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100000PSI - Chapter 88.4: Your Acting Isn’t Up to Standard (4)

Secretary Fan was touching his balding head absentmindedly when Li Xiaoxing’s phone suddenly rang in the distance. He made his way over to take a look. 

It was a call from Li Mingyue. “I saw the doctor dropping by earlier. How is my brother doing?”

Secretary Fan was shocked by how fast news was traveling. He recounted everything that had happened earlier to her truthfully before ending off, “... Mr. Li is now asleep.”

“Got it,” replied Li Mingyue. “Tell me when he’s awake. There’s something I have to discuss with him.”

Secretary Fan assented.

There was a brief pause before Li Mingyue added, “What about Ji Xinxin? How is she doing?”

She’s no help at all, Secretary Fan thought.

However, he rephrased his thoughts in more palatable terms, “She’s the same as usual.”

“I understand,” Li Mingyue answered decisively. “Take good care of my brother. I’ll take over his work for the time being.”

Secretary Fan was stunned to hear those words. “That…”

“I’ll get straight to the point. My parents intend to send my brother overseas get treated. They’ll be sending someone over today afternoon.” Li Mingyue wasn’t giving him a chance to refute at all. “His health is more important than anything else.”

“… I understand.”

It was no easy feat to have to take over Li Xiaoxing’s work all of a sudden. Li Mingyue had to go on overdrive in order to barely cope with the workload. 

As if that wasn’t enough, her assistant took it upon herself to inform her that someone was planning to take over Ji Fanyin’s studio.

Li Mingyue massaged her temples to alleviate the headache caused by the massive increase in workload. “She can handle that herself. You don’t have to report that to me.”

Be it to sell or not to sell, someone like Ji Fanyin would never allow herself to be on the losing end of a bargain.

“… The buyer is Gao Huai Entertainment,” explained her assistant. “The one behind the acquisition is Bai Zhengye.”

Li Mingyue’s pen stalled to a halt.

Bai Zhengye… That’s Bai Zhou’s father.

… A malicious takeover?

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Written by Yuan Yao. Translated by StarveCleric, Stephen Honor. Edited by ru.