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CSG - Chapter 3093: The Anatta Grand Exalt

“Don’t worry. With what Jian Chen is capable of, he’ll definitely make it all the way across the Bridge of Life and Death.” Ming Xie comforted her, but even he was not too certain.

The Bridge of Life and Death’s difficulty was adjusted according to cultivation, talent, and battle prowess, so even supreme prodigies would lose all advantages on the Bridge of Life and Death.

But at this moment, the Bridge of Life and Death that hung in the air slowly vanished.

Ming Xie’s eyes immediately narrowed at this sight. Soon afterwards, his lips curled into a smile of relief.

Although it was impossible to see what was going on because the Bridge of Life and Death was enveloped by the two laws, Ming Xie was still an experienced divine general of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. As a result, he could tell with a single glance whether Jian Chen had succeeded or not by the way the Bridge of Life and Death had vanished.

“Jian Chen succeeded,” said Ming Xie.

“What? He succeeded? Then we better tell this to brother Ming quickly. He’s probably worried to death.” A sliver of joy appeared on Yun Xiaoyan’s face as well. Her heart that had been sitting in her throat finally settled down.

At the highest point of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, near the majestic entrance, the disfigured Jian Chen currently lay on the icy-cold ground without moving at all, having lost all consciousness.

He happened to be located on the hundredth step of the Bridge of Life and Death right now.

Once he made it to the hundreth step of the Bridge of Life and Death, he had directly arrived on the highest floor of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, meeting with the supreme Anatta Grand Exalt.

Throughout the countless years, a handful of experts had managed to cross the Bridge of Life and Death and meet with the Anatta Grand Exalt. Jian Chen definitely was not the first, but he was definitely the one who ended up in the worst state.

The majestic hall was completely silent. Jian Chen lay there like a corpse, his presence almost non-existent and his vitality almost depleted. His vital energies were heavily over-exhausted. He was basically on the brink of death.

His current state could be described as absolutely miserable. Even surviving was a question, and even if he managed to, his vitality would be damaged, and it would lead to an array of future problems. Not only would his future path be obstructed, but even recovering would be almost impossible.

The price he had paid was far too heavy. His chaotic neidan had shattered, and over two-thirds of his soul had collapsed. He sustained severe external and internal injuries, having damaged his very foundation.

It was basically a miracle that he could live until now given his current state.

In the depths of the hall, there was a ball of hazy light wrapped in the laws. It was possible to make out a blurry figure.

That was the master of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, the Anatta Grand Exalt!

The Anatta Grand Exalt sat in the air without budging. He did not say anything, nor did he do anything. He did not respond to the unconscious Jian Chen outside the hall at all. Perhaps he overlooked him, or perhaps he had already entered a state of meditation and no longer paid attention to the matters of the outside world.

The situation here seemed like a strange still frame. The Anatta Grand Exalt sat in the middle of the air indifferently with his appearance hidden. Meanwhile, Jian Chen’s breathing was shallow. He wandered between life and death as he lay on the cold ground without budging at all, completely unaware of his surroundings.

This lasted for four entire hours. Four hours later, a gentle sigh finally broke the silence, filled with powerlessness and helplessness.

At this moment, the Anatta Grand Exalt seated in the air finally began to move. He extended a finger, and the Laws of Creation descended, enveloping Jian Chen in thick light.

At the same time, the light lifted Jian Chen up from the ground slowly, bringing him into the hall.

As that happened, the Laws of Creation tampered with the rules of the world there, unleashing the power of the world and the power of order to create something from nothing. It created many substances and energies from thin air.

This was the Anatta Grand Exalt’s Laws of Creation that had been comprehended to a hundred percent. It was extremely powerful, possessing the great might of seemingly turning back time, even capable of influencing the order of the world and interfering with the operation of the ways.

Afterwards, the Laws of Creation directly plunged into Jian Chen’s body.

Immediately, Jian Chen’s flesh that had vanished began to reappear bit by bit from thin air under the effects of the Laws of Creation. It had been forcefully brought into creation.

Inside his dantian, Jian Chen’s chaotic neidan had already shattered, and most of the Chaotic Force in there had already been used up when he took the hundredth step. The remaining Chaotic Force wandered aimlessly in his body and dispersed into the surroundings bit by bit.

But at this moment, a ball of extremely dense Laws of Creation suddenly entered his dantian, gathering up all of his remaining Chaotic Force. Soon afterwards, the seemingly limitless Laws of Creation got to work, influencing and rewriting the laws there.

A while later, when the Laws of Creation vanished, a chaotic neidan that had clearly shrunken drastically appeared silently in Jian Chen’s dantian.

The Anatta Grand Exalt’s supreme powers had condensed the remaining Chaotic Force in his body and brought his shattered chaotic neidan back into existence.

The Laws of Creation were known to be able to create everything in the world. As long as it was not something that surpassed the comprehension of the laws, it was technically possible to create anything.

Logically speaking, Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body and Chaotic Force was the greatest power that even surpassed the three thousand laws. Even with the Laws of Creation at a hundred percent, it was completely impossible to create this power.

However, the Chaotic Force he currently wielded was nowhere close to true Chaotic Force. It was only an imitation, so it was obviously nowhere close to the limits of the Laws of Creation.

As a result, the Anatta Grand Exalt could recreate his Chaotic Force and Chaotic Body from nothing through the Laws of Creation.

Very soon, the Laws of Creation around Jian Chen vanished. He seemed to have obtained a new life. All of his flesh that had vanished under the combined devastation of the Laws of Fire and the Laws of Destruction had regrown.

At that moment, he seemed like he was in perfect shape, like nothing had happened at all.

Of course, that was only the surface. In reality, his wounds had not lightened at all. For example, his exhausted vital energies and his ignited vitality and soul remained the same as before. Their conditions were exactly the same as before.

It was as if the Anatta Grand Exalt only healed the wounds that Jian Chen had sustained from the Laws of Fire and Destruction from the Bridge of Life and Death. As for the vitality he exhausted, the vital energies he burned, and the part of his soul he willingly sacrificed in order to cross the Bridge of Life and Death, he had to bear the burden himself.

Only his chaotic neidan had been repaired as an exception.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.