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ZY - Chapter 396- Carrying the whole team

I dashed behind Mundane Slaughter. I had Throat Sealer on my dagger so the Boss was still dropping health. I gained all the aggro so even if Mundane Slaughter and the others attacked, the Boss was still chasing me. I used Dark Shadow Jump to jump behind the boss. I used Blood Drawing Blade and used Separated by water+White Cloak+Annihilation. While dealing huge damage, my health was full too!

     "War Trample is off CD, retreat!"

     I attacked while asking them to back off.

     At the same time, the ranged players went all out. October Warm Sun dealt her damage and finally, we could see the Boss's health dropping.

     "Peng peng peng!"

     The blood light swelled and I was hit by three slashes. As expected from a level 100 Boss, it was really tough to kill. I even wanted to use Darkness Transformation but considering that the Bloodline value might not be enough, I had to hold on. After all, I played such a huge part here. Assassin Alliance didn't have a tank and I was semi. If I died, even if they didn't die, they would be half dead!




     The Boss's axe hit crit and flung me out. At the same time, I was hit by Army Sweep and my health was reaching zero!

     "Die you ant!"

     Blood Admiral hollered and jumped up with his axe!

     I couldn't tank this!

     I frowned and entered White Cloak state. I used Annihilation+Flames of Karma to heal half my health. Then I used Dark Shadow Jump to move away. I turned around and shot him with Cloud Piercing Arrow. I waited for the skill CD. These few seconds might save my life.


     In the distance, an Assassin sucked in a deep breath, "Brother Seven really is strong, an Assassin can fight a level 100 Boss, oh my god... Is he still an Assassin?"

     "He is indeed!"

     Moonlight Firefly smiled, "But he is the best Assassin,

so he is so strong."

     "Brother Seven's strenght, is it above Fushen Thousand Blade?" The Assassin asked.

     Mundane Slaughter frowned, "Who is Fushen Thousand Blade, if his strength is 2D then Seven is 3D, they aren't on the same dimension."

     Nine Song smiled, "Not that much, but Brother Seven is indeed much stronger. Fushen Thousand Blade can't compete with him at all."


     I heard them brag and my face turned red. I focused on the Boss battle. At that moment, Blood Admiral hollered and his health healed by 25%. A green heal icon appeared on his head. This was Undying Meridian!

     But my Throat Sealer reduced healing by 50% so its recovery wasn't as overpowered as expected. With our ranged and close combat attacks, its health continued to drop.

     "Peng peng peng!"

     Mundane Slaughter attacked and then retreated, "Seven, the Boss has one more skill, Battle Form, be careful. It should raise Attack."

     "I know, don't worry."

     I nodded and continued to attack.

     Not long later, the Blood Admiral was down to 30% health. At that moment, he hollered in rage. he jumped up and lightning descended around his body, making him even more terrifying. At the same time, a bell rang--


     Battle notification: Blood Admiral used skill Battle Form, obtained state: Attack +75%, Attack Speed +125%, heal recovery +250%, Defence +200%, Form lasts until it has 40% health!


     All of a sudden, along with Undying Meridian's healing, the Boss's health bar was climbing. At the same time as he descend, the axe slashed quickly. This 125% increase in attack speed really was scary!

     "Focus fire, kill him quickly!"

     Mundane Slaughter was anxious, "Seven if not we should retreat, we can't die here. Especially you, you have the highest level, you can't die!"

     "No, we have to kill him, if not, won't we have wasted our time?"

     I attacked while replying.

     With both Undying Meridian and Battle Form, the Boss's health started to increase. His defence was 2 times higher and my Attacks weren't so painful anymore. in less than 10 minutes, the Boss was up to 40% and Battle Form disappeared.


     Nine Song shot while frowning, "Damn, he is back to 40% just like that. Does this mean that if we don't have enough damage, we won't be able to kill him."


     I glanced and I had 60 bloodline value. I could transform into Darkness State for 20 minutes. When the Boss's health reached 40%, I changed forms- Darkness Shura!


     A golden light descended around me and my bloodline power was awakened. At the same time, lightning shone around me and my aura changed. Flames turned into the legendary Darkness Shura. My dagger was covered in dark lightning and my body was filled with power!

     Strongest damage, attack!

     I used Flames of Karma+Hunter's Edge+White Cloak+Annihilation. This broke through his defence and instantly the Boss's health dropped from 30% to 29%. That could show how terrifying the damage was!

     "So handsome..."

     Moonlight Firefly's eyes were filled with stars, "Is this second transformation? So handsome..."

     Mundane Slaughter said seriously, "The boss system is clear, it is hard to take down. it tests players' explosiveness and damage. If damage is not enough, it is impossible to kill him. Luckily we asked Little Seven if not we have no chance at all!"


     October Warm Sun tossed a fireball spell while saying, "Brother Seven is key here!"

     I didn't get arrogant, I continued to dodge the Boss's attacks while dealing the most damage. The Boss's health started to drop, it was slow but there was hope.


     17 minutes later.

     The boss was down to 2% and my Bloodline value was left with 3. It could only last for one minute. Time was not enough!

     "My transformation is about to end!"

     "I have a minute more. All of you, deal all your damage, we have to deal 2% of his health within a minute!"


     Mundane Slaughter used a skill and the wind slashed forwards. Moonlight Firefly sent two blood colored energy balls onto the Boss's body. Nine Song tossed his daggers and the daggers were like blood arrows that smashed onto the Boss's body.

     Not far away, Warm Sun raised her staff and many fireball spells smashed onto the Boss's bodies. The Assassin Alliance members didn't hold back. They tossed all their skills!

     I used my own special skill- Demon Blade Heaven Swallowing!


     Feng Jixing's blade swallowed Blood Admiral once and dealt huge damage. I suffered from War Trample+ Army Sweep and while my health dropped, special skill value increased. I sucked in a deep breath and in the last ten seconds of Darkness Shura, I used White Cloak and used Purple Change Ring's skill Sword Heart!


     A celestial figure appeared, it was a beautiful women. She waved her blade and that pierced the body of the Blood Admiral!

     A damage number rose up. White Cloak+Sword Heart, one could imagine how much damage was dealt!


     "Wu wa~~~"

     Blood Admiral cried and its body started to collapse. it spat out fresh blood and knelt onto the ground. Finally, it was killed. I led a bunch of Assassins to kill a Boss, it really was tough!


     Golden light descended and I rose to level 96!

     At the same time, a bunch of gold and equipment exploded from the Boss's body. I saw the delight on Mundane Slaughter and Moonlight Firefly's faces. All of them cheered.


     "Seven your charm is high right? The Boss's spoils of war should be good." Mundane Slaughter was delighted.


     I nodded, "I had 100 Charm so the rewards should be high. "

     "Damn, 100?"

     Nine Song dug his ears, "Did I hear correctly?"

     "No, 100."

     I laughed too.

     "So sick..." Mundane Slaughter said.

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     Moonlight Firefly smiled, "Okay let's stop talking about this. Brother Seven helped us for so long and carried us, let's give the suitable pieces of equipment to him okay?"


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     Mundane Slaughter nodded, "Logical."

     I waved, "Anything."


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