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100000PSI - Chapter 90.1: Should We End It Now? (1)

Bai Zhou was on the verge of losing his mind over Bai Zhengye’s maneuvers, but a glance at the quietly smiling Ji Fanyin told him that it wasn’t a good time to burst out. So, he clenched his teeth and first explained things to Ji Fanyin first, “This isn’t my idea.”

Ji Fanyin did not reply. All she did was to blink her eyes in response.

This interaction piqued the interest of Bai Zhengye’s secretary. He looked at Ji Fanyin and Bai Zhou with a look of contemplation, but he tactfully chose not to interject here. 

“…” Bai Zhou first took a deep breath to calm himself before he continued speaking to Ji Fanyin awkwardly. “You can go back first, I’ll handle the situation here.”

“Mr. Bai is a guest of our studio,” replied Ji Fanyin. “It would be rude of us to allow an intern who joined a day prior to bring him around.”

A furrow formed on Bai Zhengye’s face. “Miss Ji, the intern you are speaking of is none other than my son. He has the right to receive any guest.”

There was a condescending edge to his voice, almost as if he was berating a subordinate.

… My son has graced your studio with his presence, but instead of taking good care of him, you’re treating him like a regular intern?

Bai Zhengye had spoken those words with conviction. He was confident that his son would be touched that he was standing up for him. However, the results were the complete opposite of what he had expected. 

Bai Zhou’s face couldn’t get any livider. 

With clenched jaws, he squeezed out his words, “Father, let’s find somewhere else to talk.”

… This chap has even learnt to talk professionally.

With such thoughts in mind, Bai Zhengye graciously agreed with a nod. Before leavingwith his son, he shot a glance at his secretary to prompt the latter to proceed with the acquisition negotiation with Ji Fanyin. 

Bai Zhou briskly strode toward the currently empty smoking area beside the washroom. He felt as if there was a pool of searing lava bubbling in his mind, threatening to explode at any moment. Yet, he somehow felt oddly calm at the same time. 

He stopped at the destination and turned around to face Bai Zhengye. He suppressed his rage and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to take a look at your work environment,” replied Bai Zhengye matter-of-factly. 

There was no way he would reveal his true intention right away, so he went with an excuse that was not completely untrue.

… It’s true that I’m taking a look at the work environment. I need to learn more about how this studio works before acquiring it. 

“Is that so?” Bai Zhou scoffed. “You sure are showering me with care and concern after so many years. I guess your other son isn’t meeting up to your expectations, after all.”

Bai Zhengye lashed out angrily, “I am your father. Is there anything wrong with me caring for you? Look at your clothes, your house, your car! When have I ever short-changed you before?”

“Money is the one thing that worths next to nothing to you. You wouldn’t even bat an eyelid even if I dump a wad of it into the dumpster,” replied Bai Zhou dismissively. “You only know how to solve your problems with money.”

“Money has the power to solve all problems.” Bai Zhengye shrugged nonchalantly. With a matter-of-factly tone, he said, “You shouldn’t forget that it’s with money that you were able to grow up in such a comfortable environment.”

He gestured toward Bai Zhou’s figure. 

“… Take a look in the mirror. Haven’t you grown up well, strong and healthy? Don’t speak as if I owe you anything.”

Bai Zhou snorted in irritation. “What is your true motive for coming here?”

Bai Zhengye decided to stop beating around the bush and come clean. “I know that I have neglected you for not having visited you in such a long time, and I do feel guilty over it. I’m guessing that you’re fond of this studio since you chose to work here, so I’m considering buying it as an apology gift to you.”

Up to this juncture, Bai Zhengye was still convinced that he was the bigger man here. His very tone revealed his ‘You should be thanking me’ sentiment. 

StarveCleric, Stephen Honor's Notes:

Obliged heads up!

From Chapter 78 onward, Kasire has been helping me with the translation while I mainly did translation check and flow + tone correction, but from Chapter 90 onward, it'd be Kasire's own work.

I personally believe that her work is amazing, and her ability to portray the nuanced characters in the novel is incredible, which is why I entrusted the rest of the novel to her. My updates have been really unsteady for quite a while due to work coming in from all directions, and I think bringing her onboard this novel was the best decision I made for this work.

She'll also be starting a new novel on HostedNovel soon, so if you like her translation, do keep a lookout for it and support her!


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