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ZY - Chapter 409- Extreme speed

 Battle end.

    Nine Song led the elite Assassins to chase for tens of miles such that those people who tried to assist them were killed.

    "They, wouldn't come back right?" Mundane Slaughter said.


    I collected while saying decisively in the party chat.

    "Why?" Moonlight Firefly asked.

    "Very simple."

    I shared my buff stats with everyone--

    Swallow Soul (224 stacks): Stats +224%


    "So that is the case..."

    Nine Song smiled, "They really shouldn't return~~ At least before you go offline they won't dare to try, hahaha~~~"

    Everyone laughed.

    I continued to collect and not long later, a message came from Ah Fei, "You fought with For Dreams in Muntjac Forest?"

    "En, you heard?"

    "It is huge on the forums. Go take a look, Underworld Bai Xiaosheng is using you as a topic."


    I collected materials while opening the forums. As expected, on the forums, a post was at the top--

    Hot: The first battle in Winter Sun City has exploded, the Assassin Alliance has fought against the casher guild For Dreams--- Underworld Bai Xiaosheng

    Content: At 1 pm, Wine and Poems announced war towards Assassin Alliance~ For Dreams was an old guild during the county era and now they are trying to get to level 4. They have close to a thousand elite players and they will definitely win this battle! At 1:24, both sides officially clashed in Muntjac Forest! Assassin Alliance used their job advantage to enter stealth. At the same time, guild leader July Wildfire attacked. He used Darkness Shura to charge at their formation, killing one of the top ten Assassins Heart's Desire. Then Nine Song and he killed Ghostwalker! For Dreams was at a disadvantage. Then the guild leader Wine and Poems personally led the army.

He led the 116 cavalry players to form the Dream Iron Cavalry Camp to charge at Assassin Alliance. However, July Wildfire faced them alone and delayed them for 3 minutes. Nine Song, Mundane Slaughter, Moonlight Firefly struck and For Dreams's assault failed. Along with Wine and Poems, Little Rain and Fenghua Sizhan dying, this announced For Dreams's defeat in Muntjac Forest! Will they come back, let us wait and see!


    Below were many replies, there were even familiar people--

    Hot Reply (Player: Azure Water): So amusing! For Dreams is really stupid. They were destroyed by July Wildfire in Linchen County and now with Heart's Desire and Ghostwalker they think they are much better? Do they actually dare to challenge Assassin Alliance with July Wildfire at the helm? Don't forget that they have Heart's Desire while they have Mundane Slaughter, Moonlight Firefly, Nine Song etc top Assassins. How will they even battle them? (Likes 88829)

    Hot Reply (Player Yanshi Wuxing): Haha, interesting, when will the video come out? I want to see how July Wildfire faced 100+ cavalry. How did he do it? Or rather, how did For Dreams do it? Hahaha~~~ (81829 likes)

    Hot reply (Winds of Battle Fengxian): Has it started? The battles in Winter Sun City have begun? Hahaha, I am looking forward to it, let our blood boil! @Feng Canghai @Yanshi Bugong, when are we three going to do something? (72882 likes)

    Hot Reply (Player Feng Canghai): @Fengxian, cough cough, calm down and level first. Why not we all get to level 100 then fight? (69901 likes)

    Hot reply (Player Yanshi Bugong): @Fengxian, I agree with Feng Canghai, let's develop a while first. (68202 likes)

    Hot reply (Player Vain Boy): July Wildfire is so strong! As expected from my seven god! But such a waste, July Wildfire is Lu Li and is With You's deputy guild leader. His relationship with Lin Xi was so good, but they separated because of such a misunderstanding. Think about it... If all this didn't happen and Lu Li brings July Wildfire back to With You, then... Fengxian, Feng Canghai and Yanshi Bugong would have no place to talk in Winter Sun City? (66992 likes)

    Hot reply (Player Fengxian): Cough cough, you are just asking for trouble! Our Winds of Battle doesn't cause trouble and we aren't afraid of trouble! (55292 likes)

    Hot reply (Player Vain Boy): Guild Leader is kidding, Winds of Battle doesn't cause trouble? You are so humble! (527666 likes)


    The forums were really exciting but this was just a small start. Especially once important resources were released, the guilds would definitely fight for it. That was something fun about the game. If everyone just farmed up, that would be pointless.


