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ZY - Chapter 402- Gathering of the experts


    After eating to my full, I went downstairs.

    Ah Fei rubbed his stomach and said, "Damn, I have never eaten so well in a long time, those dishes were so good... I couldn't even name many of them, what were those red pieces, they were really nice!"

    I glanced at him, "Do you think I know? As long as they were nice..."



    I brought Ah Fei around and not long later he pointed at the carpark, "Is that... The car park? You told me that you would let me see it."

    "Isn't that simple..."

    I coughed, "Stareye, open the doors of the car park."

    Instantly, the system analysed my voice and all the doors opened. Many cars that were personally taken care of appeared. Bently, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McClaren etc, dozens of them were all lined up in a row.


    Ah Fei's voice trembled. He placed his hands out and rested on the engine of the lambo, he was so emotional that he was about to go into shock, "I thought that I wouldn't have a chance to touch such a car..."

    "..." I was speechless.

    "Ah Li!"

    He looked at me, "You don't drive these?"

    "I do, I do when I come home," I said.

    "Why not... Drive one and place it at my place?"

    "Place what..." I was speechless, "Your car slots were all sold, drive one back and fight with someone for a slot? So problematic, I like taking cabs..."

    "You really are wasting a treasure!"

    He stared, "If not... Why not I trade my car for yours!"


    I said, "My dozens are limited edition,

your broken car is so cheap, I won't take such a loss..."

    "Damn, you are placing these here to rust?"

    "No, someone will repair them!"

    "Then are we... Just going to go back like this?"

    "If not?"


    He took a deep breath and made a huge choice. He took a picture of him and the car, every single one of them and then posted it on his story with the words, "Haiz, I have too many cars, sometimes I don't know which one to drive..."

    I rolled my eyes, "You really are shameless, do you not know how to be low profile!"

    "Are you low profile?"

    He stared at me and raged, "Ah Li, you are the coolest person in the world today, I am that poor witness!

    I laughed, "Stop your nonsense, let's go back. Winter Sun City is open so let's go see what resources there are. You should also change your base to Winter Sun City. From today onwards we will head over."


    He nodded, "You plan to move into Winter Sun City?"

    "En, I have told Mundane Slaughter and Moonlight Firefly."

    "Is it because With You is there too?"


    I didn't deny it. Ah Fei saw my emotions and slapped my shoulder, "It will get better, don't worry. I take the blame, I will find a chance to speak to them about it."

    "En, let's go."

    "En! That... Can I Ferrari..."


    "Tsk tsk tsk, so stingy!"



    We arrived at the long-awaited place, there were signs of many girls who lived here. I looked at the pink slippers, "This belongs to Little Qian?"

    "Eh ah..."

    Sadness flashed on his face, "A week has passed and she still hasn't unblocked me. Do I not have a chance to explain anything?"

    "You deserve it." I said calmly.

    He nodded, "I do deserve it, but... I have experienced how it feels to be slashed."

    I looked at him, "She was the one who experienced that."


    He kept silent for a while, "Damn, stop stabbing me... Do you want to sleep on that sofa?"



    Time to rest. The moment I wore the helmet, the system started to read my account. With a flash of white light, I appeared in Linchen County. A message came from Moonlight Firefly, "Brother Seven we are in Winter Sun City, come over quick. Come~~"

    I laughed, "You are already home?"

    "En, a little earlier than you!"

    "Okay I will head over, all of you can go level!"

    "En en!"

    I looked at Linchen County, I was soon about to leave this place!

    Great Sage Hall, it was really silent. There were very few players and I could recall how Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and I were here. But all those things were in the past.

    Time to go!

    I stepped into the teleportation formation and the secondary cities lit up. The four cities were all open. Winter Sun City, Wannan City, Bright Lake City, Linan City. Moreover, the number of players in each were shown--

    Winter Sun City players: 31%

    Linan City players: 26%

    Wannan City players: 25%

    Bright Lake City players: 18%


    Among them, most players moved to Winter Sun City. This wasn't surprising as Winter Sun City was the capital of Yuandong Province and was also the frontline barrier towards the Dimension Legion and Blood Dynasty. So although this place was dangerous, but there were the most opportunities. Not long later, players would definitely fight here.

    Select, Winter Sun City, teleport!


    A white light scattered and my body formed in another space. When I walked out of Winter Sun City, I saw many players. Many of them smiled as they looked at Winter Sun City. This was the first time many of them were here but I was different. I was here a second time and I had already experienced all of this.

    "Follow up, those at the back follow up, don't fall off!"

    Ahead there were killing shouts. These were a bunch of cavalry players that were riding strong horses. They held their blades and their armors shone a cold light under the sun. The words Winds of Battle appeared on their heads, they looked very familiar. They were from Winds of Battle!

    I didn't expect Winds of Battle had moved into Winter Sun City!

    I sucked in a deep breath and walked into the square. Just two hours after the server was open, Winter Sun City's east square was occupied. These people were really going all out to earn money!

    Many people placed their stalls and I also saw a familiar word. Some of their names started with Yanshi. They were from Limitless!

    Winter Sun City really was interesting now!

    "Shua", I clicked Winter Sun City's level board and was speechless--

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    1. Lin Xi level 99 Silver Dawn

    2. Feng Canghai level 99 Imperial Warrior

    3. Yanshi Bugong level 99 Imperial Warrior

    4. Fengxian level 99 Imperial Warrior

    5. July Wildfire level 98 Shadow of the Exiled

    6. Mars River level 98 Imperial Mage

    7. Yanshi Bumou level 98 Imperial Mage

    8. Winds of Battle Xuande level 98 Imperial Mage

    9. Yanshi Stargazer level 97 Mage

    10. Old Mountain level 97 Imperial Archer


    I was actually ranked 5th in the huge Winter Sun City, the competition was just so intense! Only Lin Xi from With You was on the leaderboards. Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi, Light Lantern and Light Frost were not in the top 10 and were around 15-50. The top ten were occupied by Elements, Limitless and Winds of Battle!


    I sucked a deep breath and said, "Many top guilds have moved in Winter Sun City!"

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    Mundane Slaughter said, "In ten minutes after the server opened, the top three guilds entered Winter Sun City. Elements, Limitless and Winds of Battle, three super first rate guilds. Apart from that, many second rate guilds are here. With You and Breaking Dawn are all here!

    I said seriously, "Logically speaking, we are second rate right?"

    "We are currently third rate."

    Mundane Slaughter laughed, "There is only 100 of us, what second rate. Even with you, we are at most third rate, hahaha~~~"

    I laughed, "Let's work hard. Everyone is leveling right?"

    "En, do you want to come? Winter Sun City has more resources and the monsters right outside are level 90 and above. There are purple and orange monsters all around."

    "I will not follow, I want to get the level 5 Poison Refining Technique!"

    "Hahhaa, good luck!"

    "En, everyone good luck!"


    Although I was just a guild leader in name but I had to raise their morale. After which I started to search for the level 5 Poison Refining Technique materials. One was Black Beech Oil the other was Soul Charm Grass. I found a phrase on the forums that it came from Black Beech Forest. The oil from the trees was it.

    Okay time to find it!

    I clicked on the map and found it quickly. It wasn't too far away and was in the north. It was just five minutes away!


    Head out of the city.

    The moment I left Winter Sun City I saw a bunch of cavalries dash past. They were from Winds of Battle and they were in formation hunting a bunch of level 90 monsters.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.