Chapter 3097: Crisis of Life or Death
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3097: Crisis of Life or Death

In the Sword God Mountains of the Desolate Plane, the white-robed Celestial Sword Saint sat atop a mountain. His eyes were gently closed. He did not move at all like he was a rock, as if he had entered a state where he was no longer conscious of anything around him, as well as himself. Only the breeze that blew over from time to time would sweep up a few strands of his silver hair, which instead added to his bearing.

At this moment, the Celestial Sword Saint seemed to sense something. He opened his eyes slowly and directly peered beyond the Desolate Plane into the depths of outer space with his calm and sombre gaze.

Before long, two figures appeared silently in the vast sea of stars where the Celestial Sword Saint was looking at. They had completely erased their presence, striding among the stars at an unbelievable speed. A single step they took could cross the distance between an entire region of stars.

Before long, the two of them arrived outside the Desolate Plane. Without any hesitation at all, they took a step and immediately appeared outside the Sword God Mountains.

Only now was it possible to make out their appearances. They were the great elder of the Empyrean Demon Cult, Mo Tianyun, as well as the leader of the Empyrean Demon Cult, Ning Shuang!

“It’s been many years, Celestial Sword Saint. How have you been?” Mo Tianyun clasped his fist towards the empty air outside the Sword God Mountains with a slight smile on his face. However, his gaze had pierced the mountains and landed on the old figure who sat on the distant peak.

“It’s not like it’s your first time here, so come on up.” The Celestial Sword Saint’s voice rang out from the top of the mountains. It was extremely indifferent.

Mo Tianyun brought an arm around Ning Shuang’s waist gently. He took a step and immediately appeared by the Celestial Sword Saint’s side.

“Come, let’s play a game of chess!” The Celestial Sword Saint swung his hand. A chessboard immediately appeared out of thin air between him and Mo Tianyun.

Both the board and the pieces were condensed from extremely pure sword Qi. They contained devastating power. If their cultivation was not up to standard, they could not even touch the board and pieces without suffering injuries.

Mo Tianyun let out a laugh and sat down before the Celestial Sword Saint, formally beginning a game. An intense clash unfolded on the chess board.

“No one visits without a reason. Empyrean Demon Lord, tell me why you’ve come to find me this time,” the Celestial Sword Saint held a chess piece in his hand and gazed at the chess board as he said indifferently.

“Sure enough, I just can’t hide it from the sword saint.” Mo Tianyun smiled faintly in a composed manner. He said with ease, “I’ve come all the way to disturb the sword saint because I actually do have a request. I hope the sword saint can give me an imprint of the Way of the Sword!”

“The woman beside you already has two imprints of ways left behind by you in her soul, which are the Ways of Slaughter and the Ways of Life and Death. Don’t tell me you want me to leave the imprint of the Way of the Sword in her soul as well?” the Celestial Sword Saint asked.

“It’s as the sword saint has said!”

The Celestial Sword Saint continued, “It’s possible to say that her current state is special, where her soul can change slightly if you imprint her soul with the ways in the most perfect manner. It will allow her to develop a closer connection with certain ways. After she rebuilds her body, comprehending those laws will come with great ease as well. However, you might end up biting off more than you can chew. If you comprehend too many laws, it’ll delay your cultivation progress, which is not a good thing.”

“On top of that, there is still a limit to the ways her soul can hold. Once there are too many imprints of ways, it’ll only be detrimental to her.”

“I’m obviously aware of that. Holding the imprints of ways as a soul and modifying the soul slightly through the characteristics of the imprints require extremely stringent conditions. Coincidentally, Ning Shuang satisfies all of these conditions, so how can I let Ning Shuang miss out on such a rare opportunity?”

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“I’ve already planned out all the imprints for Ning Shuang to receive. Apart from her original way, there’ll be the Way of Slaughter, the Way of Life and Death, the Way of the Sword, and the Way of Smithing. Some of these ways cannot be considered as possessing the most offensive power, but they are crucial to Ning Shuang’s path of cultivation. They will be of great support to her cultivation.”

Reaching there, Mo Tianyun let out another sigh of pity. “It’s just a pity that the number of ways that Ning Shuang’s soul can hold is limited. Otherwise, I’d really like to imprint her soul with the Way of Formations and the Way of Alchemy before her body is rebuilt.”

“Since you insist, then I’ll do as you asked!” The Celestial Sword Saint said nothing more. Extending a finger, an imprint of the Way of the Sword was immediately embedded in Ning Shuang’s soul.

Ning Shuang’s soul shone brightly. As soon as the imprint of ways entered her soul, it rapidly broke down, completely merging with her soul.

However, while they had merged together, it did not mean Ning Shuang had completely comprehended the Laws of the Sword. It had only modified her soul slightly, adding some additional attributes to it. As such, she was closer to the Laws of the Sword. When she comprehended the Laws of the Sword in the future, everything would become much easier.

A method like this was very difficult to replicate, as there were a few extremely stringent requirements to achieve the ability that Ning Shuang possessed.

“Thank you, sword saint!” Mo Tianyun clasped his fist, and the game of chess just happened to end. He had achieved a slight victory over the Celestial Sword Saint, but he did not care about the game at all. He immediately stood up and bade farewell.

“Empyrean Demon Lord!” The Celestial Sword Saint suddenly stopped Mo Tianyun. He said calmly, “In consideration of all the years we’ve known each other, let me give you a piece of advice. It’s best if you limit your contact with Jian Chen!”

Mo Tianyun paused. His eyes shone brightly as he stared at the Celestial Sword Saint in interest. “Why do you say that, sword saint?”

“I know you have some connections with Jian Chen, but he has a crisis of life or death. Before he faces this crisis of life or death, it’s best if you avoid all contact with him, or you might end up being doomed forever as well,” said the Celestial Sword Saint.

“What kind of crisis of life or death can even doom me forever? Now that’s something I’d like to see.” Mo Tianyun sneered. He did not take it seriously.

“Empyrean Demon Lord, I know you’re very powerful, but you really won’t be able to help out Jian Chen with his crisis of life or death. Once you become involved, not only will you be doomed, but even the woman beside you that you saved by going to such great lengths will die because of you,” said the Celestial Sword Saint.

Mo Tianyun became slightly sterner. He asked in doubt, “Celestial Sword Saint, is Jian Chen’s crisis of life or death really that terrifying? How can I help him in surviving this crisis?”

“The crisis will only be more terrifying than anything you can imagine. At the very least, throughout the current six worlds, no one can help him face it. Whether he survives it or not will be completely up to his own fortunes. It’s not something that anyone else can influence or change,’ the Celestial Sword Saint said mysteriously.

“Then what if he fails it?” Mo Tianyun asked.

“He’ll obviously be annihilated, vanishing from the world!”

Mo Tianyun’s expression changed, but he said nothing more. He clasped his fist towards the Celestial Sword Saint and left with Ning Shuang.

“Let me give you another piece of news. If you want an imprint of the Ways of Smithing for the woman, then you don’t have to go anywhere else. The Desolate Plane has one of the best candidates possible.”

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