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ZY - Chapter 400- Always cared


    I handed Mundane Slaughter and Moonlight Firefly deputy leader positions and then said, "Let's start to recruit people. Our brothers would nearly fill up the level 1 guild so let's level. Guild players training together would grant guild experience. So let's stop PKing and get the guild level up!"


    Mundane Slaughter smiled, "Then... Let's not tour tomorrow and just level in the inn."


    I nodded and smiled, "Okay, I shall level up the Poison Refining Technique, good luck to all of you!"

    "En en!"


    I teleported to Shallow Ocean County and ran towards Ocean Wind Forest. Right when I was rushing there, a message came from Gu Ruyi. My heart shook, was Ruyi searching for me? What was going on?

    After connecting, Gu Ruyi's voice was a little hoarse.

    "Lu Li..."

    "En, Ruyi." I frowned, "Why Ruyi?"

    "You... You created a guild?" Her voice shook.


    I couldn't avoid this matter. To date, all guild creation notifications were server-wide. After all Guild Creation Tokens were hard to get so they would all be announced.


    She teared up and her voice shook, "Are you... Abandoning us? Have you already decided... You created a new guild so you... Are you planning to never return..."

    "No, I..."

    I said gently, "Ruyi don't cry, I don't mean that, but... But the situation forced me to do that, I am not abandoning you, I..."

    "Then why are you not returning?" She cried and asked.


    I sucked in a deep breath,

"Listen to me, it isn't that I don't want to return but I have no choice. I can't face Lin Xi or Shen Mingxuan do you understand? Their personalities aren't as gentle as yours. I really hurt them, especially Lin Xi, I..."

    "Then why don't you explain yourself?"

    Gu Ruyi shouted those words out and she was already tearing up, "After you left, the entire studio changed. It has been really solemn, I don't want such a life..."

    All of a sudden, my heart felt like a blade was slicing it up. Before I headed to With You, the three of them were together every day and their lives were filled with laughter. After I left, the studio's atmosphere was ice cold. And the person that caused all of this was standing aside.

    "I am sorry, Ruyi..."

    I lowered my voice, "I will return, I will... But this would need a long time. Don't be sad, I am always here okay?"


    She was finally a little better, "I miss you... I think Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan miss you too just that she wasn't willing to say it, you... you..."

    My heart felt soft, "Ruyi, I miss you all too. But I am unable to return in a short time, you need to understand me. Your hearts are in a mess and so is mine, I want to rest up and think about what kind of person I am."

    "Don't be like Ah Fei."

    She said, "Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan have been scolding him for being a scum..."

    "En, indeed he is."

    I was speechless, "What else did Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan say?"

    "Nothing much."

    She said gently, "But after you formed the guild they said a few sentences. I recorded it, if you want... I can send it to you. Do you?"


    I nodded, "I want to know."

    She burst out laughing and her voice was a little hoarse, "Lu Li, you still care about us right?"

    "I always care."


    After ending the call, not long later a game video was sent over.


    I sucked in a deep breath and opened my video. What I saw was a beautiful maple forest, maple trees spread across the mountains like a flame. Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi, Light Lantern, Light Lotus and Light Frost were all here. When they saw the notification of me making Assassin Alliance, they were stunned.

    Lin Xi looked into the sky and her eyes were filled with disappointment and sadness, "He built a guild..."


    Shen Mingxuan frowned, "This Assassin Alliance..."


    Light Lantern said, "Assassin Alliance had a good relationship with Lu Li's July Wildfire and even fought people for him. Before this, Assassin Alliance and Breaking Dawn became enemies because of Lu Li too."

    Light Frost said, "I have a few friends from Assassin Alliance and I heard that Lu Li is not in Suzhou. he went to Li River to find Mundane Slaughter. Apart from that, there is Moonlight Firefly and October Warm Sun. The few of them have been having fun there."

    "So the reason why he didn't come online for three days was because he was in Li River..." Shen Mingxuan said.


    Light Lantern said, "I think Lu Li doesn't feel good about it either, if he was a heartless person, he probably wouldn't need to head so far to relax."

