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CSG - Chapter 3092: Shattering the Neidan

With the increase in difficulty, the damage that Jian Chen sustained obviously increased as well. The half of his body that endured the scorching Laws of Fire did not simply become charred now.

Even if it was charred, at least it meant it still existed. However, with the increase in the Laws of Fire’s power, that half of his body began to shrink at a visible rate.

No, it was not shrinking. It was disintegrating, turning into nothingness.

His Chaotic Body was specially forged from Chaotic Force. It possessed unimaginably great defences, yet it actually began to be reduced to nothingness bit by bit. It completely vaporized away, without even leaving behind a speck of ash.

The other half of his body that endured the attacks of the Laws of Destruction faced the same fate. The invisible blades condensed by the Laws of Destruction attacked his every power. Not only did it wreak havoc on every inch of his flesh, but even his pale, exposed bones vanished into thin air under the merciless damage from the Laws of Destruction.

At this very moment, Jian Chen seemed absolutely horrifying. Under the attacks of the two laws, there was not a single piece of skin or flesh still intact on his body, and even his bones vanished piece by piece.

If it were not for the firm foundation from the Chaotic Body, he probably would have given way and died a long time ago under such severe wounds.

“Eleven more steps… eleven more steps… just eleven more steps left. I must hold on…” Jian Chen collapsed on the ground, no longer possessing the strength to stand up again. His great willpower and relentless drive seemed to become the final force pushing him along.

Shortly afterwards, pain appeared in his eyes. The absolutely horrific pain almost left him devastated. However, his eyes immediately turned red as his gaze turned crazy.

At this moment, his soul had turned into a ball of burning flames. As he ignited his soul, invisible power separated from his burning soul, injecting into his ruined body without any hesitation. It bestowed Jian Chen’s body that had run out of energy already with new power.

With this power, he stood back up, forcefully enduring the torture of both the Laws of Fire and Laws of Destruction as he set off on his way again.

The ninetieth step… 

The ninety-first step… 

The ninety-second step… 

This time, Jian Chen managed to make it to the ninety-fifth step arduously and slowly through the new-found powers from burning his soul. Every single step came at the cost of draining his life. Every single step came in exchange for unimaginably excruciating pain.

When he reached the ninety-fifth step, Jian Chen could not help but stop where he was. His entire body shook violently, as the damage he endured with each step increased. The further he went, the greater the danger became.

His soul was burning away, but the rate at which this power was provided to him could not sustain his advance anymore.

Jian Chen let out an almost beast-like roar. His soul collapsed by a third in a single instant. He had ignited an entire third of his soul instantly before setting off on his way again.

Ninety-six steps… 

Ninety-seven steps…

After ninety-seven steps, Jian Chen had reached his limit again.

Boom! There was a rumble in Jian Chen’s head, and his soul collapsed by half again, allowing him to take the ninety-eighth and ninety-ninth step.

However, the final step was like a colossal chasm in his path, as his soul was less than a third of its size at its prime now. He had a feeling that even if he continued to burn the power of his soul, he could not take the final step.

The difficulty of the Bridge of Life and Death had increased, catching him at his limit perfectly and preventing him from taking the last step.

Crack! Suddenly, the chaotic neidan produced a crisp sound in Jian Chen’s dantian. A fracture appeared on its smooth surface.

Shortly afterwards, the cracks spread rapidly, growing denser and denser. They covered the entire chaotic neidan instantly like a spider’s web. Large quantities of Chaotic Force poured out from the cracks.

One last step. Just one last step. Today, I will shatter my neidan in exchange for the last step.” Jian Chen roared out inside. His eyes were filled with madness as if he wanted to take this step no matter what the cost was.

Even if he had to die, he would not shrink back.

All of this was for the sake of saving fairy Hao Yue.

Suddenly, the chaotic neidan shattered!

In that instant, all of the Chaotic Force within the chaotic neidan erupted. As it caused a certain level of damage to Jian Chen’s body, it also formed an energy barrier around him.

Despite being condensed from Chaotic Force, the energy barrier was as feeble as an infant before the two supreme laws because Jian Chen’s Chaotic Force was still too weak.

As a result, the energy barrier shattered immediately.

However, this was not what Jian Chen was after. He was after the power it provided him with after it had shattered.

With shattering his chaotic neidan as the price, Jian Chen gritted his teeth and unleashed all of his strength, finally taking the last step.

That step meant he had successfully crossed the Bridge of Life and Death!

That step also had to do with whether he could save fairy Hao Yue!

More importantly, that step directly controlled his life!

When he took that step, the Chaotic Force in his body was exhausted at a terrifying rate. His head began to spin as his vision blurred. All he felt was the world spinning around him. He had completely fallen unconscious.

In the end, even he was not certain whether he had crossed the Bridge of Life and Death successfully or not. All he knew was his final step had landed on a firm surface before he finally gave way. His eyes blacked out, and he finally lost his last bit of consciousness.

Outside the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, Ming Xie and Yun Xiaoyan stood exactly where they were before, gazing at the Bridge of Life and Death that led to the very top of the palace.

“Uncle Ming, do you think Jian Chen can cross the Bridge of Life and Death successfully? I heard that only death awaits any failure at crossing the Bridge of Life and Death,” Yun Xiaoyan said from beside Ming Xie. Her palms were covered in cold sweat as she said in worry, “To brother Dong, Jian Chen’s life is even more important than his own. If Jian Chen ends up failing and dying here, b-brother Dong will-”

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.