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ZY - Chapter 407- Ghost walker

 "Sha sha..."

    The leaves rustled as they were stepped on. A bunch of For Dreams members had entered the map. The one at the front was a Warrior riding a tall horse and he was wearing black armor. He held a blade shining a lighting glow and his gaze was sharp.

    Ghostwalker (Imperial Warrior)

    Level: 95

    Guild: For Dreams

    Position: Squad Leader


    "It is Ghostwalker!"

    Mundane Slaughter frowned, "The first rate expert that Wine and Poems recently recruited. He is one of the top 20 Warriors in the server and his equipment, levels and skills are strong. Be careful."

    "Not only Ghostwalker."

    With Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, I saw him leading dozens of heavy armored players. Behind them were Mages and Archers that formed a ladder attack formation. Not far away were a few figures, the leader was Heart's Desire who was For Dreams's top Assassin.

    "Heart's Desire is here too?" Moonlight Firefly frowned.


    I nodded, "10 yards to the left of Ghostwalker, he can launch an attack alongside him at once."


    Mundane Slaughter smiled, "I thought that For Dreams were just weak nuts but I didn't expect them to have a strategy. They are planning to break our defenses?"


    Nine Song said solemnly, "Ghostwalker+ Heart's Desire is like For Dreams's sharp blade to break through defence. I heard that in Linchen County, they used this method to defeat many parties and many leveling maps were locked down for them."

    I smiled, "That is okay, they are facing us this time."

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    I said solemnly, "Fanchen lead 60 people to their left. Aim Wine and Poems and Rain.

Moonlight, lead 60 to their right and attack their ranged. I will fight them from the front. After I attack, Nine Song lead the rest to charge. Our goal is to crush Heart's Desire and Ghostwalker."


    I handed Mundane Slaughter and Moonlight Firefly 100 Midnight Ecstacy for them to use. The two of them were shocked and left in delight.


    A minute later, Mundane Slaughter and Moonlight Firefly led everyone away. Ghostwalker was just 20 yards from us. I could see the killing intent in his eyes and his dagger shone a cold glow. It was as if he would attack at any moment.


    I pulled out my dagger and said, "I will attack first. Nine Song wait for me to mess up their formation before attacking. Use Midnight Ecstacy's attack effect to catch them off guard!"


    I bent down and slid onto the ground along the branch without making a sound. I looked at them and didn't move. After confirming that Heart's Desire didn't notice me, I used Dark Shadow Jump+White Cloak+Annihilation onto him. He didn't have any chance at all!




    He moaned and his soul turned into a white light. His body turned into a corpse that fell to the ground. The For Dreams players around opened their mouths wide. No one expected Heart's Desire to get killed instantly. I charged into the crowd and waved my daggers, using Flames of Karma+Hunter's Edge on six people but none of them was insta killed. But all of them were hit with Throat Sealer.

    "Kill him!"

    Some Assassins hollered and were about to use Gouge. Ghostwalker waved his sword and shouted, "Charge, kill July Wildfire first! Damn, now is the era of Winter Sun City. Does he still think he can enter and leave like in Linchen County?"


    I activated the skill and my speed increased. I took three steps to avoid their attacks. One Gouge even brushed across my face. Such mechanical skill felt so good!

    At this moment, For Dreams's Assassin was destroyed by my movement.

    Dark Shadow Jump!

    "Peng", I avoided Ghostwalker's attacks and jumped onto the Mages and Archers that were 40 yards out. The ranged players were at the front and the instance they tried to channel Fireball Spell, Stun Shot, Storm etc, I raised my hand and a bottle of Midnight Ecstacy exploded above them!

    8x8 was covered in a mist and the ranged players were covered. They coughed and a movement speed reduction effect appeared. Moreover, they suffered from 300% of my damage. What was worse was that a bunch of stuns rose up and half of them couldn't use their skills!

    This was the time!

    I raised my dagger and lighting flashed across it. Apprehension covered the group and they cursed in panic and rage. They were helpless. The Mage's flash failed and the Archers couldn't jump away. The whole group was as slow as turtles and it was impossible for them to walk away from Apprehension's range.

    Apprehension was totally efficient and dozens of ranged players died. They rose up into white light and the remaining people were down to low health.

    Kill them while they are sick!

    Since they wanted to provoke us, they should pay the price! In the next moment, Dark Shadow Jump smacked the low health players. More and more of them were killed and in a blink of an eye, a whole bunch of corpses was left on the ground.

    "Pu pu pu~~~"

    Right ahead, a bunch of cavalries used Assault onto me. Among them included Ghostwalker who Wine and Poems spent large amounts of money to sign. He waved his sword and his face was filled with killing intent!

    "Come on then!"

    I laughed and the moment my body moved forwards, lightning sizzled around me. I entered Darkness Shura state. At this moment, I didn't care about anything. Darkness Shura had nothing to fear!


    Ghostwalker hollered in rage and he used Berserk Whirlwind Slash, S Tier skill!

    I didn't show any fear. I raised my daggers to block his sword but the storm still swallowed my body and dealt 30 thousand damage. Not simple. To be able to deal such damage when I was in Darkness Shura form meant that he was indeed skilled.

    Unfortunately, 30 thousand seemed high but it was only 10% of my health bar. One couldn't even see much difference to my health. Ghostwalker's eyes jumped, "How can an Assassin be so tanky? Damn..."

    In truth, Assassins couldn't but the Shura Assassin could.


    Ghostwalker's movement was really good. He charged to the side and used Assault's momentum to appear on my left. He used Wind Chasing Stab+ Flame Blade Thrust. His attacks were fierce and clean!

    This person was not bad, Wine and Poems spent his money wisely. If it was another Assassin, he would be at a disadvantage to Ghostwalker's clean attacks.

    But unfortunately, I had maxed out Agility. Along with my reaction speed, a normal Assassin couldn't compare to me!


    The moment Ghostwalker's Wind Chasing Stab got close, I moved aside such that his all-in blow hit my after image. My daggers waved and I used Flames of Karma+Hunter's Edge onto the side of his horse. Damage numbers appeared. At the same time, lighting formed on Ghostwalker's armor and helped to block a large amount of damage!

    Lightning Armor Technique, SS Tier skill, defence type.

    Finally I understood why Wine and Poems spent so much to sign him. Wasn't he just to counter me?


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    A light wrapped arrow landed on my shoulder and finally stunned me. My Darkness Shura couldn't dodge all control spells! Moreover, with dozens of people focusing on me, it was a matter of time before I was controlled.


    Ghostwalker hollered and used his attacks on me, dealing 80 thousand damage. He retreated and laughed coldly, "July Wildfire you have no chance today!"

    I smiled, "Do you think I am alone?"

    Before my words finished, a dagger exploded behind Ghostwalker. It was Nine Song's Backstab. He turned around and Nine Song was really quick, like a leaf stuck to his back. He dealt another series of blows.

    Ghostwalker originally had 20% health and now it was empty. Lightning Armor Technique couldn't save him!

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