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ZY - Chapter 391- empty

  Night, second location, bar.


    Based on what Fanchen said, since I was already out to play then I should go all out and not let myself feel bad. I should start in the morning and play until I was tired and fell asleep. One word-- fulfilling!

    In the end, it was indeed quite fulfilling.

    The four of us sat by the window and listened to the singers while feeling the breeze. The night sky gave us a feeling like we were travelers roaming outside. The songs were very ancient and reminiscent of the past. Anyways, when we sat there we felt all sorts of emotions.

    At the side, Moonlight Firefly looked outside and squinted her eyes. She enjoyed that feeling. She tugged my arm and asked, "Brother Seven how do you think the singing is?"

    "Still okay."

    I smiled, "Nice songs when sang a lot would just become mainstream. But people who listened to songs truly enjoy their own emotions and feelings and it doesn't have much to do with the songs themselves. This is also why people who come to Li River for the first time would enjoy this place."

    Mundane Slaughter glanced at me, "Little Seven, if you talk like this, you won't be able to get any girls in the bar..."

    I grinned, "I didn't think about that, I have one person in my heart."

    "Who?" Moonlight Firefly asked.

    "Not telling you!"

    She laughed, "You don't even need to say, it is Lin Xi right? If you don't like her you wouldn't feel so sad too right?"

    I looked at her, "It is not good for a girl to be too smart, others won't be able to get you."

    She smiled, "That is true, normally I will try to get the person I like."

    Warm Sun smiled, "Like the guy beside you?"


    Moonlight Firefly shook her head, "He likes Lin Xi, such a great girl... I think I should know my place, hahaha~~~"

    Fanchen picked up a wine glass, "Let's not talk about all that,

let's cheers. Let's have a good time here!"



    Just like that, we drank until 11 and then Mundane Slaughter suggested supper. We went to drink porridge and when we were done, it was 1 am. I was exhausted and due to the alcohol, both Fanchen and I felt dizzy. Mundane Slaughter and Warm Sun were about to faint.

    Back to the inn.


    at the end of the corridor, Mundane Slaughter stood there and said, "Do you feel better?"

    "If I don't think about anything, I am in a great mood. But when you ask that, I start to feel bad." I told him honestly.

    He facepalmed, "Do you feel lonely? If you do why not I find a girl for you?"

    "Don't don't don't!"

    I shook my head, "No need no need, next time!"

    "Next time?"

    Moonlight Firefly opened her eyes, "Scoff, is Warm Sun and I not pretty enough? Next time... Next time who do you want to find?"

    "Firefly... Firefly..."

    Warm Sun covered her mouth, "You drank too much, don't spout nonsense, go back and sleep early!"

    I was speechless, "Right, I am heading back to sleep too. What plans do you have tomorrow?"

    "Horse Path."

    Mundane Slaughter said, "I will bring you to ride horses and ride sand bikes?"

    "Good good good~~"

    The two girls cheered. They came out to have a good time, their reasons were similar to mine.


    Just like that, after brushing up, I lay on the bed. From the window, I could hear the singing from the bar. It seemed quite far away so it wasn't that noisy. I laid there and my mind was filled with the scenes of Lin Xi crying. I felt heart pained but I was the one that caused the hurt. I blamed myself and shame filled my chest.

    When we drank in the bar, I acted like I was someone that had seen past everything. in the end, when I listened to the voices, my heart was filled with emotions. No matter who reached such a stage, no one would be able to be okay. Everyone would be connected to those mainstream songs and they felt like arrows stabbing through your heart.

    I fell asleep and in my dreams, I met many people but I didn't remember what had happened. I only remembered that what happened the night before the mess had repeated itself, I recalled that memorable kiss. Who was it? Was it Lin Xi?

    If it was her, then she saw Ah Fei and my screenshot the next day.

    How sad would she be..

    My heart felt like there was a huge stone on it, the weight didn't reduce at all even though I was out to play.

    In the morning, when I woke up, I was covered in sweat.