    A message came from Fengxian, "Brother, I got the video of you fighting Ghostwalker!"


    "Look at this..."

    He sent a screenshot which was when I dodged his Wind Chasing Stab, "Can I ask, how did you do that? Your reaction speed is so sick? The moment he used Wind Chasing Stab you started to dodge. How did you? Is it... Anticipation?"

    "No, I am not that strong."

    I frowned, "Actually I didn't know how I did it, I just felt that at that moment, his sword wasn't fast."

    "Not fast?"

    Fengxian opened his eyes wide, "Ghostwalker's speed and sharpness can be ranked among Warriors in the country. Moreover, I can see that he is in good form. The timing, angle and speed of Wind Chasing Stab was above 95%. One can say that even if Feng Canghai and Lin Xi came, they might not be able to use Wind Chasing Stab as fast as him. How did you dodge it?"

    "I don't know."

    I shook my head, "It is not that I don't want to tell you, I just felt that his speed wasn't fast, I can even say that it was quite slow."


    He frowned, "Then do you think there are any faster players on the server?"

    "I don't know, after all, I didn't fight many. Feng Canghai is slightly faster but he isn't so fast until I can't react."


    He was speechless, "Okay then, let's stop talking, I shall go level up my skills."

    "Go go."

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    Many more Soul Charm Grass entered my bag but it was not enough so I didn't return back to the city. I went offline in Muntjac Forest. After all Assassin Alliance was still here so I could assist them when needed.

    Head out and Ah Fei and I went to the restaurant downstairs.

    Dinner was quite good, braised fish, chili chicken cubes etc, all of them were delicious. Ah Fei was really happy, "You guys crushed For Dreams. The videos have been spreading on the forums. This time July Wildfire is probably much more famous."

    I smiled, "Right, who is Underworld Bai Xiaosheng, where did he come from?"

    "He isn't a person."

    He smiled lazily, "You don't even know this, you really are a bumpkin Let me tell you, Underworld Bai Xiaosheng is a team. They are a public team with many people, mostly Assassins who are in charge of intel and matter reporting. They opened many accounts on Weibo and other platforms and are a business in Illusionary Moon. They use the news to attract attention and earn money."

    "They are paparazzi?" I smiled and asked.

     "Not really, they are more high class. They just report all battles in game quickly."

    "So that is the case, not bad."

    "En, eat eat~~"


    Dinner was over and I returned home.

    I didn't go online right away but just returned to my room.

    "Stareye activate."

    "Welcome back Pathfinder!"

    The familiar voice rang out in my ears.

    I nodded, "Stareye, do you have a system to test reaction speed?"

    "Yes there is."

    Stareye said, "Bluelight system can test that."


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    A white hologram appeared ahead. Stareye said, "The instance that the white light turn blue please touch the device."


    I held onto it and stared in front. In the instance that the image turned blue, I quickly pressed onto it!

    "Test result-- 0.042 seconds!"

    "What? !"

    I was stunned, "Was the system spoiled, I have to test again."


    A few seconds later, Stareye's speed was announced to me.

    "Test result-- 0.036 seconds!"

    I was shocked, "Stareye, what is the reaction speed of normal people?"

    "Normal people are at 0.2-0.3. People that are specially trained should be at 0.1-0.2. Very few can reach 0.1."

    "Then what am I?"

    I frowned and lay on the chair, "Scan brain activity."


    A few seconds later, Stareye replied, "Brain activity-- high, stable."

    "High? Stable?"

    I sucked in a deep breath and felt that my body had changed but I didn't sense anything wrong, was it... Because I entered Blazing Sun Realm?

    Nope, when Senior Brother Li Xiao Yao reached Blazing Sun Realm, his game speed was just like normal people. What was different? My body changed?


    I thought about it but I had no idea.

    Forget it, time to head online to level!

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