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ZL - Chapter 1122- Little Miss going to the ocean

"Dang dang dang..."

Unfortunately, Royal Army's frontline was all heavy cavalry and most of their faces were covered. The front of the horses had armor and it was near impossible for the bowman to shoot down such a well-equipped Royal Army. They probably couldn't even harm them.

Han Yuan held his blade and hollered in rage as he slashed into the crowd. Dozens of people were mashed up. This fellow continued to level up and after he became a two star god Boss, he was much stronger. That was good, Royal Army needed such a strong general if not who would charge into formations?

Xiao Lie and Long Xing were slightly weaker and they were both one star generals. But they were still much stronger than the bandit group.

I held my swords and walked to the front. Although my attacks couldn't insta kill them but I could badly injure them. I used Blade Spin and could gain large amounts of experience. Of course, I didn't come here for the experience. Royal Army headed right in and along the way, we killed many bandits and headed right for the city lord manor.


The city lord manor wasn't too beautiful and it just looked like a building randomly built with stone. However, it was much stronger than the dirt buildings around the city. A bunch of sword and shield holding bandits have gathered in front of the manor. This bunch looked more like an army and some of them were dressed in armor and rode horses. Some of them had the Moon City Cavalry mark. Unfortunately, Moon City was now ours!

"Block them, block these damn cavalry!" A bandit group leader shouted, "Archers fire!"


Han Yuan shouted. The cavalries held up their shields. Han Yuan shouted, "Stab them with the spears, kill them all!"

The cavalries formed a shield formation to charge forwards and smashed into the enemies. At the same time, spears poked through the gaps. The bandits couldn't handle such attacks and cried out in pain.


The killings lasted for dozens of minutes and the area in front of the manor was already a blood ocean. I used Icy Wings and shouted towards the manor, "Tan Taiyan you coward, are you going to watch your brothers get killed? If you have balls then head out and fight me!"

Finally, the gate creaked and a gap appeared. "Peng" and it was totally shattered. A flame sword-holding boss appeared. He looked really muscular and he had a mustache. Three star god boss, he was even stronger than Han Yuan. Tsk, no wonder, he had the Xiang Yu war soul fragment so obviously he would be strong!

Tan Taiyan looked at me coldly, the flames around his sword burnt bright, "Li Xiao Yao, you are your The Executor and I am the king of the bandits, why are you here to disturb me? !"

I had to say some cool stuff so I laughed, "The merchants around Earth City have suffered from Dragon Flame Bandit Group's exploitation. Moreover, your bandits have often affected Tian Ling City. Just this alone has given me a reason to kill you. Moreover, you have something on you that I have to take!"

"What?" He asked in shock.

"Xiang Yu Warsoul Fragment!" I said coldly.

Tan Taiyan who was originally planning to let matters rest became unfriendly and he laughed coldly, "Li Xiao Yao, you really think too highly about yourself. Who are you, can you block the attacks of the Xiang Yu Warsoul? If you want to take it,

you have to grab it from my corpse!"

"I do have that intention."

I pulled out Gan Jiang and flew over. I used both swords and smashed them down with my strength!


Tan Taiyan's sword recoiled and forced me back by several meters. Tan Taiyan wasn't in a good state and he retreated too, smashing onto the wall. A few pieces of stone fell to the ground and smashed onto his shoulder. This also placed him in a bad state.

It seemed like after I got the Overlord Set, my strength didn't lose to a three-star god general, I was even slightly stronger. Once the Overlord Set got upgraded, would my strength be able to compare to five-star generals? Apart from Lord Tier Hybrid Demons, who would be my match then?


Tan Taiyan was filled with rage and he attacked once more. But this time Han Yuan sliced him. Long Xing also thrust forwards with his spear and forced Tan Taiyan back. Behind him, the Royal Army troops shot their bows. Tan Taiyan couldn't even fight back at all and he was in a worse state than before.


