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ZY - Chapter 390- Half a barbecue fish as evidence

  I didn't go online at night.


    I slept until the morning of the next day when my alarm woke me up. I took a few sets of clothes from the kitchen and filled my luggage. I brought my Glory Helmet and headed out.

    Downstairs, sister Ouyang Nuo Yan was holding a cup of water and some cake, "Eat some before heading out."


    I took the cake. I was quite hungry and I wolfed it down.

    "Slow down, no one is fighting you for it." She giggled.

    "Sister, where is dad? Why don't I see him."

    "He went out early in the morning for the board meeting."

    "What about you, you are a member too."

    "I am heading out soon, father told me to take care of you." She squinted her eyes, "He even told me to send a few bodyguards over with you but I helped you reject them."

    "Thank you..."

    I felt a little awkward and smiled, "Actually, those bodyguards might not be able to beat me."

    "You are so good at fighting now?" She smiled and asked.

    "En, if you have a chance, you will witness it."

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    "Okay, drink some water. I am about to be late, I need to head to the company."



    A luxurious limo parked outside. The driver was from the company, he lowered the window and smiled, "Lu Li, we are going to head out!"


    I placed my luggage and looked up when my sister drove over and said, "Have fun in Li River. The past has passed, look forwards. Sister has high hopes for you~~"

    I laughed, "Okay, head to work. Drive slowly, if not you might get points deducted."

    "I understand."

    She stepped on the gas.

We headed out slowly and headed towards the airport.


    Not long later, I arrived at the airport and passed the ticket check. I entered the lounge and right when I sat down, I got a message. Mundane Slaughter created a group called Finding Happiness. There were four people, Him, me as well as October Warm Sun and Moonlight Firefly.

    "Little Seven have you boarded?"

    "No, but soon. They said that there isn't a delay."

    "That's great!"

    After which, Moonlight Firefly sent a voice message, "Little Seven Brother around what time would you arrive at Li River airport?"

    "Around 3pm."

    "Warm Sun and I will reach around 3:30, wait for us and then we will head out?"

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    "En okay."


    In truth, I wasn't interested in touring. I just wanted to relax and stop thinking. The more I thought about it I felt annoyed. No one could handle the feeling of sitting on needles.


    Along with the airplane engine roaring, the plane flew into the sky.

    Three hours later, the plane landed at Li River airport.

    Right when I pulled my luggage and walked out, I saw a 30 year old guy waving at me. It was Mundane Slaughter. He really did look like an uncle but in truth, he was quite young.

    "Little Seven, here here!"

    He laughed, "They will reach in half an hour, should we grab some coffee?"


    The two of us ordered two cups of coffee. he looked at me and laughed, "Seven, you actually look quite honest..."

    "Why?" I stared at him.


    He laughed, "I mean, it is hard to imagine that you are that PK maniac, you... You have no killing energy at all. No wonder Lin Xi didn't notice."

    "Actually, she did."

    I sighed, "I could sense that Lin Xi knew that I was a little off but she just didn't confirm it."

    "I didn't expect..."

    He drank a cup of coffee, "I really want to ask. What were you thinking?"

    "I had a bad motive. Lin Xi spoiled my quest so I wanted to head to With You to take revenge and make her regret."

    I said, "Unfortunately, after spending such a long time together, my thoughts changed and I didn't want to take revenge on her."

    "Of course, after all, who would dare to hurt such a beauty?" He grinned.

    I looked at her calmly, "Not only looks, but she is also a nice girl too."

    "Oh, I don't understand so I can't say anything."

    He smiled, "But the poison you gave us, gave us a lot of fun. Breaking Dawn is in a mess now."

    I laughed, "They deserve it!"



    We talked for a while longer. Moonlight Firefly sent a message, "We have landed, we will come out right away!"

    "Okay, we will wait for you at the entrance." Mundane Slaughter replied.