    Shen Mingxuan frowned, "That is an excuse, not a reason. He didn't explain anything for what he has done."


    Light Lantern said, "I a saying if, if Lu Li is someone that doesn't like to explain?"

    Lin Xi was stunned, "Light Lantern... Are you saying that for a reason?"


    Light Lantern sat on a piece of rock and looked at the stream, "Guild Leader Lin Xi, I have something that I think... I need to tell you. So you will be fairer to Lu Li."

    "What?" Lin Xi looked at the stream and her eyes were filled with confusion.

    "It is regarding the Guild Creation Token."

    Light Lantern said calmly, "Did you really think that Lu Li got that Guild Creation Token from a monster? Although he is lucky but he is not that lucky."

    Lin Xi was stunned, "Then... Then how did he get it?"

    Light Lantern said solemnly, "This morning, Winds of Battle's boss, Fengxian sent me a chat screenshot. In truth, he was the one who gave the Guild Creation Token to Lu Li. The price Lu Li paid was his Assassin account's Poison Refining Technique items. 5000 Intestine Breaking Powder, 8000 Poison Wine. He used so many poisons just for that Guild Creation Token. He told Fengxian to keep it a secret but he felt that this was too unfair for Lu Li so he came to find me."

    He said, "You must know that to create this batch of poisons, it must have spent Lu Li a long period of time and effort..."

    "Lu Li, I..."

    Lin Xi suffered from such a hit and she sat down on a piece of stone. Her eyes flushed red, "Did I... Blame him wrongly?"


    Light Lantern shook his head, "You didn't, but... Moonlight Firefly said something right, that is... Since Lu Li was in With You he had never done anything bad towards With You. On the contrary, he used his July Wildfire account to do many things for With You. He even challenged Breaking Dawn andE Elements for With You."

    He said calmly, "Lin Xi, I think you should evaluate Lu Li as a whole and not that part that he did you wrong, that would be unfair for him. It won't be suitable for With You too."

    Light Lotus walked forwards and bit her lips. She sat opposite Lin Xi and said, Sister Lin Xi, he is Lu Li, he is July Wildfire and also your Lin Xi Guard Captain. If he returns with July Wildfire, that would be great. Not only would we have a top Assassin, at the same time he wouldn't have to roam outside right?"

    "But he has already built Assassin Alliance."

    Shen Mingxuan walked forwards and helped Lin Xi up, "Lin Xi stop feeling sad, no matter whether or not that heartless fellow will return, we shouldn't be affected by him. Let's continue to level?"

    "En, okay..."

    Lin Xi held her White Dragon Sword and replied.

    The recording ended and I sucked in a deep breath. Ruyi sent this to me to tell me that I could return to With You. Everyone didn't hate me, but... I was conflicted. I didn't know whether or not Lin Xi would forgive me. Lin Xi didn't like when I sent Haha, those two words were like a poison needle stabbing both our hearts.


    Ocean Wind Forest.

    I continued to collect Chancetaker Grass to level up my skill.

    Not long later, after I killed three Greystone Ocean Turtles, a person appeared. It was Yanshi Wuxing. He sat lazily on a piece of stone and smiled, "Lu Li you are still killing turtles here?"

    "En, you are here again?" I asked.


    He smiled, "Are you planning to sell the Heartloss Powder?"

    "No, I am not planning to sell it yet."


    He looked at my Assassin Alliance emblem and smiled, "Lin Xi and With You don't want you anymore. Assassin Alliance is just a pure Assassin guild, why not... Join Limitless. Boss Bugong says that if you are willing to come, you will be our deputy leader permanently. We were planning to ask Little Han to talk to you but she said that she didn't want to poach With You so I was sent over."

    "Thank you for your kind intentions."

    I nodded and smiled, "Assassin Alliance is quite good, I am happy here too so I am not considering joining Limitless."

    "Such a waste."

    Yanshi Wuxing smiled, "Then I wish you good luck, I am leaving now."



    Mundane Slaughter smiled, "Then... Let's not tour tomorrow and just level in the inn."


    I nodded and smiled, "Okay, I shall level up the Poison Refining Technique, good luck to all of you!"

    "En en!"


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