    I sat up and touched my forehead. It felt like I had just recovered from a bad illness. I took out my phone and saw that there wasn't Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan or Gu Ruyi on my friend list. All this showed that the thing really happened.

    Since that was the case, I had no choice but to accept it.


    Wash up, have breakfast.

    Morning, Fanchen drove and brought us towards Horse Path. Actually many places had such an area, it recorded the tracks taken by ancient merchants. Now it had become a tourist location. Not long later, a horse was pulled by an old uncle and we walked around in the mountains.

    I had learned horse riding from my sister so I smiled towards the uncle, "Uncle, why not... You don't hold, I will ride it myself. I would like to gallop with it."


    The uncle was stunned, "Really?'

    "Don't worry."


    The moment he released the reins, I scoffed and the horse charged out. Dust billowed and leaves flew into the air. I charged for 2 miles before returning with the horse. Instantly I felt much better.


    Mundane Slaughter raised a thumb, "Seven, you are the best horse rider I have seen."

    "I learned it before when I was young, although I am rusty but I still remember."

    "You learned it when you were young?"

    Moonlight Firefly was shocked, "Brother Seven what is your identity, you are so mysterious."


    Mundane Slaughter said, "I don't understand you at all till date, your identity is just so mysterious. Seven who are you?"

    "A person in a mess."

    I grinned, "Didn't you forget why I came out?"

    "Hahaha, nope!"

    Fanchen laughed. This question was avoided just like that. It wasn't that I didn't want to say it but there was no need to. They treated me as friends and I treated them as friends. Since that was the case then identity didn't matter anymore.


    Time passed quickly.

    On the third day, we headed towards the lake to see the legendary scenery.

    At night, it was really late when we returned. After eating some food I returned to my room. At this point, I hadn't been online in three days. Fanchen, Moonlight Firefly etc went online to train. It was time for me to head online, continuing to avoid it wasn't a solution.


    Character read, my Paladin account appeared in Linchen County.

    On my shoulder, With You's emblem disappeared. I also received a notification that I was kicked out. Apart from that were messages from friends--

    Light Lantern, "Lin Xi is still really angry, head out for a while. I believe that there is a chance brother!"

    Light Lotus, "Brother Lu Li don't be sad, things will get better."

    Yanshi Wuxing, "I didn't expect you to be With You's Paladin..."

    Gu Ruyi, "Lu Li live well, we can speak once Lin Xi is not angry..."

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    What was going on?

    I was stunned and noticed that Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan had deleted me but Gu Ruyi was still there. She didn't delete me so she must have done so secretly. With Shen Mingxuan's temper, she definitely made Ruyi delete me. After all, Shen Mingxuan was someone like that.

    But I had no right to blame her. Gu Ruyi, Shen Mingxuan and Lin Xi were all victims. I was the culprit and Ah Fei assisted me. I was clear about that so I didn't blame them at all.


    Not far away, an Assassin called Breaking Dawn Duck laughed, "Look at who this is? Isn't that With You's Lin Xi Guard Captain? Hahaha, how does it feel to be kicked out of the guild? So shameless, you actually entered a beauty's studio, what did you want to do? Disgusting!"

    I looked at him calmly, "Why, you are unhappy with me?"

    "So what if I am unhappy?"

    "Meet you in the east gate?"

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    I switched accounts and a golden energy current struck the ground. This was the first time I switched accounts in front of people. The lightning buzzed as the Shura identity descended from the sky, "Do you dare to come?"


    This Breaking Dawn Duck was terrified. Although everyone knew that I had two accounts but when I charged to July Wildfire, this Assassin's expression still changed.

    "Don't dare?"

    I said calmly, "Breaking Dawn is just a bunch of trash that barks at people!"


    I walked out of the city and turned around to laugh at the Breaking Dawn players, "Those who are unhappy come, your chance to kill me is here!"

    However, when I turned around, there was no one behind me.


    I smiled, I myself found it amusing. After experiencing the With You setback, my mood had changed. I was more violent. The current me was more worthy of the ID of July Wildfire!

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