Ya.”

Jian Chen dragged his wounded body towards the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, wanting to enter the place and see the Anatta Grand Exalt again.

However, when he reached the vicinity of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, he faced the obstruction of an invisible force. The force was so great that he definitely could not overcome it even if he was in peak condition, let alone now when he was heavily injured.

That was the power of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, the terrifying might of a sovereign god artifact.

“Sir, as long as you can bring back Kai Ya, I’m willing to do anything and everything. I just hope she can live again.”

“Even if she won’t be the original her, even if she’s just a body of lingering impressions and wills, I’m willing to go forward with this.”

Jian Chen pleaded painfully outside with his eyes filled with hope and desire. During this time, Kai Ya’s figure appeared in his head again and again, making his heart ache. It also consolidated his desire to revive her.

“Brother, you’re finally out, but what’s happened to you?” At this moment, Ming Dong emerged from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Hearing Jian Chen utter Kai Ya’s name, he immediately became puzzled. Hadn’t Jian Chen come specially to save fairy Hao Yue? Why was he muttering someone else’s name now?

“Your master- your master can revive Kai Ya. He can bring Kai Ya back to life. He can bring back Kai Ya,” Jian Chen said frantically. His eyes shone with hope as his heart thumped away uncontrollably.

He gained the hope of being able to revive Kai Ya from the Anatta Grand Exalt. This sliver of hope was like an ember in a grassland. It burned brighter and brighter until it filled his entire heart with enough force to raze down the entire grassland.

“What? Master is capable of something like that?” Ming Dong was surprised, “I’ll go ask my master right now. Let’s hope master will revive Kai Ya for my sake.” With that, Ming Dong returned to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng again.

However, he returned very soon and told Jian Chen regretfully, “My brother, my master said that if you really want the deceased to appear again, you can achieve it yourself once you comprehend the Laws of Creation to a hundred percent.”

“No, no. Your master is clearly interested in my soul. I’m willing to offer up my soul in exchange for Kai Ya’s revival. I don’t care if my future path of cultivation becomes hindered. I don’t care if it leads to any irreversible effects either. As long as Kai Ya can live again, I’m willing to pay whatever price your master asks,” Jian Chen pleaded desperately. Kai Ya had died in order to save him. For him, Kai Ya had even offered up her life without any hesitation, so what couldn’t he offer up?

On the highest point of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, the Anatta Grand Exalt remained exactly where he was, seated in the air without moving at all. With his realm of cultivation, he could see the entire Saints’ World with a single glance, so how could he not know about everything occurring outside the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng?

He let out a long sigh and completely ignored Jian Chen’s pleas. Instead, he brought fairy Hao Yue’s crystal coffin before him.

Silently, the crystal coffin made from precious materials that was layered with powerful formations suddenly shattered. Afterwards, the fragments all vanished into thin air, having been wiped from existence by an invisible and terrifying force, without even leaving behind a single speck of dust. It had directly been vaporized.

Fairy Hao Yue hovered still in the air under an invisible force.

“In the past, before my reincarnation had awakened, I had also owed you a debt of kindness. In return, I will give you a fortuitous blessing,” the Anatta Grand Exalt’s voice rang out. Afterwards, he did not seem to do anything, but the sliver of power of the Laws of Fire in fairy Hao Yue’s soul drifted out by itself. This sliver of power had left even Mo Tianyun and the Rain Abbess powerless.

The ember seemed feeble, but it contained extremely great powers of laws. The height of the laws was enough to make many Grand Primes throughout the Saints’ World pale.

The Laws of Fire it contained originated from a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime after all!

However, the Anatta Grand Exalt had managed to draw out this wisp of power from fairy Hao Yue’s soul effortlessly. Afterwards, it was slowly distinguished, vanishing into nothing.

From beginning to end, the Anatta Grand Exalt had not even moved a finger. It was as if he only needed a single thought to completely resolve fairy Hao Yue’s problems.

“Hall spirit, take her to the Land of Origins,” the Anatta Grand Exalt’s cold voice rang out.

The artifact spirit of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng appeared. His old face was filled with surprise. “What? The Land of Origins? Master, that’s a place where only the majesties have the right to cultivate in.” However, the artifact spirit soon realised there were certain matters it could not become involved in after saying that. He immediately bowed towards the Anatta Grand Exalt politely and said, “Master, I’ll handle this immediately.”

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.