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100000PSI - Chapter 89.3: I Don’t Need Your Feigned Concern (3)

In a rare bout of introspection, Bai Zhengye thought about how he could make up with his son on his way back to the hotel. Based on his years of coaxing women, he believe that a gift was necessary. 

“What do you think I should get Bai Zhou?” Bai Zhengye asked his secretary.

His secretary replied obliquely, “I don’t think a gift is what the young master is looking for.”

But Bai Zhengye was so deep in his thoughts that he paid no heed to his secretary’s words. “You mentioned earlier that he’s interning. Where is he interning at? Give me an overview of the company.”

The experienced secretary did a quick search. Within minutes, an overview of publicly released information on Ji Fanyin’s studio was in Bai Zhengye’s hands.

“A screenwriting studio?” Bai Zhengye casually browsed through the documents, thinking it was mere child’s play. “Their first production just aired not too long ago… Oh? The earnings look passable.” 

His secretary eyed him through the rearview mirror, wondering whether he should correct Bai Zhengye’s judgment by telling him that the film was one of the front runners for box office champion this year. He eventually decided against it.

“How about this?” Bai Zhengye casuallu browsed through the document again. “I’ll buy this studio for Bai Zhou so that he can be his own boss. That’s enough sincerity for an apology, no?””

The secretary struggled internally for a moment before obliquely hinting yet again, “Would you like to consider other options too?”

“What’s there to consider? He’s the one who chose this place to intern at!” Bai Zhengye waved his hand dismissively. “It’s just a newly established studio. Go prepare the acquisition plan.”

Seeing that Bai Zhengye’s mind was already made up, he could only do as he was told.

“When did this little chap start taking an interest in the entertainment industry…” Bai Zhengye mumbled while he continued browsing through the information on the tablet. “Haven’t he always looked down on celebrities and idol singers, saying they are mere performers?”

That brat even got into a fight with me when I appeared on gossip magazines over an affair with a celebrity a few years back. 

Back then, Bai Zhou was only thirteen years old. 

As the years went by, Bai Zhengye learned how to avoid his son so as to avoid getting into such arguments, especially now that his son was in his rebellious phase. 

Boys will grow up on their own even if I let him be.

It had never been Bai Zhengye’s intention to have an illegitimate son since he knew that it could complicate the situation. It was just that his mistress told him that it was a girl, and he thought that it would be good to have a daughter around. Due to that, he allowed her to keep the child. 

It turned out to be a boy in the end. 

It was already too late to do anything by then, so he could only turn a blind eye to the situation and let things be. 

Thinking about it, he had hardly met Bai Zhou ever since the latter left for Lakeside City. Instead, it felt like he was often meeting with his illegitimate son.

“What time are we leaving tomorrow?” Bai Zhengye suddenly asked.

“1 PM.”

“I’ll visit the studio that chap is interning at tomorrow morning,” said Bai Zhengye. “Drop a call to the person-in-charge. Make sure that chap doesn’t learn about our visit.”

His secretary subtly advised for the third time, “I think you should reconsider the matter.”

“I’m just visiting my son’s workplace. What’s wrong with that?” Bai Zhengye was convinced that there was nothing wrong with what he was doing. “Besides, it’s only right that I conduct a field study before the acquisition.”

His secretary let out a quiet sigh. “I understand.”

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