Tan Taiyan hollered in rage as he used his skill. A flame shield formed around him. I used Wind Carrying Slash and then raised my hand to use Dragon Totem. The entire Earth City was shaking. Long Xing, Xiao Lie etc generals were stunned, even Han Yuan couldn't help but say, "General seems much stronger now..."

The truth was like that. After getting Overlord Set, I could solo Han Yuan with a 100% chance of winning. I could even solo him without needing a healer.

I thought that Tan Taiyan would fight back but he was crushed by us. One player and three Boss NPCs humiliated the original top general of Moon City. I didn't care about the experience and allowed Han Yuan to slice Tan Taiyan's head off.


His head rolled on the ground but no equipment was dropped. This was due to the quest?

But a red essence soul rolled from Tan Taiyan's neck onto the ground. Xiao Lie squinted his eye and passed it to me, "Sir, this is what you were looking for right?"

I took this fragment and said, "Yes."

I was delighted. My quest was a third done, that was quick.

"Sir, how will we deal with this Earth City?" Han Yuan asked.

I thought about it, "Enslave these bandits and leave 1000 cavalries to manage this city. Once we get back to Fan Shu City, Xiao Lie go request troops from the empire. Since we took it down, we would have to defend it."

"Yes, Sir is wise!"

If I lost Earth City, this would continue to be a place for bandits. Although I didn't care, but doing this will make the NPC generals respect me more. This was another way to gain trust right?


After getting the first fragment, I returned to Fan Shu City and repaired my equipment. Time to sleep. Since killing Lei Ding till now I hadn't closed my eyes and I couldn't take it anymore.

Offline, I fell heavily asleep.


It was close to night time when I woke up. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were online and the setting sun shone in from the window. I stretched and sat on the bed. I rotated the Flaming Sun energy in my body and it seemed like I had become stronger. The gentle flame spurted out but the flames weren't strong. This seemed like an ability of mine now.

I retracted my fist and the flames were sucked back in. It turned from energy form to liquid form and then into solid form, forming a turtle shell-like defence. This was the legendary Blazing Sun Armor. The mid tier of Blazing Sun Realm allowed me to use Blazing Sun Armor Formation and I had trained it to around 50%. Such an armor was impenetrable and even bullets couldn't pierce through it. Even nano bullets wouldn't be able to pierce through such an armor right?

Sometimes I was wondering if I was strong enough to form such an armor around my body, then would even a bomb do nothing to me? If that was the case then I really wasn't a mortal anymore and was close to a god.


I took a cold shower and when I headed out with new clothes, it was already night. Dong Cheng Yue knocked on my door, "Brother Xiao Yao, are you up?"


I opened the door and saw Dong Cheng Yue dressed in a professional black dress. I asked in shock, "Dong Cheng are you heading out to do a 'deal?"

Dong Cheng Yue knew what I was thinking about, "Scoff, you are the one doing 'deals'! Let's head out. We do have a deal, we are going to meet a few people and have dinner."


"A few girls who are returning from exchange."


"Wan Er and I decided to do a 'deal' together!"


I was nervous, "Wan Er is actually doing this, my world is collapsing..."

"Stop it."


Dinner wasn't at home and I drove my A4 to meet them. Along the way, I understood the true situation. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue both applied for funds from their father to open a fashion design company. They would choose a partner and help them create designs. This was a sort of internship that they were doing during the school period.

Damn, how was this an internship, they were just spamming cash! I asked whether or not they needed security or an assistant as that suited me. Although I didn't lack the salary but to be able to accompany them was quite decent too.

Lin Wan Er booked a high-class hotel and three girls came to eat with us. One was an 8 and the other two were 6-7. At least as fashion designers, they wouldn't be affected by looks.

They decided to sign the contract right away. As for licenses and all that, there was no need to worry. With Lin Tian Nan and Dong Cheng Feng's influence, all those were small matters. If the two Little Misses wanted to open a company, they could just open it happily.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.