    I dragged my luggage and followed him. As we walked Mundane Slaughter knocked into me, "I saw their photos and they are beauties. Be prepared!"

    "You have never met them before?" I was shocked.


    He said, "I did want to see them. I told them to come millions of times but they didn't care about me, who would travel thousands of miles to see an uncle... As for you, once you said you were coming, they booked tickets right away, haiz... When you compare with others you will really die from anger..."

    I laughed, "Don't think too much, these things... Just get used to it!"


    Right when we were talking, two girls dragging their luggage walked out. Their looks were 80% similar to the game. On the left was Moonlight Firefly and she placed the luggage on the ground. She spread her arms and rushed over, "Brother Seven, we finally meet!"

    She jumped right into my arms.

    Warm Sun smiled awkwardly.

    I lowered my voice and learned from Fanchen, "Moonlight Firefly you are wrong, I am Uncle Fanchen, that is Seven. He changed his looks in game!"

    "Ah? !"

    She quickly left my embrace and her expression changed.

    Mundane Slaughter's face was dead as ash, "Damn while teasing her you also insulted me. Seven, you are so evil. As expected from Linchen County's thief king!"

    Moonlight Firefly punched me and smiled, "Brother Seven you are so bad!"

    Warm Sun facepalmed, "This conversation seems wrong..."

    I laughed, "It is indeed. Let's head and see Fanchen's inn. If not then let's stay someplace else."

    "Right right right!"

    Moonlight Firefly and October Warm Sun laughed. Mundane Slaughter rolled his eyes. He met me for the first time and he was deleted several times.


    Outside the airport.

    Fanchen drove a fierce-looking SUV. The two girls sat at the back and talked while I sat at the front.

    After arriving, just as how Fanchen bragged, his hotel was in a great environment. It was much better than the inns around it. After entering and confirming identity, Moonlight Firefly touched her stomach, "I am hungry, is there anything nice to eat?"

    "Of course, a lot."

    Mundane Slaughter laughed, "Eat Pot Chicken or Wanzhou Barbecue Fish? Or you want to eat something else. We have everything."

    "Barbecue fish!" Warm Sun said.



    An hour later, a fragrant fish was placed in the center. The four of us were famished so we began. Mundane Slaughter ordered some beer so we drank while eating fish.


    After half a fish was destroyed, Mundane Slaughter looked at me and smiled, "What plans... Do you have in the future?"

    "Temporarily nothing."

    I sucked in a deep breath, "Let's talk about this once I feel better... I think I can't return to With You. Lin Xi kicked my Paladin account."

    "That is fine."

    Moonlight Firefly licked her lips, "If With You doesn't want you, Assassin Alliance does!"


    Mundane Slaughter said, "You weren't willing to join us because you were in With You. Now that reason doesn't stand. Come, join Assassin Alliance. We have the same goals right?"


    I nodded and looked at him, "I can join Assassin Alliance but I have something to say in case we get unhappy."

    "Okay, you say!"

    "I swore to Lin Xi that I would forever be from With You and won't abandon them." I looked at him and the girls at the side, "So if Lin Xi forgives me, I will return to With You as I have always seen myself as one of them. They are the first guild I joined in Illusionary Moon and I hope it is the only one."

    "I understand. "

    He said, "I had the same thoughts towards my first love. I felt like I just needed her and it meant that I owned everything. I am willing to give everything up for her. This was my dream, but... She still left me. Life was like that, it is much different from just thoughts."

    He raised the beer cup and smiled, "After you join Assassin Alliance, you can return to With You at any time. Warm Sun, Firefly and this fish can testify!"

    I nodded and corrected, "Not this fish, this half a fish!"


    Mundane Slaughter laughed, "It is really enjoyable to talk to all of you. I haven't been so happy in a long time. Actually not only can you relax when coming here, but I can also relax too. Okay, the fish is not enough, let's order more?"

    "Okay okay."

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