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100000PSI - Chapter 88.2: Your Acting Isn’t Up to Standard (2)

Ji Xinxin had no choice but to improvise on the spot. “I do not want to tell that story today.”

She regretted it as soon as those words left her mouth. 

Li Xiaoxing was the type of person who expected absolute obedience to his commands. He wouldn’t take another person refuting him well. 

Ji Xinxin scrambled to find a solution to salvage the situation, but an obedient “Mm” from Li Xiaoxing threw her off.

What was that? That was abnormal.

Is he too weak to blow his top because of the pain?

Unable to make sense of the situation, Ji Xinxin intended to probe a little deeper to see what Li Xiaoxing meant, but the latter spoke up before she could. 

“You don’t have to do anything,” said Li Xiaoxing softly. Every word he uttered sounded laborious, but he still managed to enunciate each word clearly. “As long as you stay by my side.”

Ji Xinxin had never heard such submissive words from Li Xiaoxing before.

“… Alright?” asked Li Xiaoxing pleadingly.

Ji Xinxin wasn’t able to hold back her sneer. The situation was too ironic and unbelievable for her. Li Xiaoxing was no different from a tamed dog before Ji Fanyin!

… How did Ji Fanyin do it?!

Ji Xinxin took a calming breath before answering, “Alright. Go to sleep.”

Li Xiaoxing didn’t even dare to hold her hand. He lay back down on the bed and swiftly fell silent. The only thing that could be heard in the room was his laborious breathing. 

Minutes later, Li Xiaoxing suddenly piped up, “Are you still there?”

Ji Xinxin replied coldly, “Yes.”

The reply seemed to have assured Li Xiaoxing as he fell quiet once more. 

As the room fell silent, Ji Xinxin started to feel uncomfortable. The air felt so heavy that she felt like she was going to be crushed under it.

She simply couldn’t understand how Ji Fanyin was able to tame Li Xiaoxing to his current state. 

Did she do it by stoking his feelings of fondness, love, and gratitude? If that’s the case, why has Li Xiaoxing never been so obedient before me?

“Ji Fanyin, are you still there?” Li Xiaoxing asked yet again.

Ji Xinxin was tempted to kick Li Xiaoxing back into his abyss of pain, but she managed ti suppress her urge at the final juncture. She took in a deep breath and replied coldly, “Yes.”

Li Xiaoxing’s breathing slowly relaxed, becoming slower and deeper. 

It was as if he was a drug junkie who had finally received his dose of medication. The gratification he received from the placebo slowly guided him toward a deep sleep.

By then, the sun had already started to rise.

Ji Xinxin was already at her limit after everything that had happened over the course of the night. She confirmed once more that Li Xiaoxing had fallen asleep before rising to her fee, prepared to leave the area. 

Yet, the moment she sat up from the bed, Li Xiaoxing roused from his sleep and desperately grabbed her hand. “Where are you going?”

His sudden hand grab shocked Ji Xinxin. A little scream escaped from her throat.

She anxiously turned around and found herself met with Li Xiaoxing’s intense gaze. Cold moonlight scattered in from the window, causing his glacial eyes to glow in the darkness.

“… Ji Xinxin,” he called out her name with great displeasure.

Ji Xinxin felt a lurch in her stomach as her heartbeat quickened.

“You…” Li Xiaoxing frowned. He tightened his grip around her hand and questioned, “Why is it you…”

Pain surged through Ji Xinxin’s hand, telling her loud and clear that the plan had gone awry.

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Written by Yuan Yao. Translated by StarveCleric, Stephen Honor. Edited by ru.